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  I think you mis-understood my comment. It was supposed to have reeked of sarcasm, but it may not have come across as I intended it.   I'll be the first to jump in and say that AI does not focus on 'Apple only' news, but instead, participates in more than their fair share of 'click baiting' articles.
To re-iterate how bad the tide of public opinion has turned against Apple on this issue, I have decided to take a sample of some of the comments on a general news site covering this topic that allows cheers/jeers ratings. Please keep in mind that these are quoted comments from the articles, and not my own. This is also NOT from any Android fan site. I know this is not a scientific sampling, but I am seeing similar results pretty much everywhere...   "Apple is a...
  Many other sources have reported the same with the opinion that these HTC devices are not in violation of the ITC ruling. I have also definitely noted an uptick in negative Apple sentiment with these articles, especially with the bigger media outlets (WSJ, WP, IW, etc). I guess this was to be expected though since this is the first time these lawsuits have had an actual impact on consumers. Overall, I do not think anyone is going to come out a winner in all of this.
  Yeah, but even though that article is about the Galaxy S3 release, addabox is still correct when he says articles on AI "pretty much stick to industry news insofar as it effects Apple". Reading the article clearly relates it to Apple with.....uh......one sec......almost found something.....is this it?.....maybe?!?   This phone "will likely be a major competitor to Apple's iPhone 4S".   Phew...I almost thought AI had gone off the 'Apple track' for a second and put up an...
  Does this fact suggest that IT people are more susceptible to being hacked or they are more likely to detect the intrusion? Causation vs correlation...
Crap, I may have to reconsider what I was going to do with my registered domain, iphone6.com....
  So you need to change the facts now to support your case??? To clarify, it is not that "Samsung's lawyers couldn't tell them apart" as you state, it is Samsung's lawyer couldn't tell them apart from ACROSS A COURTROOM.    Even a 2 year old could understand that has nothing to do with intelligence as you suggest, but more to do with eyesight.
This is disappointing news. A couple individuals at my office have switched to the HTC One S, and it is a beautiful phone. My only critique is that it is almost TOO difficult to pick up from a counter because of how thin it is. Was curious to see it next to the larger HTC One X in the near future.  
  I agree, any 2 year old could tell the difference between them. Maybe the lawyers stole some tricks from the lawyers in Germany, and submitted their own photoshopped images of the tablets for comparison??   http://www.engadget.com/2011/08/15/did-apple-alter-photos-of-the-samsung-galaxy-tab-10-1-in-its-inj/
  30 cases in 10 countries, all while suing their single most important component supplier for something they don't care about, huh?? I'm guessing Apple learned their lesson the first time around when they decided to not 'care' about the Samsung i7500, only to have Samsung as the largest smartphone manufacturer 3 years later.
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