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  To be fair, Google maps didn't have voice command integration 7 years ago, and iOS maps at least has Siri integration. 7 years ago, saying the following phrases to your mapping application would have been futile:   "Where the heck are we, Siri?" "Siri, this abandoned coal mine doesn't look like a Starbucks to me" "Will I need 4 wheel drive to get over this crazy looking bridge in 3D view Siri?"
  Considering that you are the one questioning the behavior of the Victoria police, shouldn't you be looking for these? I would think that one would have this information before judging the experts and calling their actions "irresponsible".   For my part, I am completely willing to accept the statements from the authorities and defer to their expertise until presented with a plausible reason to not do so.
  According to the Victoria police, the amount of rescues required in the last 2 months has been unprecedented. They had to rescue 6 people in the last 2 months alone; all attributed to iOS maps. While I'm sure other people get lost using other mapping applications as well, there is a big difference between arriving to your location to find that your starbucks is not actually there, and being directed into the middle of nowhere.   The biggest problem I see is why was this...
  I find nothing irrational about making a statement in the interest of public safety after MULTIPLE recurring instances. In my opinion, you simply come across as an Apple apologist that is sour grapes because it happened to be iOS Maps that was the offending application.
  Nice try with the straw man argument, but no, that is not what I claimed at all. I hardly think that the police notifying the public about a frequently recurring issue is "behaving irresponsibly" though. This would be like saying a city was "behaving irresponsibly" for putting up a crosswalk at an intersection with frequently recurring pedestrian accidents, even though accidents still happen at other intersections that were not 'critically evaluated'.
  Do you have any references to these "large scale comparisons"?
Lol...so now the Australian police are "behaving irresponsibly"? Even though they have had MULTIPLE instances of people getting themselves into life-threatening situations using a common mapping application, they should just stay quite until they have had a chance to critically evaluate EVERY other mapping application for 'fairness'?
  I certainly question the competency of the USPTO, but it also doesn't help that Apple massively abuses the system. For example, their 'Siri' patent application was submitted to the USPTO a mind-blowing 10 times before finally being accepted! When you are able to spam the USPTO like this with patent applications, of course a few are going to 'sneak through the cracks'.
But this is a year over year statistic. Was school not starting in September last year as well? Were people not buying gifts for the holidays last year either?   These type of changes might make a difference between quarterly reports, but a year over year statistic should not be impacted by seasonal variances.
It seems as though Apple just did the exact same thing that got them into this mess in the first place. In the words of the UK judge, this order was issued because of the following:   " In my judgment, Apple are carefully trying to say something which contains an innuendo that Samsung infringe without actually saying it. The reference to copying is exactly that. It is clear that copying plays no part in this case for Registered Community Design infringement, but to...
New Posts  All Forums: