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Actually, this looks to be exactly the same kind of test....a bunch of kids slapping together some crap. Especially love how on the "drop test", the GS3 smacks into the concrete screen first, while the iPhone5 is dropped on it's edges. Obviously a controlled experiment... /s
Seriously AI...where do you find these articles? Clicking on the site looks like it was put together by some high school kid in his basement! Not to mention the errors, and bias rampant in the report.   I love how they give the GS3 screen an "Excellent OLED screen" assessment when compared to the GS2 in one report, but then "Very Good OLED Screen" when compared to the iPhone 5.   How about the fact that they compare battery life at maximum brightness, even though...
  Yes, if smartphone handsets were the ONLY device to use memory, than this would be accurate reasoning. However, smartphone handsets only account for 16% of NAND flash memory consumption and even less for DRAM, therefore, the logic of equating handset market share with memory market share is non-sequitur.
  Please....most forums have moderators who are not actively engaged in the conversations. Isn't the question at hand why he can't be added to our ignore list anyways?     How would banning someone for a racist comment be "random"? Are you suggesting that AI's enforcement of policy is arbitrary by the moderators?   Also, I don't recall seeing TS banned for his racist/xenophobic comments about Judge Koh a while back....just a lot of edited posts.
I was never trying to discount the fact that Apple is the world's largest buyer of NAND memory. I was merely responding to hill60's ridiculous comment that if you remove Apple and Samsung from the market, the rest is merely "crumbs"....
This comment clearly shows how myopic your view becomes when you add the word 'Apple' into the discussion. Flash memory is used in thousands of devices other than smartphones, such as USB drives, SSD drives, and other consumer devices. Smartphones themselves only account for 16% of total NAND memory use.
Just because Apple isn't buying the memory doesn't mean Samsung is going to lose revenue. Flash memory anymore is essentially a commodity. If Apple is shifting their purchasing to other suppliers, that simply means those suppliers will be limited in what they can offer to others, who will therefore look to Samsung.  
  I really hope your not an English teacher over there in Australia....
  Do you consider influenza to be "widely accepted"?   I'm hardly the first individual to consider 'most popular' to be synonymous with 'most used'. Let's look at some of the others who agree with my verbage.   TechCrunch LA Times Nielsen Huffington Post CS Monitor PC World International Business Times   I could go on with this list all day as there are literally thousands more.... 
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