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Hmmmm..... Motorola fans must be angry that there's no 4" option.
Another issue is that people think of their smartphone as a permanent storage facility for photos.It shouldn't be.Yes... they can sell you a larger phone that has room for more photos... but that, too, will fill up eventually.The worst thing is that their phone has the only copy of those photos. No backups at all.
It could happen.Who knows what a half a year and a Holiday season will do.Sadly... Apple may never publish sales number for the watch... so we might never actually know for sure.
Apple's strategy in the smartphone market is much like their strategy in the computer market.Apple doesn't sell a laptop lower than $899.Meanwhile... HP will sell you a laptop for $199.It's two different strategies.
I wonder if Apple will ever make a 4" mainstream flagship phone again. Samsung's mainstream flagship is 5.1"... LG's is 5.5"... HTC's is 5.0" 4" seems to be going the way of the dodo
Who would pay for this "research" when they know it's based on guessing and/or completely wrong sometimes?
Did you see IDC's charts?Worldwide... Apple is the only manufacturer to have growth in Q2. Everyone else dropped.And in the US... only Apple and Lenovo showed growth in Q2.So According to IDC... Apple did very well in Q2. I don't think IDC could spin that negative even if they wanted to.There seems to be a discrepancy of about 280,000 units between IDC and Gartner for US sales. I'm curious to see what Apple's actual numbers are.
Why does Gartner need to estimate Apple sales?Apple will actually tell us the number in a couple weeks.
Is 20,000 smartwatches per day in the US a normal figure for smartwatches? How does that compare to other smartwatches and/or wearables in general? 20,000 units per day for a non-essential and kinda expensive item still seems rather impressive. And this is just in the US, right? So there are actually more units being sold that are not represented in this report?
But what does it matter if Windows Phone outsells the iPhone in.... Kenya ?Seems like a silly observation.And again... most Windows Phones in these countries are low-priced budget models... which is a segment Apple doesn't even compete in.So I understand what those articles were trying to say... but it doesn't really move the needle very much for Windows Phone.
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