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There seems to be a behavior change after this update. In the old app... tapping on an episode in a list of un-downloaded episodes would start the download. I would do this to stock up on various episodes to download ahead of time. Now... it starts to play the episode. I then have to stop the playback and then back out to the previous screen to download another episode. Some podcasts I subscribe to... so I get every episode download automatically. Those are fine. But...
According to the chart... Lenovo is actually down 4% from the same quarter a year ago.In fact... everyone is down except Apple and Dell.Or do you mean how did Lenovo became the #1 PC manufacturer? That's easy... they sell more units than everyone else.They may be crappy $300 or $400 laptops... but they count.
Labels are evil and take all the artists' money. This is nothing new. Yet new artists sign with labels every single day. Why does this keep happening?
Huge red bar.... bad...
Like I said... I know what the Nexus program was supposed to do.It's unclear, however, whether 1 or 2 Nexus phones released each year can really affect the hundreds of Android phones released each year.But yeah... Google is smart to tell their own story with their own carefully designed hardware.It wasn't too long ago that Microsoft left it up to others to implement their operating system software. Now Microsoft has jumped into the hardware game.
Gotcha.So it's true that Nexus devices don't sell in a lot of volume... but you're saying that's not the point of them anyway.I have heard the tale of how Nexus devices are supposed to show manufacturers what to do... I just have always questioned its effect. It sounds good in theory... but I'm sure there are many of the 1,000 manufacturers who don't follow it too closely.All those $50 phones sold in China and India probably aren't getting ideas from the Nexus program.
Exactly.There have been quarters when over 280 million Android phones are sold.But how many of them are Nexus devices?Not many.And aren't there over 1,000 Android manufacturers? I don't think enough of them are following the "template" set by Google.
This is the same company whose entry-level laptops start at $900......for an 11" model...Apple clearly prices things the way they want to... perhaps they need to put the crack pipe down
Gotcha.Although I've never considered the iPhone and/or its front-mounted TouchID sensor to be "uncomfortable"
Clever girl!
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