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Apple's tablet sales are down this quarter... so is this an Apple thing or an industry thing? I wonder if sales of all those garbage tablets will be down too. You know... those cheap tablets sold by companies we've never heard of... yet add up to 40% of the tablet market.
Currently... $5 a month in iTunes purchases would give the record labels $3.50I wonder how much the labels will get if Apple had a $5 all-you-can-stream plan?Would it be more or less?So if I stream Beats music... will the labels eventually make the $3.50 they were getting before?If you buy a song... you can listen to it over and over. But when you stream a song... they make money on each play (albeit a much smaller amount)I wonder what the tipping point is?
Iovine is already in on product placement.Haven't you noticed all the articles about NFL players wearing Beats headphones? That's product placement.Funny... I haven't seen any articles about NFL players wearing Bose headphones... even though Bose is supposedly a sponsor of the NFL.Weird.
Maybe Apple could market the iPad as a true artist's tablet if they added stylus/digitizer support... but that's still a relatively small subset of users.Apple was able to sell 200 million iPads without proper stylus support... so it's not like they were hurt by the lack of it.
There were reports that GT Advanced's Arizona facility would be making more sapphire than the rest of the producers in the world combined. Now they are closing the Arizona facility... and are heading into bankruptcy. Whoops...
Yeah I'd be interested to see how much stock Amazon can actually carry at this NYC store.The appeal of the Amazon website is that it has almost every item you can imagine... and they can be delivered to your door in 2 days.The article says this Amazon store will have "limited inventory" so I'm wondering what exactly that entails.You might be better off waiting at home for the "full" Amazon inventory.
Amazon... the Movie!
Too close?
Wow... thanks!That makes a lot more sense now.
No... I haven't heard anything yet from my bank. But they do have an iOS app... so at least they're cognizant of Apple products!
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