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And what if Samsung is never king of it all?Isn't it possible for them to exist comfortably in the #2 position?I think it's great for a company to strive to be #1... but they also have to be willing to make do with being a successful #2There can only ever be one #1... that's the very nature of it. So there are a lot more non-#1 companies out there.
Samsung is profitable... albeit not as much as Apple per handset. So what does that mean?Yes... there can only be one king of profit. And that is Apple... no doubt.So should all other companies just pack up and go home?Honda will never make as much money as Toyota... nor sell as many cars as Toyota. Does that mean Honda is doomed because of that?Of course not. There are dozens of car companies who don't post the kinds of numbers Toyota does. That doesn't mean they're...
Apple started developing multi-touch glass displays in the early 2000's for a potential tablet device. But in 2003-2004 they focused on "Project Purple" which was a smaller handheld device with a multi-touch glass display that eventually became the iPhone.But you think LG should get the credit? How is that logic even possible?
These lawsuits aren't as much about "copying" as they are about infringing on Apple's IP.What's the point of having patents, trademarks, trade dress and copyrights if you don't defend them?Apple is free to enter any market they want... as long as they don't infringe on someone else's property.If they do... or if anyone else does... that's for the courts to decide.
Wow... I didn't know all that!Yeah it would be nice if they could at least give accurate numbers to their shareholders.Gotta be honest (which seems to be a challenge for Samsung)
Yeah... I've heard that too.
Gotcha.So from what you and Corrections have said above... Samsung is basically a bunch of liars whose best days are behind them.
Thanks! That's exactly the information I was looking for.
Samsung is profitable. According to legend... they're the only Android manufacturer who is actually making money selling Android phones.But yes... Apple makes more smartphone profit than Samsung... while Samsung sells more smartphones than Apple. I wasn't talking about that.My question was... is Samsung threatened by anyone today like they were by Apple in 2011?Samsung is making money (the only profitable Android vendor) and they sell a lot of phones (#1 in the world). ...
It's interesting that Samsung was fiercely battling Apple back then... and seemed to be worried about the iPhone 4S and the upcoming iPhone 5. Samsung ended up as the #1 smartphone vendor by volume for 2011... and they've stayed in that position ever since. Apple was #2 at the time and have stayed in that position as well. I wonder if Samsung still thinks Apple is such a threat? Or any company for that matter? Or has Samsung gotten comfortable being the world's largest...
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