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24 countries...... out of 195Windows Phone: #winningBut seriously... Windows Phones can be had for less than $100 in certain markets... while an iPhone can cost $1,000 in those same markets.Are we really surprised by Windows Phone "beating" the iPhone in those markets?I wouldn't pop the champagne just yet though...
Then Microsoft needs to get out there and sell some more phones!Google-Apple has had somewhat of a duopoly for many years.... so I don't know what you're worried about.We've seen this before anyway. Android-iPhone-Other reminds me a lot of Windows-Macintosh-OtherThere's a huge platform with a lot of OEMs in 1st place... followed by Apple with their own platform/ecosystem... then whoever's left in the combined 3rd place "Other" position.And it's probably gonna be like that...
Whoa... my mind is blown.For years we've heard that artists don't make much, if any, money on the album or radio play... instead they make money on the road.Damn... I can't believe anything anymore!
It does?I would imagine she makes most of her money from touring...Like it always does.
Exactly.Remember when Apple sold songs for 99 cents?Apple kept 29 cents... and the labels got 70 cents.Then it was up to the labels to give the artist their share... which ended up only being a few pennies per song.It was the same with records, tapes, CDs and now streams. The labels make most of the money.Which begs the question... why would any sane person sign a contract with a label?Yet it happens. Every. Single. Day.
Oh cool! I thought it was iPad-only.
I want this on the iPhone. I hate the loupe and would prefer a finely-controllable cursor.
Yep.Also... streaming music will only be a very small part of Apple Inc. Even if Apple Music somehow fails... it won't make a dent in the company.However... streaming music is Spotify's ENTIRE business. And they haven't even made a dime yet. If they keep going down this road... they won't be around much longer.
Exactly.I read the headline and immediately knew what I would encounter in the comments.I thought the 256kbps AAC vs 320kbps MP3 debate was settled long ago...
But that's how the music industry was built. The artist is an employee of the label. And so are the writers, producers, musicians, etc.And the labels have always taken the lion's share of the income.Yeah it sucks... but it's been like that for decades.In the time it took to write this comment... someone just signed a record contract. Why did they do that?
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