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Amazon... the Movie!
Too close?
Wow... thanks!That makes a lot more sense now.
No... I haven't heard anything yet from my bank. But they do have an iOS app... so at least they're cognizant of Apple products!
But that's what I'm curious about... what does "get on board" entail?I just looked it up... and there are over 5,000 banking institutions in the United States... That's a lot of deals that have to be made with Apple. So I wonder what it takes to become an "Apple Pay" bank?My bank is not the biggest... but it's certainly not the smallest. If we were to list all the banking institutions by the number of branches in the US... mine would rank #168.... out of over 5,000. So...
But do you have to belong to those certain banks in order to use Apple Pay?I realize those 6 banks (and 5 upcoming banks) are huge... but there are hundreds of local and regional banks all across America.Seems like Apple will be leaving out a lot of users if they only allow a handful of banks.
Since it appears that you can input your card numbers and address into Passbook... can you use any credit or debit card?Or does it have to be issued from one of those 6 approved banks?I bank with a small local bank... but my debit card has all the right stuff: name, card number, expiration date, security code, and a VISA logo...I guess I'm a little confused as to why only certain banks are compatible with Apple Pay. What does it mean for a bank to be a participating bank?
Well.... that was announced on Monday.... 4 days ago.I'm sure they've added a few million more in the past few days.I don't think we'll hear another peep about it from Apple for a while. They'll likely make another announcement at the October event.But yes... another record-breaking launch!
I'm sure Michael Dell regrets those words... considering he DID give their money back to their shareholders.But at least Dell didn't have to shut down... they'll still be around to deliver great products
That's a good question.Apple made it clear that they generate a one-time token that gets used instead of your actual credit card number.That seems to be the best (only?) way I'd want it to be.Also... I think TouchID is another great thing that Apple brings to the table. It's simple... yet offers a great amount of security.
New Posts  All Forums: