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I had a buddy in college who had one of these. (ah the 90's... a time when cell phones were still kinda rare)He pretty much carried it in his hand most of the time. It didn't really fit in a pocket.And the thing ONLY made phone calls... such a primitive time!
I like that.... quiet time.Reminds me of:
Exactly.And there were probably many iOS developers in the audience who are also Android developers (or they have Android developers on their team)I'm bet after hearing the announcements yesterday that they will begin to question the viability of developing for Android.iOS may not have the most market share or installed base.... but it's a proven platform that gets results.WWDC 2014 enforced that even further.
What's weird is... Samsung launches a flagship and their market share goes up a tiny bit in the US.But HTC launches a flagship and their market share goes down a tiny bit in the US.It's been pretty bad times for HTC over the past few years... it would be a shame for them to disappear.
Thanks for the info! The way people have been talking since the deal was rumored... it sounded like Apple was hiring two random people off the street. I'm glad to hear the full story. (someone should have posted the Dr Dre iChat video weeks ago... I never saw it until today... and I've read every tech story about this acquisition)As for crappy headphones... I'd like to see Apple get serious about audio devices. Apple bought a well-recognized brand name so they'll have...
Wow... thanks! Why hasn't anyone mentioned this video before?It looks like Apple has some kind of rapport with Dr. Dre already.And I've heard that Jimmy Iovine has been talking to Tim Cook for many years.This deal doesn't sound that out-of-whack after all.
Of course I know that!Maybe they should have said "Rumor Roundup" instead of "Preview"It's just weird to lead with the word "Preview" and then follow up with words like "might" "maybe" and "could"But you're right... this is a rumors site...... until they report on actual news.Boy... I can't wait til Monday!
I was just thinking "What We Think We'll See at WWDC" would be a much more appropriate headline.Using the word "preview" makes it sound like they have actual knowledge about the event... not just guesses.
That's one quote I bet Eric Schmidt wishes he never made.He's right though... there are more devices running some version of Android than any other platform on the planet.The problem is... many (most?) of those Android devices are complete garbage, selling for an absurdly low price, and are purchased by people who will never pay money for apps. That's why developers are not sprinting towards Android.We tend to only talk about a handful of flagship Android phones on tech...
Yeah that's pretty much it.But they did use the word preview... just sayin'
New Posts  All Forums: