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Units shipped is EXACTLY what market share measures. Nothing more.There are additional figures like web browsing share, app downloads, app revenue, etc.But market share has always been units shipped... plain and simple.
Ohhhhhh... gotcha. Good point.I was only referring to the first sale in my earlier comment. But you're absolutely right. Apple will make some money as long as an iPhone is in service.Apple might even make more money from apps on a hand-me-down iPhone than Google makes from apps on a brand new Android phone.
Secondary market... like when someone buys a used iPhone?Apple only makes money on the initial iPhone sale... they don't make any more money if I sell my old iPhone to someone else.(unless I'm not understanding what the secondary market is...)
It should also be noted that Apple has 0% of the under $400 smartphone market... by choice.And since the average selling price of the iPhone is actually above $600... Apple is firmly in the high-end smartphone market.But these market share reports make no distinction between a $50 no-name Android phone or a $500 flasgship Android phone. They simply count the number of Android units... whatever they may be. That is how market share is calculated... but it doesn't really...
Hmmmm.... how much would it have cost Apple to BUY all the patents belonging to Smartflash before all this happened? Smartflash is literally a bunch of patents... no employees, factories or other assets.
What's the big secret?I mean... it's totally fine for them to not reveal their numbers... but it just seems weird to let someone else tell their story.I assume the analysts are at least somewhat accurate.Uh yeah... I know you were talking about him. Remember... I linked to his comment. I was just wondering why 3rd parties are responsible for releasing this data. I wasn't challenging its accuracy.There's apparently no way for us to verify it anyway.
Companies know EXACTLY how many products they ship. They have entire departments that keep track of this data... the shipping department. They'd have to be completely insane to NOT keep up with this information.And they have PR departments designed to release information to the public.This isn't unusual... tracking shipment data and creating press releases are common tasks.Yes... the companies are free to keep their numbers a secret for whatever reason... and instead...
Why do we need a "research firm" to find out how many products a company ships?And what exactly are they doing? Calling each company and asking them how many tablet they shipped? Or are they simply guessing?The companies must know... so they could easily publish this data themselves. But they don't.One company, Apple, provides numbers. Hooray.The other 50-60 companies... a complete mystery. And I don't know why.
We wouldn't need these analysts if the companies themselves actually reported numbers.I'd love to read a press release from "eFun" or "Ellipsis" to see how many tablets they shipped. It would be quite the page-turner.
I like the terms "Generic" and "Brand X"We can use them to describe all devices commonly referred to as "Others" in the market share reports. It adds a bit of whimsy.
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