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Ohhhhh... gotcha!Thanks!
The Galaxy S3, S4 and Galaxy Note 3 are on this list as the most popular Android devices for their particular years.This list is the most popular Android devices to access Facebook.If a lot of people use the Galaxy S4 to access Facebook as indicated by this list... it would be a fair assumption to say Samsung has sold a lot of Galaxy S4Conversely... if Samsung didn't sell ANY Galaxy S4... it wouldn't appear on this list, right?
Ok... so 3 companies are making money in smartphones: Apple, Samsung, and LGSucks for the other 60 companies selling smartphones today:Acer, Alcatel, AllWinner, Amazon, Apple, Asus, Blackberry, BLU, Celkon, Coolpad, Cubot, Dell, Evolio, G-Tide, Gigabyte, Gionee, Goophone, Haier, Hike, HP, HTC, Huawei, iBall, Infinix, InnJoo, Intex, iOcean, Jiake, Jiayu, Jivi, Jolla, Karbonn, Kingzone, Kyocera, Lava, Lenovo, LG, Meizu, Micromax, MLais, Motorola, Neken, Nokia, OnePlus, Oppo,...
Forgive me...
OK... you win
Exactly.I'm guessing these CNN staffers have been using their iPads for years... have everything set up already ... and it works for them.But one day they come to work and are expected to drop their iPad and use something else? Pssshhh.Satya Nadella could have been on that CNN set... and people would still want to use their iPad because it's theirs.If Microsoft was smart... they would have prevented iPads from becoming so entrenched in the industry. But they couldn't......
True... I was just saying that the current iPhone's starting price remains at $649You're right... Apple's iPhone ASP is usually somewhere between $650-700... and it will probably go higher.However... Android's ASP has fallen sharply in the past few years.That was the point I was trying to make.Android ASP was $441 in 2010.... but it dropped to $276 in 2013Yikes!
The funny thing is... Apple didn't really do anything.The Android OEMs are all fighting with each other... driving prices down... hurting their own margins. It's a bloodbath.Meanwhile... Apple's smartphone prices are basically the same as they've been for years. It's Apple just being Apple.Like I said before with regards to Windows PC vs Macs... Apple didn't set out to destroy Windows OEMs... they kinda did it to themselves!
Yep! It's tough to be an Android manufacturer in such a crowded market. And yet... the iPhone selling quite well.This reminds me of the Windows PC market in comparison to Macs.A dozen PC manufacturers all fighting with each other... all selling basically the same products... in a price war... driving margins down in a "race to the bottom"Look at all the corpses in the PC market... companies who are either completely gone... or who were sold to other struggling...
Very true.While Samsung is the largest single Android vendor... there are more non-Samsung Android phones being sold today.There were roughly 280 million Android phones shipped last quarter... but only 78 million were made by Samsung.It used to be when you thought about Android you thought about Samsung. Those days are clearly over.
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