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The good news is... Apple has been selling more and more iPhones each year. This proves that it's not just the same people buying iPhones over and over again.And Apple is profitable while selling those iPhones... another bonus. (and arguably the most important thing when running a business)But remember... the entire market is growing. The market is made up of dozens of companies. Apple is just one of those companies. Of course Apple's market share will be affected by...
Does Apple even need to sell stock anymore? I'm unclear of the benefit for a company like Apple.It's great when a company is starting out and they get that big infusion of cash.But now Apple has no problem making a ton of cash by selling products.
Let's pretend everyone on Earth has an iPhone. Then what? How could Apple grow?Would Apple need to open an Apple Store on Mars?
Haha true.That's good news for "Others" then. They have the most market share!I wanna buy some stock in "Others" even though the companies that make up "Others" are mostly no-name white-box smartphone vendors in China and India.But they have the most market share! Yay!
I agree that there are some amazing Android phones starting at $349But how much of the smartphone market is made up of phones below $349?When the market share numbers come out each quarter... they simply say "Android has 80% of the smartphone market" but with no breakdown by price, quality or capability. A cheap Android phone carries the same weight as a flagship Android phone in terms of market share.Like you said... $349 gets you a pretty nice Android phone. But we know...
I feel like I've heard this story before...
Maybe my friends got some bad ones.Or it might be iOS 7
Yep! That's what Apple is good at. They price stuff in such a way that usually gets people to move to the more expensive item.I remember back when the iPod Touch started at $229 for 8GB... but for only $299 you could get 32GB !!!$70 more for 4 times the storage? Hell yeah!The same sorta thing is happening with the iPad Mini as well. I know the starting price of $299 is attractive... but it's old hardware and a crappy screen. You'd be much better off finding an extra...
Oh yeah... there will always be exceptions.But my point was... Android phones range from "cheap" to "expensive"While Apple phones only come in "expensive"That's what you're faced with when you get ready to buy a smartphone.If people could save their money... there wouldn't be a "cheap" phone market. But that's a discussion for another day
New Posts  All Forums: