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Any button in the upper-left is bad. I can't reach up there on my 4" iPhone 5S without shifting my grip. All navigational buttons should be at the bottom of the screen.
There was a time when nearly everyone I came in contact with had a Blackberry. Teens, college kids, parents... it didn't matter. If they had a smartphone... it was a Blackberry. Or they had a flip-phone.Yeah it was short lived... but it definitely happened.I had 70+ people on my BBM buddy list. Blackberry was popular with consumers as well as the enterprise.That's exactly when it happened. Here's a picture I took with a group of friends in 2010. Regular consumers......
Hmmmm.... It's difficult to find US smartphone numbers at that time... as most reports only list worldwide numbers.I've seen some reports saying RIM was ahead of Microsoft in the US at different times in 2007... and others that say Microsoft was ahead of RIM.So they must have been relatively close depending on who was counting.You're right though... RIM really took off in the US in 2008. That's when the Blackberry Curve was getting popular. It seems like everybody had one...
This article is about US market share... so we can only assume he was talking about the US.I'm pretty sure Blackberry/RIM was the #1 smartphone maker in the United States in 2007.The worldwide title went to Nokia/Symbian.
It reminds me of the Windows PC market. There are a bunch of companies all selling "Windows PCs" with not much distinguishing one from another. So they have to compete on price.One company lowers prices... which forces another company to lower prices... and so on.If you're buying a Windows laptop... it doesn't really matter if it was assembled by HP or Dell. They both run the same operating system. So the consumer will just look at price.And that's what is happening...
Hmmmm..... Motorola fans must be angry that there's no 4" option.
Another issue is that people think of their smartphone as a permanent storage facility for photos.It shouldn't be.Yes... they can sell you a larger phone that has room for more photos... but that, too, will fill up eventually.The worst thing is that their phone has the only copy of those photos. No backups at all.
It could happen.Who knows what a half a year and a Holiday season will do.Sadly... Apple may never publish sales number for the watch... so we might never actually know for sure.
Apple's strategy in the smartphone market is much like their strategy in the computer market.Apple doesn't sell a laptop lower than $899.Meanwhile... HP will sell you a laptop for $199.It's two different strategies.
I wonder if Apple will ever make a 4" mainstream flagship phone again. Samsung's mainstream flagship is 5.1"... LG's is 5.5"... HTC's is 5.0" 4" seems to be going the way of the dodo
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