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Yeah... I don't think Apple will have the same problems as other companies.The crazy thing is... the new Spaceship campus and the old Infinite Loop campus still isn't enough to house all of Apple's Silicon Valley-area employees. But Campus 2 will certainly put plenty of employees in one place.I wonder if they are planning Apple Campus 3 yet?
Define commercial drone.Is this so I can legally accept money to video something from the air?Anyone can fly a DJI Phantom and shoot video for personal use. But the moment you get paid for a real estate video... it's illegal.I'll take the FAA test, stay within eyesight, and obey the 500 foot rule... I just want legally use quadcopter footage for videography.
I simply asked if unit sales can grow forever... but I already knew the answer:They can't.You're right... I jumped on the hyperbole train. "Forever" was a little crazy to even mention.Thanks for pointing out my ridiculous comment (even though no one else did) On topic: Yes... the iPhone went from 51 million in Holiday 2013 to 74.5 million in Holiday 2014. Like you said... almost 50% growth. Amazing numbers... no doubt.But wouldn't going from a 50% increase YoY to only...
I originally asked "no company can grow unit sales forever, right?"And you launched into a whole thing.Are you saying unit sales can grow forever?I agree eternity is a long time. And it might have been a crazy choice of words. However... we've seen units sales growth stop in just a matter of years.Yes... iPhone unit sales have increased, year over year, since 2007. And there's no reason why they can't grow some more. I'd love to see that.But there will be a point where...
Oh of course.Even if Apple sold only 100 million iPhones... every quarter... for the rest of our lives... they will be fine.
I loved the alien bit Look... I'm not saying Apple cannot grow iPhone unit sales anymore. Apple just had its biggest Holiday quarter EVER selling 75 million iPhones. I think that number could be 90 million this year... and maybe even 120 million in a future Holiday quarter.But 200 million in a Holiday quarter? 300 million in a Holiday quarter? Maybe not.At that point... the iPhone will have reached its apex. Agreed?In your first point above... you realize a company's...
I don't think Apple has reached their apex. Not yet anyway.I was just wondering what happens to a company when their unit sales stop growing.When it eventually happens to Apple... they won't be the first company to experience this.How did other companies handle it?
No company can grow units sales forever, right?
Why would Apple be forcing Intel to sell their 4.9% stake in Imagination Technologies?Is Apple wanting those shares?Apple already has a bigger stake than Intel anyway.Perhaps Intel invested in them long ago... but haven't seen the result they are looking for. So maybe they were looking to get out.
I know we're waaaaay off-topic here talking about AppleTV in a smartwatch thread.... but I gotta jump in. Apple has an MFI program for game controllers... the App Store with infrastructure already in place... and thousands of eager developers. Why couldn't AppleTV become a game console? Sure... it wouldn't have the same titles you'd find on XBox and Playstation... but people are happy playing games on Apple devices... games that don't appear anywhere else. There's...
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