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Didn't Jony Ive just buy a $17 million house? I would imagine it has an elaborate home gym (and a theater, bowling alley, shark tank, etc...)
Samsung is in the #1 spot as a manufacturer... but that doesn't mean the #2 and below are failures.Honda will never sell as many cars as Toyota... so should we be worried about Honda?Of course not. And the same is true for Apple.Apple happens to be #2 by shipments... but that's not exactly the death sentence you think it is.And don't forget.... market share is just the percentage of sales over the last 3 months... and it's based on the size of the entire market.You're...
I predict HealthKit will be getting a huge cash infusion soon.
True.Apple has caught apps that do nefarious things and booted them from the App Store.I would hope they are extra careful when vetting these keyboards.But I probably won't grant network access if I decide to use a 3rd-party keyboard... I don't really understand the need.
Gotcha.Yeah I just watched the keynote again. I like how he said "by default, it runs in the most restricted sandbox"At least Apple is thinking about it! Plus... any 3rd-party keyboard would have to pass Apple's app approval process. That's good.Just curious though... what sort of stuff would you gain by letting a keyboard have network access?
I thought that's what they said in the keynote?
True... but that keynote was the start of Apple's developer conference and the room was full of developers.We all love Apple and know they are doing just fine... but the fact still remains that 8 out of 10 smartphones sold today are running Android.Tim Cook was just reinforcing the point that Apple has a wonderful platform and he backed it up with the numbers from their next competitor.It's not like the entire keynote was devoted to trash talking. There was plenty of time...
The phone number in the demo was 408-974-1010 Apple's main switchboard is 408-996-1010 Kinda curious about those last 4 digits... coincidence? Anyway... someone actually did call that number. It is indeed an Apple number... with a pissed off operator. http://mashable.com/2014/06/02/apple-dr-dre-phone-number-wwdc-2014/
I had a buddy in college who had one of these. (ah the 90's... a time when cell phones were still kinda rare)He pretty much carried it in his hand most of the time. It didn't really fit in a pocket.And the thing ONLY made phone calls... such a primitive time!
I like that.... quiet time.Reminds me of:
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