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The funny thing is... Apple didn't really do anything.The Android OEMs are all fighting with each other... driving prices down... hurting their own margins. It's a bloodbath.Meanwhile... Apple's smartphone prices are basically the same as they've been for years. It's Apple just being Apple.Like I said before with regards to Windows PC vs Macs... Apple didn't set out to destroy Windows OEMs... they kinda did it to themselves!
Yep! It's tough to be an Android manufacturer in such a crowded market. And yet... the iPhone selling quite well.This reminds me of the Windows PC market in comparison to Macs.A dozen PC manufacturers all fighting with each other... all selling basically the same products... in a price war... driving margins down in a "race to the bottom"Look at all the corpses in the PC market... companies who are either completely gone... or who were sold to other struggling...
Very true.While Samsung is the largest single Android vendor... there are more non-Samsung Android phones being sold today.There were roughly 280 million Android phones shipped last quarter... but only 78 million were made by Samsung.It used to be when you thought about Android you thought about Samsung. Those days are clearly over.
We probably won't be able to see the iPhone gain market share in any of these charts. Why? Because of the ever-increasing number of Android phones being pumped into the market. In Q2 there were 230 million Android phones shipped. In Q3 that number ballooned to 280 million. Android is still growing. Hell... the market is still growing. Will Apple have another record-setting Q4 selling more iPhones than they ever have before? ABSOLUTELY Will that affect iPhone vs...
It would almost have to be based on retail price for simplicity's sake.But I see what you mean.I was just trying to figure out a way to pull the crappy super-cheap phones out of the mix. Right now... ALL smartphones get counted the same.Yes... the Moto G is a great phone at a low price. However... most "smartphones" with low prices are terrible.I've always wondered what phones occupy the "Others" list. I'm fairly certain many (most?) are of the crappy super-cheap...
I think it's finally time to start breaking down the smartphone market into different segments. There needs to be clear distinctions between low-end, mid-range and high-end smartphones. A $75 smartphone should not be on the same list as a $400 smartphone or an $800 smartphone. But that's exactly how it's presented. Reports say 327 million "smartphones" were shipped last quarter... without any further explanation. And that doesn't really help much.
Steve Jobs' truck vs car analogy was actually talking about full computers vs mobile tablets.Full computers will always be needed to run certain types of software... real Photoshop, video editing, CAD, etc.Those are the trucks.But most regular consumers simply need to do light duties like checking email, browsing social media, etc. A small light device can handle those tasks.Those are the cars.
Ouch...I guess this proves that people aren't buying Samsung phones like they used to (at least not their high-profit flagship phones)Now that I think about it... I wondered why Samsung phones were offered two-for-one just moments after launch. I always thought the carriers were taking the hit just to get people into the store.Now it appears that Samsung themselves are the ones giving deep discounts just to move product.I was clearly wrong earlier when I said Samsung was...
Gotcha... thanks.I'm curious though... how much discount does Samsung give the carriers?On a $500 phone... are they selling them to the carriers for $250 ?If so... yeah that would certainly destroy their profit.
No one is suggesting that Samsung the conglomerate will be going out of business following this news.But we're in the greatest time in smartphone history.And Samsung just had a huge drop in profits in smartphones.Someone at Samsung is freaking out now... probably a few someones...And I don't think Samsung's tablets and PCs will save the day either.
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