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Yes... that's how CarPlay works.But the in-dash system still has to support it.There is some software from Apple that has to be integrated into the factory system from Ford, Chevy, etc.It will require cooperation between Apple and the car makers.
It reminds me of Jeff Goldblum's father in Independence Day:"You think they don't know what you know? Believe me, they know."
While true... I don't think Apple would make the process of integration so complicated that no one would even bother. I would imagine Apple had engineers working with the top automotive electronics systems when they were developing CarPlay.Hyundai had Carplay working in the 2015 Sonata less than a year after CarPlay was announced to the public... though it's possible that Hyundai had access to CarPlay before the public announcement.Apple would like as many automakers as...
No... not even close.There were over 300 million Android phones shipped last quarter... but only 75 million of them were made by Samsung.By my math... Samsung was only 25% of Android last quarter... not "most" of Android.There were 1.1 billion Android phones shipped in all of 2014... but only 318 million were made by Samsung.Samsung was roughly 29% of Android in 2014. Again... not "most" of Android.I don't know where this myth originated. It might have been true long...
I think when people say "sold" they mean "sold to consumer"Anything prior to that would be considered "shipped"At least that's my interpretation of this age-old argument You're right... Apple Stores handle the "shipped to store" and "sold to consumer" within the same walls. The iPhone belongs to Apple until it is "sold" to the consumer.Carriers, however, buy the iPhones from Apple to resell them in their own stores. Apple would record revenue when that transaction takes...
Well... the title on the chart in this article clearly says "Shipment Market Share"So I would assume they mean the "Sell-in" to the channel... which are shipments from the manufacturer to the reseller.The alternative is "Sell-though" which refers to consumers... which this chart is not showing.As for warehouses... the joke is that no one wants Android phones so they just get locked up in a warehouse. (think Indiana Jones)While funny... that can't be true. If Android...
What if you "use" it for licensing? Would that be enough?Not everyone who comes up with an idea has the desire, or the ability, to make a shipping product. They might just want to licence it to others.(I'm not talking about this case in particular... just in general.)
Units shipped is EXACTLY what market share measures. Nothing more.There are additional figures like web browsing share, app downloads, app revenue, etc.But market share has always been units shipped... plain and simple.
Ohhhhhh... gotcha. Good point.I was only referring to the first sale in my earlier comment. But you're absolutely right. Apple will make some money as long as an iPhone is in service.Apple might even make more money from apps on a hand-me-down iPhone than Google makes from apps on a brand new Android phone.
Secondary market... like when someone buys a used iPhone?Apple only makes money on the initial iPhone sale... they don't make any more money if I sell my old iPhone to someone else.(unless I'm not understanding what the secondary market is...)
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