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Of course I know that!Maybe they should have said "Rumor Roundup" instead of "Preview"It's just weird to lead with the word "Preview" and then follow up with words like "might" "maybe" and "could"But you're right... this is a rumors site...... until they report on actual news.Boy... I can't wait til Monday!
I was just thinking "What We Think We'll See at WWDC" would be a much more appropriate headline.Using the word "preview" makes it sound like they have actual knowledge about the event... not just guesses.
That's one quote I bet Eric Schmidt wishes he never made.He's right though... there are more devices running some version of Android than any other platform on the planet.The problem is... many (most?) of those Android devices are complete garbage, selling for an absurdly low price, and are purchased by people who will never pay money for apps. That's why developers are not sprinting towards Android.We tend to only talk about a handful of flagship Android phones on tech...
Yeah that's pretty much it.But they did use the word preview... just sayin'
"WWDC 2014 Preview... AppleInsider takes a look at what could be in the cards when Tim Cook takes the stage on Monday." So is it a preview... or are you guessing? Using terms like "expected to" and "we'll probably see" doesn't lend much confidence. But hey... at least it's a new story on a Saturday
The article says the Microsoft Smartwatch will be compatible with iOS. But how compatible? Assuming Apple introduces Healthbook in iOS 8... will Microsoft be able to tap into that? Or will it just deliver notifications like a Pebble watch? Maybe there will be a MFI certification for Healthbook compatible devices...
I believe there is something more with regards to streaming.Beats Audio may become profitable for Apple. Or it may not. But I don't think that's Apple's primary concern... selling high-margin iPhones and iPads is.On the other hand... Spotify absolutely NEEDS their streaming service to be profitable... it's all they do. Pandora too.I'm guessing Apple will use Beats Audio as a value-add to sell more hardware products. If they happen to make money with it... that will be a...
Damn... then Apple got a relative bargain!
That's true. If they used Beats' profits it would take a few years to pay off the deal.The crazy thing is... Apple can completely pay for this deal in only a month using their own profits.Apple made $10 billion last quarter. With that kind of income... a $3 billion deal suddenly doesn't seem so bad!
Don't worry... Apple has plenty of money leftover to get into serious sound quality... if they wanted to.They could keep "Beats by Dre" for the kiddies... and create a "Beats Pro" brand for all sorts of new products like pro headphones, studio monitors, DACs, etc.But I don't think that's what this deal is about.
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