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If these stores hate credit card fees so much... why don't they just make everything cash-only?It's funny that they quickly put a stop to the new kid on the block: Apple Pay.But they're still accepting the thing that started all the fees in the first place: credit cards.
That happened sooner than I thought. CurrectC hasn't even fully launched yet. I thought Best Buy would let it flounder for at least a year before they begrudgingly accepted Apple Pay.
Apple didn't plan on the iPhone becoming 70% of their revenue.They simply offer a $600+ phone and can sell 60 million of them in a quarter.
And now they put most of their focus in other areas. Companies can change, ya know.At least Apple still sells computers... while doing a damn good job at it.Now look at how many failing computer companies merged with other failing computer companies... or were simply wiped off the face of the Earth. The PC market has been littered with corpses over the years.
Yeah.... I heard Leo say that.It's such a simple addition too... you'd think Apple would allow widgets on the homescreen if nothing else but to shut up the detractors.There must be some reason why Apple is so against it.I mean... Google has always allowed widgets on the homescreen... while Apple has never allowed widgets on the homescreen.It just seems so weird that two companies can have such a disparity over this one feature.Apple keeps all your icons out in the open......
The Android guy probably has one of these beauties:If that's winning... I'd hate to see losing...
Yep.Smartphones get bigger batteries which make you think they will get longer battery life.But then they slap a pointless 2560x1440 screen on them... negating all that extra battery capacity.
Do you honestly think Apple hasn't thought of that already?
Product launches present a difficult problem: lots of demand in a short time.To combat this... Apple would pretty much have to open a 2nd factory just for the launch quarter.Yes... it would ensure enough supply for the initial launch... but then they'd be stuck with an extra factory for the rest of the year when demand is lower.You're right... Apple and Tim Cook are masters of supply chain. So it they found a solution... they'd probably be doing it.
There was a report a few years ago which calculated that HP had to sell SEVEN computers to make the same amount of profit as ONE Macintosh.So the conclusion must be that Apple is overcharging yet people still line up and pay...
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