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Exactly!You'd definitely have to check to see if your door needs pulling or pushing BEFORE you purchase this type of product.
You're right... 85% of Android users can take advantage of the features across Android 4.X dating back to 2011.So to be safe... a developer should target Android 4.0 to reach the most users. You have to appeal to the lowest common denominator.But if there was some amazing feature introduced in Android 4.4.... the audience is MUCH smaller since not many people have Android 4.4And that's the struggle. Android has a lot of users... but not many of them can use the latest...
Whatever the reason is... I'm glad they did.The automobile market is broken down into different segments... why not smartphones?It's silly to compare sales of luxury sedans to sales of sub-compact hatchbacks. And that's why they don't do it.
I think the best-selling Windows Phone in the world is the Lumia 520.It's about $100 unlocked.And from what I hear.... it's a pretty nice phone for the price... MUCH better than the usual $100 Android phone.There's a cheap Motorola Android phone that's pretty good... but it doesn't sell nearly the same volume as other Android phones.The general consensus is... if you've only got $100 to spend... the Lumia 520 is the phone to get.
Yep... and you can also tell by the overall sound quality in the commercial. It definitely doesn't sound like a normal VO booth recording. They added a lot of noise reduction from the original movie recording.I just overlaid the iPad commercial audio with the movie audio in an audio editor. It's a match (except the speed/pitch is slightly different)RIP Robin... you will be missed.
And that brown stuff is dirt...
Exactly.The point of Facebook Messenger app is so you can quickly respond to messages without opening Facebook.And so you won't be tempted by Top 10 lists and other crap.
Windows has the bigger number for sure. But does that mean Apple is losing?Look at how many PC manufacturers have disappeared from the market. IBM, Compaq, Sony, Gateway, etc. They sold themselves to other companies because they couldn't cut it on their own. BTW... all those companies were selling "Windows" computers.Hell... HP and Dell were thinking about exiting the consumer PC market too because the market was becoming too saturated and they were barely making...
There was not always a real distinction between them:
Huh? You must be reading different forums than I am.You've never heard those tired market share arguments? How Android "dominates" the mobile market? Or how Apple is doomed?Yeah I don't believe it either... but it gets implied quite often.Yep... it's effectively that now. Android and iOS represent 95% of the mobile market.I'm not sure how to remedy that though. There are other platforms out there... but they're just not popular enough.People stopped buying Symbian, Palm...
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