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Galaxy standard?There were 280 million Android phones sold last quarter... but only 78 million of them were made by Samsung (and not all of them were Galaxy)I see what you're saying... Samsung is the largest and probably the most recognized Android OEM.But there are far more non-Samsung Android phones out there...
You also have to remember that market share is a percentage based on the size of the entire market at any given time.Apple's quarterly market share may go down... but they actually end up selling more phones. Weird, huh.Plus... while the iPhone only has 12% quarterly market share today... there are also about 500 million iPhones out in the world. And those iPhone owners tend to spend money.Would any sane developer abandon the iPhone at this point?That's why you can't get...
You're right... it's not all companies we've never heard of. But there are certainly companies on the list that we don't usually talk about.There are dozens of "Other" smartphone manufacturers around the world... primarily in China and India. Here's a sample:AirtymeCelkonGioneeIdeaIntexLavaLemonMaxxObiSaloraSpiceSwipeXoloYotaZen
Companies need profits to stay in business and to keep making products.Look at how many PC manufacturers are either gone or who have been absorbed by other struggling companies.It's because they didn't make enough profit.I agree that maybe people shouldn't celebrate when companies make "too much" profit... but are they allowed to be sad or pissed off when they don't make "enough" profit and they vanish?I guess it's a delicate balance... companies have to make enough money...
I'm glad you put the /s in your post... because investing in dozens of companies who make ZERO dollars would look like this:Only Apple provides actual sales numbers... so yeah, it's a guessing game for everyone else.Still though... IDC must be getting these numbers from somewhere, right?Even if they're estimating... we can still see a view of the smartphone market: Samsung down... Apple up... Xiaomi WAY up...BTW... Strategy Analytics reported similar results. So there...
Prior to Android... Samsung was using Windows Mobile and their own proprietary OS.If Android hadn't come along... do you think either of those two other choices would have been a better decision?And while Samsung isn't an Apple "partner" per se... they do make a lot of money providing hardware components to Apple and others.
Exactly.Take the Macintosh for instance. For 30 years... the Mac has NEVER had a dominant position against the PC. Many said Apple was doomed.Now look at all the PC manufacturers who are either completely gone or who have been absorbed by other struggling companies.Apple marches to the beat of their own drum.
True... all companies in every industry will experience it someday.There are only so many cars Honda can sell... and there's only so many people who can sign up for Facebook.It's what you do to recover or reinvent yourself that is important.Apple's been through quite a few changes in their almost 40 year history.
Apple's tablet sales are down this quarter... so is this an Apple thing or an industry thing? I wonder if sales of all those garbage tablets will be down too. You know... those cheap tablets sold by companies we've never heard of... yet add up to 40% of the tablet market.
Currently... $5 a month in iTunes purchases would give the record labels $3.50I wonder how much the labels will get if Apple had a $5 all-you-can-stream plan?Would it be more or less?So if I stream Beats music... will the labels eventually make the $3.50 they were getting before?If you buy a song... you can listen to it over and over. But when you stream a song... they make money on each play (albeit a much smaller amount)I wonder what the tipping point is?
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