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Yeah... I wasn't talking about you... I was talking about "people" in general
Gotcha.Yeah who knows what sales *would have been* if Apple offered larger sizes back then. I guess we'll never know.I just think it's funny how the conversation can shift when people start discussing iPhones and screen sizes.For years everyone was saying "Apple needs larger phones... everyone else has them... Apple is getting left behind... doomed..."And after they do release larger iPhones they say "Apple was late... they are copying everyone else... they've run out of...
And Apple's iPad experiment worked out pretty well for them.Look... I know what you're saying.... that Apple was "forced" to sell larger phones because everyone else was.But Apple has been the #2 smartphone manufacturer in the world for a while... with increased iPhone sales year-over-year... despite only selling "small" phones. It wasn't a bad place to be.And their decision to sell larger phones will only further their success. I'm hearing rumors of 70 million iPhones...
I'm not sure I follow.Apple sells every iPhone they make... in every size.
Honestly... Apple never HAS to do anything. They march to the beat of their own drum. They've had no problems selling any phone. Most companies can only dream of having the same sort of success that Apple has in smartphones.Phones have X inch screens. You can literally use any number for X.The issue is... Apple has only ever had 2 screen sizes in their entire smartphone history... while everyone else has used a variety of sizes.That doesn't mean Apple was right or...
Apple also has both Secure Enclave and Secure Element. They are not interchangeable terms.Secure Enclave has to do with TouchID:Fingerprint data is encrypted and protected with a key available only to the Secure Enclave.Secure Element has to do with Apple Pay:Actual card numbers are not stored on the device, instead, a unique Device Account Number is created, encrypted and stored in the Secure Element of the device.
I don't know why... I wasn't in on the decision process.Again... screen size is a decision. Nothing more.Are you telling me that every time a company makes a 42" TV today... it was become someone else made a 42" TV years ago?Or every time a company makes a white car today... it was become someone else made a white car decades before?Of course not. Things like screen size, colors, etc are all decisions... out of the many decisions that have to be made.But you seem...
And my point was... you can't copy a screen size.Screen size is simply a decision. You can make an LCD panel in pretty much any size imaginable.So no... Apple did not "ape" the Galaxy Note because they put a certain sized screen in the iPhone.
Screen size is a decision... not an innovation.
You're right... good call.It is possible for a customer to have anything ranging from a single card at one bank... all the way up to multiple cards at multiple banks.As for BoA specifically... the question still remains if BoA's 1.1 million cards is high or low.Have we seen numbers from any other large banks for comparison?
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