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Exactly.I have my iPhone sitting next to me on my desk. I can unlock my phone by simply pressing on the home button and letting TouchID do its thing.How would you unlock the Nexus phone if the fingerprint sensor is on the back of the phone... facing down on the desk?
The word "mandate" sound kinda scary.I don't think forcing developers to use certain features is the way to go.
Yeah it's early...But I've seen quite a few apps updated already to support 3D Touch... and the iPhone 6S only came out.... today.Imagine what will happen tomorrow! You shouldn't worry... 3D Touch is an awesome feature and developers would be smart to support it. And I'm pretty sure iPhones will have 3D Touch for the foreseeable future. It's not a feature they will abandon next year.
That's what I'm most excited for.I went to an Apple store to try it out. You press harder on the keyboard and the cursor flies around the screen.MUCH better than the old magnifying glass.
They would eventually run out of space even if they had 32GB.Most people don't manage their storage very well. They take thousands of pictures and keep them all on their phone forever (without any backup... but that's another problem)Your phone should not be permanent storage for photos... yet that's what people do. Every day they're snapping photos which slowly decrease the free space on their phone until it is full. Or they carry around an extraordinary amount of...
As ChrisInMI said above... there are 6,323 banks in the US.However... that number does not include credit unions. There are also 6,557 credit unions in the US.So that's a grand total of 12,880 in the US. So yes... Apple has a long way to go if you look at individual banks and credit unions.What I'd be interested in knowing is how many people have access to Apple Pay.If you looked at the top 10 US banks who offer Apple Pay... that's likely a huge amount of the US...
Lightning extension cable:That should lower the chance of accidental breakage.Instead of a 6" pencil sticking out of your iPad... there is a 1" plug with a bendy cable.Though this sounds like an "Infomercial Struggles" problem.
I looked at the force touch demos on the Huawei Mate S on Youtube. It works in their photos app, on the homescreen to simulate the home buttons, and as a makeshift scale to weight items that are between 100 grams and 400 grams.This is strictly a Huawei feature right now. I haven't heard anything about Google supporting force touch in Marshmallow.My guess: Huawei assumed Apple was putting force touch in the next iPhone... and they wanted to introduce that feature at the...
Did anyone else see the headline and think "What Would Steve Jobs Do" conference?
I'm enjoying all the talk on other forums saying "this is just a long press... wtf... no innovation..." Clueless... and hilarious
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