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Apple has only made one change in the iPhone's aspect ratio... getting it to the widely accepted and fairly normal 16:9I seriously doubt Apple will change the aspect ratio again... but stranger things have happened.
Worse... it's Betamax
I can top that I shoot video of dance recitals and stuff... and I sell DVDs.But guess what.... I also PRINT on the surface of the DVD too!It seems there's still a market for physical media and printing... even though I keep hearing that they are dying media
Apparently you can patent just about anything.It makes me wonder why Google didn't run to the patent office to get some of their things patented.
Gotcha... thanks!
Don't hate the player... hate the game I agree that the entire patent system needs an overhaul... especially for software patents. That's something that our childrens' children might get.But as of right now... Apple and Samsung are using the rules and laws that are in place today... however crappy they may seem.
I thought you had to show proof that your thing works before they will grant you a patent? Otherwise... it really is just an idea... a dream.Apple's patents in this court case are for things they are currently using in shipping hardware... they're not some idea on a chalkboard.As for patent trolls... some companies buy patents from another company... even if they aren't gonna use them.But that goes back to my first question... didn't the first company who was granted the...
I wish Apple would at least give me the chance to try a larger iPhone. That's the choice I want.There have been phones larger than 4" for years... just not any made by Apple.
Speaking of Ford... imagine if the only car Ford sold was the sub-compact Ford Fiesta? How would their sales be? Or their earnings?Good thing Ford sells a wide range of vehicles.... from small to large.I never understood Apple's insistence on a single size for their smartphone. Apple's other product lines offer multiple sizes:2 sizes of iPads2 sizes of iMacs3 sizes of laptops (used to be 4 sizes!)
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