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And Dr. Dre's money was made in the music industry.What's the issue here... should Dr. Dre not be considered a musician on that list?I mean... he didn't make his money from other industries like farming or truck driving.How is Forbes defining what a musician is? Maybe we should start there.
And Seinfeld's money wasn't made as a comedian. He made his money from a TV show that ended 16 years ago.But Forbes ranks both of those guys as the highest-paid in their fields.Like I said... take it up with Forbes. They made the list that you disagree with.
Dr. Dre is a musician.... and he made a lot of money this year. The most money, in fact.I don't see a problem with the way it was worded.Jerry Seinfeld is a stand-up comedian. But most of his income comes from the residuals from his old TV show.He still ranks as the highest-paid comedian even though most of his money doesn't come from actual stand-up comedy.If you have a problem with these definitions... take it up with Forbes You have to realize what these people are...
Here are the two claims from the lawsuit:The lawsuit claims that Apple violated federal and state laws by issuing software updates in 2006 for its iPod that prevented iPods from playing songs not purchased on iTunes.The lawsuit claims that the software updates caused iPod prices to be higher than they otherwise would have been.I understand the first part... that Apple didn't allow other stores' purchased music onto the iPod.But I'm having a hard time with the other part......
I was wondering if anyone else would attempt to enter this space. It's obviously more challenging than anyone had expected. Samsung has a fingerprint scanner... but its implementation isn't so great. HTC has one too. But they put it on the back of the phone!?!?!? And Motorola... they just gave up. Maybe they'll all get their acts together next year. I'll still be enjoying TouchID on an iPhone though
Ok.... this is the first time I've heard anyone mention the "overpriced iPod" part of the case.So how much did iPods cost in 2006-2008?And what were their competitors charging for comparable MP3 players?Some history... when the first iPod came out in 2001... it was $400 with a 5GB hard drive and it held 1,000 songs.At that time... everyone else was either selling tiny flash players that held 50 songs... or huge bulky players with 2.5" laptop hard drives.Was the iPod...
Why... the Facebook movie actually got made. And it generated $225,000,000 worldwide.
And they spent the last 8 years working on this "case"It's gonna suck when they have NOTHING to show for it...
Best hardware specs? Sure... the Nvidia Shield tablet has the best hardware specs.Best Holiday gift? Probably not.It's time to realize the difference between hardware specs and OVERALL experience.Would Aunt Edna really prefer the Nvidia Shield tablet as a Holiday gift instead of an iPad?
Ok... there were two named plaintiffs in this class-action lawsuit. So how many unnamed plaintiffs? Are there thousands of people who were affected by this? Hundreds? This case is mostly about RealNetworks and their DRM.... did they really have a ton of customers? It really sounds like a scheme by some lawyers to try to get some money from Apple.
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