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It's on the BACK of the phone. Strike 1No one wants a disco light when a subtle LED would do. The camera flash is very bright and very distracting. Strike 2While I applaud Apple for adding that capability to the iPhone... it's not exactly the solution people were looking for. It was poorly thought out.I want a notification light that I can simply see when I return to my desk... not something that lights up the whole room.Other phones have had simple LED lights for...
It would be nice if the home button could serve as a notification light.
I don't see a tablet in that picture.I see a field monitor.And a studio environment is very different than standing in front of people at a public event holding up a huge slab of glass.(BTW... I wasn't the one who "looked down upon" people for using a tablet to shoot video...)
That's the nature of internet forum comments
As a person who does videography for dance recitals... I agree wholeheartedly!Luckily... no one is allowed to video at my recitals on recital day... but they can stand up front and video during rehearsal days.On a side note... I've seen many people record video at a dance competitions. The nice thing is that you can watch it immediately on the iPad on the larger screen. I'll give those people a pass But they still look kinda silly
Here's something I've always wondered... If these workers are only making around $1.87 per hour... and the work is grueling and hazardous... What else could they be doing? All the stories I've heard about Foxconn is people work long hours and live in horrible conditions just to send money home to their families. Thousands of people line up hoping they're lucky enough to get a job at Foxconn. So if it wasn't for Foxconn... where else would they work?
While I understand your concern... this was a survey from Comscore about which smartphone you use. That's it.Somewhere there exists a survey that looks at ALL devices that run a mobile OS. That's where you'd see smartphones AND tablets AND audio players, etc.This wasn't it though. This was a survey about only smartphones... and also the operating systems they happen to run.Again... Comscore is a survey"MobiLens data is derived from an intelligent online survey of a...
The title of the Comscore chart is "Top Smartphone Platforms"Smartphone.They didn't include tablets and MP3 players in their smartphone surveys.And yes... these articles can be confusing if you don't look carefully into what they are saying.Android is the top smartphone platform in the US... but the iPhone is the top smartphone. Weird huh.But the article actually explains it.Too often people misunderstand these types of articles... because the articles talk about more...
I'll tell you which vehicles it fits. It's a "double-DIN" headunit... so it's for any car that can accept a "double-DIN" headunit. That's a standard size for an aftermarket car stereo... and it was stated in the article.There's nothing wrong with Amazon's fitment guide. You tell it your car first and they tell you if a particular radio fits.You want the opposite. Radio first... then car.It sounds like you just want a list of all the cars with a "double-DIN" opening in ...
That's the difference between "services" and "products"You don't own the TV shows and movies that get piped into your house via cable or satellite either. But you have access to them by simply paying a monthly fee.The people who subscribe to a streaming music service are well aware that they don't own the music. And that's actually part of the appeal.Instead of paying $1 for each and every song they'd ever wanna listen to... people are subscribing to a huge catalog.
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