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Too soon?
Wow! I had no idea that the "Thinking Machines" mentioned in the movie was an actual brand.I've always heard that sentence as "thinking machines, supercomputers, and gene sequencers break down the strand in minutes...."I learn something new every day!
Exactly.And every time I hear about Android "dominating" my next question is always:"Then what?"We've all seen the headlines on this site and others. Every three months we get the market share reports. And each time Android is "dominating"But there doesn't seem to be a compelling story after that headline.Yes... there are tons of cheap Android tablets that, when added all together, represent a huge percentage of quarterly tablet market share. They estimate all the tablet...
Wait a minute... I just saw the numbers for free. Why would anyone pay for these numbers anyway?Maybe I need a lesson on what these "analysts" actually do. Does anyone use this data to gain something from it?Since we always assume these numbers are fake... wouldn't that eventually reveal itself?.
Yet they're always full of people... and they sell a ton of stuff.Weird, right?
A two or three year old iPhone probably won't play the lastest games.But will a two or three year old Apple Watch display notifications and track your heart rate?I'm wondering how much work the SoC in the Apple Watch actually does. The Apple Watch is supposedly an extension of your iPhone... so would it need to be replaced as often as the Phone?
Another category is always a good thing for Apple to get into.Who else would even attempt this? Could there ever be HTC Pay? LG Pay?
Yes... Apple wants to be independent. They design their own software to run on their own hardware. Apple is unlike any other computer manufacturer. And they price their hardware at the high-end to maintain a high profit margin... but volume suffers.Dell, HP and others choose to use software written by someone else... and slash prices on hardware. The result? All that cheaper hardware sells at higher volume... but at lower profit margins.It's two different...
Apple could have made cheaper computer years ago to compete with the garbage put out by the Dells and HPs of the world.Since they made the conscious decision not to... Apple can't be too upset by their resulting computer market share.As for the iPad... I'm sure Apple isn't thrilled by the declining sales. Like I said... I hope it's a short trend and not a permanent situation. It's funny that we're having this conversation about people keeping iPads for 4 years... when the...
Yes… iPad sales have declined year-over-year… but Apple still managed to sell over 12 million iPads last quarter.A person might only buy an iPad once every 3 or 4 years… but people are buying iPads every day.There were roughly 136,000 iPads sold every day last quarter.So who are those people? Are any of them first-time iPad buyers? If so… that’s good. It means people are still interested in the iPad.I agree with Tim... it's too early to tell. It's only been 2 quarters of...
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