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Exactly.There have been quarters when over 280 million Android phones are sold.But how many of them are Nexus devices?Not many.And aren't there over 1,000 Android manufacturers? I don't think enough of them are following the "template" set by Google.
This is the same company whose entry-level laptops start at $900......for an 11" model...Apple clearly prices things the way they want to... perhaps they need to put the crack pipe down
Gotcha.Although I've never considered the iPhone and/or its front-mounted TouchID sensor to be "uncomfortable"
Clever girl!
True... but how does it handle passcodes and whatnot?Can anyone "knock to unlock" ?I don't exactly keep any state secrets in my phone... but I still wouldn't want anyone to access my stuff if the phone gets lost.
I didn't use a passcode until I had TouchID.Too much of a pain to input it dozens (hundreds?) of times a day.
I agree that your finger will naturally land in the dimple when removing your phone from your pocket.For the record... my thumbs naturally lands on the TouchID sensor on the iPhone too when removing the phone from my pocket.Pockets are fine.My issue is when a phone is sitting on a table or desk. A fingerprint sensor on the back will be... well... on the back.I dunno.... I guess I've been spoiled by Apple's front-facing home button and TouchID.I actually feel the same way...
How does it know it's you?Can anyone unlock your phone with a hand-wave?
Haha. Like I said earlier... USABILITY!
If the phone is face-down... you have to pick up the phone to flip it over to reveal the screen.Or... have the phone face up and the glorious screen is already looking at you. Just press the button and enjoy!
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