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I did not say it was interesting. I was simply commenting on the fact that you finally provided some specific points.Fastest growing? That's not hard when you sell mostly cheap phones in China... land of a billion people. You realize the rest of the smartphone market is growing too, right? There was a time when smartphones sold 50 million a year. Now they sell 300 million in a quarter.Without stores? What does that mean... are all Xiaomi phones sold online?Look... I'm...
Finally some actual data points.
You've had ample opportunity to explain what is so interesting about Xiaomi.Simply repeating "they are interesting" doesn't say anything.I was hoping there was something specific you could say about them.
Ok, ok... calm down. Yes... you're free to talk about whatever you want. (you know no one can literally stop you from talking, right?)It's just that many people here are pointing out negative things about Xiaomi... but you seem to be on Xiaomi's side.I was just curious as to why. All you say is "I'm interested in Xiaomi... I'm curious about Xiaomi..."What is it? Their forked version of Android? Their app store? Their possible government ties? Their data...
Xiaomi is one of many Android manufacturers selling mostly cheap smartphones primarily in China with questionable government involvement.If that's what floats your boat... then keep an eye on them.But don't come to an Apple forum and attempt to spread the Xiaomi gospel.
This is what I don't get... The iPod would play a variety of unprotected music files (MP3, WAV, AAC, etc)... but the only DRM'd tracks it would play were from Apple's own store. It was like this from the beginning. And I'm pretty sure it was written on the box. If Apple didn't want 3rd-party DRM'd music onto their hardware... why would that be illegal? Who knows what problems would arise when you release control to outside companies. Apple knew... and that's why...
Watch them do what?I'd like some clarification on what you're watching.
With Xiaomi's explosive sales growth... what will happen when Xiaomi is the #1 smartphone vendor in the world?We could probably ask Samsung... who is already the #1 smartphone vendor in the world. Did anything exciting happen there?I agree... anything is possible. Xiaomi could be the biggest company in the world in 20 years. Or they could be gone.But it's the same for every company. The predictions game is difficult.You keep saying Xiaomi is the company to watch. No one...
So what are you suggesting... that Xiaomi will be an "Amazon-level" company someday?Look... I agree that Amazon is great. But I'm not seeing how Xiaomi will ever reach that status.
I love Amazon! I buy tons of stuff from them. They revolutionized online commerce. Speed, selection, customer service... they have it all.But Xiaomi is "Just Another Android Vendor" offering not much more than any of the other 60 Android manufacturers.Yes... Xiaomi sells a lot of units... but is that where the story ends?
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