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Ugh... passcodes. That's why I love fingerprint sensors.I assumed you were all-Apple. I didn't meant to start an argument!
That's some next-level ish right there!
It's not "odd" to lift a phone... it's odd to "have to" lift a phone just to wake the screen and check missed notifications when other phones have a button that is already facing up ready to be pressed.Yeah you could keep the screen awake longer... but it will eventually go to sleep. And the cycle repeats!Are you really glad it's not on the front?Or do you simply go against any decision Apple makes? It's the fronts versus the backs... FIGHT!
I can unlock my iPhone with my thumb as I remove it from my pocket. It's unlocked before I even look at it.But my point earlier was having my iPhone sitting on my desk. I can use my thumb or index finger to unlock it without lifting it up. Very fast and convenient.These Nexus phones will have to be picked up and a finger slide under to unlock it from a desk. Seems odd to me.But like fallonjt said... there's nowhere else to put a fingerprint sensor that someone else...
Got it??? What exactly are you trying to tell me?I KNOW the back sucks... that's what I said originally.Anyway... I think Sony has a fingerprint sensor on the side. And HTC already had a fingerprint sensor on the back.So there is no place to put a fingerprint sensor that someone else hasn't ever done. Unless they put it on a corner (which would be hilarious)
3 choices... front, back, side.So they chose to put the fingerprint sensor on the back which mean I have to lift the phone and slide a digit under there just to unlock my phone?USABILITY!
Exactly.I have my iPhone sitting next to me on my desk. I can unlock my phone by simply pressing on the home button and letting TouchID do its thing.How would you unlock the Nexus phone if the fingerprint sensor is on the back of the phone... facing down on the desk?
The word "mandate" sound kinda scary.I don't think forcing developers to use certain features is the way to go.
Yeah it's early...But I've seen quite a few apps updated already to support 3D Touch... and the iPhone 6S only came out.... today.Imagine what will happen tomorrow! You shouldn't worry... 3D Touch is an awesome feature and developers would be smart to support it. And I'm pretty sure iPhones will have 3D Touch for the foreseeable future. It's not a feature they will abandon next year.
That's what I'm most excited for.I went to an Apple store to try it out. You press harder on the keyboard and the cursor flies around the screen.MUCH better than the old magnifying glass.
New Posts  All Forums: