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Thanks... you caught my subtle suggestion that market share is obviously NOT the thing that developers value the most.
They're making an iOS app? Today?!?!? Don't they know that Android has 80% market share???
In other news... Burger King will never sell as many hamburgers as McDonald's.And Honda will never sell as many cars as Toyota.Perhaps it's time for everyone to sell their Apple stock and put it into Samsung, McDonald's and Toyota.Those companies sell more "things"... and apparently that's good for the stock price.Right?
While Apple "cut down" the iPhone 5C to make an 8GB model... they still left the existing 16GB and 32GB models.If they had eliminated the 16GB and 32GB models altogether... THAT would be bad. But they didn't.You can still get 16GB or 32GB if you feel 8GB won't suit your storage needs.
Just curious... what region are you in?Android has 80% of the worldwide smartphone market. It's a big number for sure... but that also includes a lot of terrible phones sold in developing nations. If you take those away... the addressable market for an app isn't that full 80%iOS has always had extremely high usage share despite only having 15% market share. That's what developers should be interested in.I'm a little shocked that a developer is putting so much importance...
Apple knows how many iPads that Best Buy orders, for instance.Best Buy knows how many iPads get sent to each of their stores and how many people buy them.But does Apple know how many iPads get sent to each Best Buy store and how many people buy them? Does Apple get that sort of data back from its resellers?It might not matter to Apple though. I was under the impression that, in general, Apple products don't sit on any shelf for very long. If an iPad gets shipped to a...
But what about the low-end phones? Aren't there a lot of them?There were 230 million Android phones sold last quarter... are we to believe they were mostly mid to high-end phones?Look how big the "Others" category is. How many of those are large flagships?Where are those companies' press releases announcing record sales of their flagships?
Didn't Intel buy some TV content company or some set-top box? They did nothing with it... and they already sold it...
I never see anything other than iPads either. But I'm in the US.We're forgetting about the sheer volume of tablets in the rest of the world.For instance... look at the chart in this article. 60 million "other" tablets sold in 2013. Those are mostly cheap, no-name Android tablets that we've never heard of. They give Android tablets a huge worldwide market share number... but I'm not actually seeing anything good coming from that.The same thing happens with smartphones...
Doesn't every company need a new product line?At least Apple is profitable. There are many phone manufacturers who don't even have that.So it would be doubly difficult for them: first become profitable... and then make a new product line.
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