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These articles come out every so often proclaiming "11 new banks" or "14 new banks"... and there are roughly 50 banks who are using Apple Pay at the moment. I understand this process takes time... but it seems like it will be a while until we get the 500 banks that Tim Cook said before.
Well that's 2 of the 40
Yep... "Others" certainly moves a lot of units. But that's it... units.I doubt any of the companies in "Others" made any profit at all. They're most likely white box Chinese vendors and other companies we've never heard of.If you want to invest in that... go ahead But seriously... look at #5 on that chart... Amazon shipped 1.7 million tablets last quarter. So that means no individual company in "Others" could have possibly shipped more than 1.7 million units.Yet...
Exactly.John Gruber also has a great headline on his latest post on Daring Fireball:Reminder: Apple Has Never Led the Smartphone Industry in Market ShareI think people forget that little nugget of information. And look at what the iPhone has done without a lot of market share.Isn't it weird that the iPhone can attract so many developers without a lot of market share? And not only attract... but make so much more money for developers without a lot of market share?Isn't it...
Android market share makes a great headline... but there is never a compelling story after that.And you just did it again... you stated the number and then walked away.Congrats... you understand math. There are over 60 manufacturers shipping a billion Android smartphones a quarter. Of course Android will have a ton of market share.So what is Android doing with that market share? There's got to be more than simply the number.The iPhone has never had a high percentage of...
You make it sound like nobody should even bother selling refrigerators and TVs because of how infrequently they're purchased.Look... a person might only buy major appliances once every 7-15 years.... but people buy them every day. That's why big-box stores are full of them.And it's the same for cars. They don't get replaced too often either... but someone walks onto the car lot every day.There are certain products that don't get purchased often. That's OK.But as long as a...
Samsung is still making profit... just not as much as they used to. And added to the list of profitable Android vendors is LG, Huawei and Xiaomi. There is now a grand total of four (4) Android vendors making money.The problem is... there are over 60 Android smartphone vendors.How is this sustainable?Is there any other market where there are 60 players but only 4 are profitable? That ratio seems very unbalanced.
Yeah... it depends on the specific YOY differences AND how long you wait between upgrades.One year might not be much... but two years or longer and it becomes much more dramatic.However... there are some people who are still using the first iPad they ever bought... which could go as far back as an original iPad or iPad 2.Is Apple a victim of making something TOO good that someone will never replace it?
Apple doesn't expect anyone to upgrade after only one year. You're right... the difference between the iPad Air 1 and the iPad Air 2 is minimal.But there will always be someone who is ready to buy... and there will be a new model waiting for them when they do.A person might only buy an iPad once every few years... but people buy iPads every day.New is always nice... but incremental updates are pretty much standard across all manufacturers.
AuthenTec made parts for many companies for years.Then Apple offered to buy AuthenTec for $356,000,000AuthenTec accepted.That should be easy to understand
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