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Doesn't every company need a new product line?At least Apple is profitable. There are many phone manufacturers who don't even have that.So it would be doubly difficult for them: first become profitable... and then make a new product line.
Exactly... 3 weeks worth of iPhone 6's could be 8-10 million phones.Apple's done this before... they frequently order parts in huge quantities.Sapphire screens might be the "next big thing" in mobile... and Apple could be cornering the market on sapphire for the foreseeable future.Pity any smaller companies who can't afford to place a billion dollar order for parts.
Well that explains the US iPhone market... what about the rest of the world?You know Apple sells most of their iPhone outside of the US... right?And most countries don't have subsidies...
Android (the operating system) is making money for Google though advertising.But I was talking about the manufacturers of phones that run Android. Some of them aren't making any money at all.Exactly. Samsung is sucking the oxygen out of the Android handset industry. It's a touch business to be in.
Nice joke But on a serious note... most companies don't have huge volume either.Samsung is in 1st place with 82 million smartphones sold last quarter... Apple is 2nd place with 51 million.But 3rd place drops way down to only 16.4 million units for Huawei... then 13.9 million for Lenovo and 13.2 million for LG.That's just the top 5.What about the rest of the industry? How many companies in the "other" category had a good, profitable quarter? Probably not many.And that...
Oops... that didn't work.Isn't Samsung the only Android manufacturer that makes any money?I guess Android isn't a cure-all.
An iPod Touch most certainly needs antennas...
Those are not good enough reasons for Apple to radically change their business practices.
Back then: Apple had low desktop market share... and no money.Today: Apple has low smartphone market share... and plenty of money.So which is actually a problem... the market share or the money?
They probably got the idea from looking at their other product lines.Multiple sizes of iMacs, MacBooks and iPads.
New Posts  All Forums: