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Ok... there were two named plaintiffs in this class-action lawsuit. So how many unnamed plaintiffs? Are there thousands of people who were affected by this? Hundreds? This case is mostly about RealNetworks and their DRM.... did they really have a ton of customers? It really sounds like a scheme by some lawyers to try to get some money from Apple.
Oh President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho... you never fail to get a chuckle out of me.
That's what happens when one company decides to build a phone... but they get their processors from another company... and the operating system comes from a third company... etc.It reminds me of that saying "your right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing"There are certain challenges when the individual elements of a phone are being handled by separate companies thousands of miles apart.If HTC wants to build a 64-bit phone... they gotta wait until Qualcomm and...
Yeah that's true. Corporate and enterprise sales have never been the Mac's strong suit.Overall... there were almost 80 million PCs shipped worldwide last quarter... with the Mac only representing 5.5 million of those.Another reason the Mac has maintained such low market share is because of price. Apple doesn't do cheap.While Apple's laptops are the most inexpensive they've ever been... it still costs $900 for a Macbook Air. And that's for an 11" model.But that's the game...
Oh it's a bloodbath too... numerically speaking.The Mac has NEVER had more than 10% worldwide market share in 30 years. No arguments there.The difference is... Apple was still able to develop a vibrant culture around the Mac... despite its low market share.There are plenty of developers who focus on the Mac... including Mac-only developers. There are plenty of Mac accessory makers too.Apple sells more than enough Macs to keep them around. (compared to the other guys...
According to the chart in this article... the only country where Windows Phone is actually beating the iPhone is Italy.The only other country where Windows Phone is even remotely close to the iPhone is Spain.There were reports a while ago saying that Windows Phone is beating the iPhone in Argentina, India, Poland, Russia, South Africa and the Ukraine.The rest of the world? Complete bloodbath.We should be hearing Windows Phone's 2014 worldwide year-end numbers soon. I...
Apple has 4 of the top-selling individual models... but you're ignoring the sheer volume of other smartphones.You need to look at the entire US smartphone market and observe how market share is calculated.Roughly 4 out of 10 smartphones sold in the US are iPhones made by Apple.The other 6 out of those 10 smartphones are made by someone else.That's how Apple has the market share they have..
Better? Maybe not.But those names might be easier to trademark... which is exactly what Apple is having trouble doing.I sure as hell wouldn't try to trademark a generic term like "app store" if that was my day job I will revise my earlier question:Why didn't Apple simply come up with a different name?
I'm not talking about someone else swooping in and changing their name to "App Store" in places where Apple lost the trademark.I'm saying Apple was stupid to give their app store a name like "App Store" in the first place.Would you build a grocery store and name it "Grocery Store" ?No. You'd name it "ASCII Foods" or something creative.
My question has always been... why didn't Apple simply come up with a better name? Everyone else seemed to: Google Play Store (formerly Android Market) BlackBerry World Windows Phone Store (formerly Windows Phone Marketplace) Palm App Catalog Nokia Ovi Store I'm sure there are others that didn't rely on "app" and "store" for their name. And then there's Amazon... who combined those two words into "Appstore" Clever... .
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