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Yep... Apple has always been good at getting you in the door with a low price and moving you towards the next product.I remember long ago when the 8GB iPod Touch was $229.... but for $299 you could get a 32GB iPod Touch.Who in their right mind would actually buy the 8GB model at that price?The old 64GB Macbook Air was a similar situation.... for only $100 more you could double the storage space to 128GB.And here we are again... the $1,099 iMac gets you in the door... but...
And who's gonna pay for that infrastructure?The reason coffee shops and restaurants offer free WIFI is so you'll stay there and spend money on coffee and food.The carriers have spent BILLIONS on making sure you can get a signal everywhere... in exchange for a monthly fee.If WIFI is everywhere... and you can use that instead of the cell phone carriers... you're gonna have to pay someone for it. And who knows if that will be better than what the cell carriers offer?I'm just...
Thank you!I wish people would remember that when the quarterly smartphone reports come out.People love to combine ALL smartphones sales together and then calculate Apple's particular share. I never understood that.The automobile market has clearly defined categories. They don't compare sales of luxury cars to economy cars. While all those cars have four wheels and get you from place to place... they attract different customers.So I don't understand why a $600 phone is on...
IDC estimates Amazon Kindle Fire tablet sales. Not sure how accurate they are though.Amazon only enters the Top 5 during the two quarters bordering Christmas... they are absent in the other two quarters.But don't forget... the Kindle Fire is not available worldwide.It's been said that Amazon's hardware only exists to get you to buy more stuff from Amazon. If they achieve that... then it's a success for them.
Price of the labels doesn't matter to me if the product does what it's supposed to do.I have a standalone Brother P-Touch labeler and I don't even know the cost per foot of its labels. It never occurred to me. I bought it because it works.This Epson label printer has the ability to print on a few widths of labels from a computer or a phone. It's pretty capable.No one has to buy it, though. But if it fills a particular need... then go for it.
I'm seeing 30 feet of refill tape for around $16 on Amazon. That should print quite a few labels.Anything to avoid those dreadful label sheets... those suck!
And not just thermostats... all sorts of home automation devices.Nest may have started the "thermostat 2.0" era... but I think HomeKit will finally offer home automation to the masses.
Didn't Jony Ive just buy a $17 million house? I would imagine it has an elaborate home gym (and a theater, bowling alley, shark tank, etc...)
Samsung is in the #1 spot as a manufacturer... but that doesn't mean the #2 and below are failures.Honda will never sell as many cars as Toyota... so should we be worried about Honda?Of course not. And the same is true for Apple.Apple happens to be #2 by shipments... but that's not exactly the death sentence you think it is.And don't forget.... market share is just the percentage of sales over the last 3 months... and it's based on the size of the entire market.You're...
I predict HealthKit will be getting a huge cash infusion soon.
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