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Do you honestly think Apple hasn't thought of that already?
Product launches present a difficult problem: lots of demand in a short time.To combat this... Apple would pretty much have to open a 2nd factory just for the launch quarter.Yes... it would ensure enough supply for the initial launch... but then they'd be stuck with an extra factory for the rest of the year when demand is lower.You're right... Apple and Tim Cook are masters of supply chain. So it they found a solution... they'd probably be doing it.
There was a report a few years ago which calculated that HP had to sell SEVEN computers to make the same amount of profit as ONE Macintosh.So the conclusion must be that Apple is overcharging yet people still line up and pay...
Those stores were looking to eliminate the usual 2% or 3% credit card transaction fees. That's why they thought it was a good idea.Basically... CurrentC was created to benefit merchants.... not the consumer.
Lots of people here saying the older iPads are too good and that sales are lagging because people don't upgrade often enough. So who bought 21 million iPads last quarter? Are those all new iPad users? That's still pretty good, right?
The laundry detergent bottle gets lighter every time you use it.Like you said... you've got a window of many months before it's used up. You can surely make a mental note that you need to order more the next time you're on your phone or computer.It would actually make sense if it automatically ordered it. That would truly be friction-free. Instead... you actually have to verify each button-press with a smartphone app.But that same smartphone app can already be used to...
Yes... get a button.And for everything else you buy that doesn't have the magical button... god help you and your archaic shopping lists.Hmmm... I thought the idea of a button to order ONE product was the silly thing...
Where do I get off? When I noticed this was an internet forum. My advice was to plan and to buy enough stuff so you are NOT left stranded without them. That's not unreasonable. It's how consumers have survived for a hundred years.Look... I get it. A simple button to reorder Tide when you're lose to running out.Then what? Will you get buttons for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste and moisturizer? That's 5 buttons just for the bathroom.And oh god the pantry.......
Oh of course... this is pure marketing gold. Once you install the Tide button... you will be buying Tide from Amazon for the foreseeable future. And you'll have a nice little advertisement for Tide on your washing machine. Genius!So that's good for them... but it might not be the best for us.
Yeah I can see that.However... not all items will be Amazon Dash compatible. So you'll still need to rely on "traditional" shopping methods for everything else.I'm just hung up on the "single item" nature of these buttons. Maybe if it was an LCD panel with 5 or 10 customizable items... that might make a little more sense.But a single button for "Tide" seems a little silly.
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