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Crown? Titan? Words I would not use in relation to HTC...
Yeah... I don't want them to rush.I was just noting the speed at which they are adding new banks.
And then I led into another question asking who was more motivated... the banks or Apple.Relax.
Oh I know.I was just pointing out that at the present rate... it will take a long time to get the 500 banks that Apple mentioned.50 banks in 3 months... 500 banks in 30 months (?)I'm sure the process is becoming more streamlined though.I'm just excited for the day Apple drops the motherload of 100 new banks in a single press release.
They... meaning Apple?I wonder who is more motivated though... Apple or the banks? Both have a lot to gain from this.I'd be curious to know the process of becoming an Apple Pay bank. Like... if I was in charge of a small regional bank... could I get onto Apple Pay quicker than a large national bank?I'm guessing there is a stuff that has to happen. Maybe Apple can only accept 10 new banks a month.
These articles come out every so often proclaiming "11 new banks" or "14 new banks"... and there are roughly 50 banks who are using Apple Pay at the moment. I understand this process takes time... but it seems like it will be a while until we get the 500 banks that Tim Cook said before.
Well that's 2 of the 40
Yep... "Others" certainly moves a lot of units. But that's it... units.I doubt any of the companies in "Others" made any profit at all. They're most likely white box Chinese vendors and other companies we've never heard of.If you want to invest in that... go ahead But seriously... look at #5 on that chart... Amazon shipped 1.7 million tablets last quarter. So that means no individual company in "Others" could have possibly shipped more than 1.7 million units.Yet...
Exactly.John Gruber also has a great headline on his latest post on Daring Fireball:Reminder: Apple Has Never Led the Smartphone Industry in Market ShareI think people forget that little nugget of information. And look at what the iPhone has done without a lot of market share.Isn't it weird that the iPhone can attract so many developers without a lot of market share? And not only attract... but make so much more money for developers without a lot of market share?Isn't it...
Android market share makes a great headline... but there is never a compelling story after that.And you just did it again... you stated the number and then walked away.Congrats... you understand math. There are over 60 manufacturers shipping a billion Android smartphones a quarter. Of course Android will have a ton of market share.So what is Android doing with that market share? There's got to be more than simply the number.The iPhone has never had a high percentage of...
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