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Apple calls it the "MacBook Air" and not the "MacBook Air 5"Surely they've thought of that while pondering future iPad names...Besides... laptops are infinitely more confusing with the range of options available. (processor speeds, RAM, storage, etc)If they can eschew all that and still simply call it "MacBook Air"... then naming iPads shouldn't be a problem at all.
It gets even crazier when Dell has a certain model number listed on their website... and a different model number at Best Buy... but they are the EXACT SAME MODEL...I'd say a bunch of chimps run the marketing department... but I don't wanna degrade chimps!
Xoom ---> Xyboard That's how you do it!
Let's be clear... the Transformer has a MicroSD card slot. While it's great for expansion... it does nothing for us who want to easily import digital photos. There are some cameras that use MicroSD cards... but there are far in the minority. Apple does offer a regular SD card adapter... making it far more useful for digital photography (even at $29)
Winning... losing... who gives a shit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWeVbKwrdGs
So... on Apple forums... Apple is #1 because of cash. And on Android forums... Google is #1 because of the number of Android phones out there. I'm glad I love all tech sites... non-partisan
Apple supposedly has 1,000 engineers working on chips. I wonder how that compares to NVidia or others?http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-20...s-report-says/
It's been like this for a while. There is no standard way of measuring this stuff. There are too many different factors or ways to look at it. But the bottom line is this: Google has their OS on more phones.... and Apple makes more money. Everybody is doing well, though. Google chose to go down the road of giving its OS away for free to any OEM who wants it... and Google collects ad revenue. (Google is an advertising company, after all) Apple is, and has always been, a...
Yes you can... and it looks horrible.
OOPSMy bad... reading fail
New Posts  All Forums: