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I'd say the 7.85" iPad would start at $299Sure it's $100 more than the Nexus 7..... but it's also an iPad...The only reason the Kindle Fire may (or may not) have sold is because it was $300 less than the $500 iPad.But you'd be crazy to spend $200 on a Kindle Fire or Nexus 7 if you could get an iPad Mini for only $100 more..
I think Steve was referring to the 7" 16:9 tablets that the other guys were selling. There are a bunch of reasons why they don't work: too narrow in portrait... not enough height in landscape... and I don't think Steve was the biggest fan of Android in general :-)But the world has never seen a 7.85" 4:3 iPad running iOS. I believe it would be a nice product. All the benefits of an iPad... only smaller.Apple already makes laptops in 11" 13" 15" and 17".... so they must...
I'm confused... is the Windows software division at Microsoft losing money?So will that force Microsoft into the PC hardware business?
Before anyone freaks out about this new iPhone being too tall.... the current iPhone is 11.5cm This one look to be about 1cm taller.
The Canaccord chart in the article is interesting. I'd love to know the difference between 1st and 2nd place on each carrier. On AT&T... the iPhone 4S is in first place with the Lumia 900 in second place. But... the iPhone represents 76% of all AT&T smartphone sales. (when combined with iPhone 4 and 3GS) Still though... there must be a huge gap between 1st and 2nd place on that chart. What's funny is the iPhone 4S is $200 and the Lumia 900 is only $100.
@ a few of you developers Just curious.... what else are you doing to promote your app? Do you try to get your app reviewed by people in a particular market? (photo apps reviewed by photographers... music apps reviewed by musicians... etc) I understand how difficult it must be to get your app noticed among the thousands of apps in the store. But I can't imagine the act of simply being in the store would ever be enough.
Good point.Just curious... do Apple geniuses have to answer questions about other non-Apple stuff?Apple Stores carry all sorts of speaker docks and other gadgets and gizmos.
Yeah... I wanna know why too.I hope there's more to this story.
It's a home improvement product for sure. But it's also controllable via iOS devices.The Nest would be a lot more visible in a tiny Apple store... than in a giant home improvement warehouse.Plus... shoppers in an Apple Store would probably have more of an understanding about the whole iOS part of it. (though I'm not saying anything bad about the shoppers of Lowes)I think it should be sold in both places... and I believe it will be a devastating blow if they can't sell...
Those are definitely interesting numbers. And at first glance it looks like Apple is in a favorable position.On the other hand... PC growth could stagnate or even shrink a bit... and Microsoft will still cash in on hundreds of millions of copies of Windows sold on PCs.iPad sales are great... but PC sales are overwhelmingly high by comparison. Wasn't it 300 million last year? And how many of those were running Microsoft Windows @ $78 a pop?Maybe in 5 or 10 years people...
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