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That's true.I liked Google Maps.... but I had to buy Motion X to provide turn-by-turn navigation.Some people forget that Google Maps on the iPhone were not all things to all people...
If Google holds a design patent, or trademark, or whatever, for the notification bar... then yes... they should take Apple to court. Same for all those other features.If they don't have patents for those things... then there's not much they can do.Apple DID have patents on a bunch of things... and they recently took Samsung to court... and won.Let's hope Google has similar luck in court.
Don't forget... Apple will be selling the iPhone 5 for the next year (and beyond actually)It's not like this weekend is the ONLY time to buy an iPhone 5And has others have stated... Apple has to make these things by hand. There is only so much manufacturing capability in the world (and Apple already has much of it!)Just relax and the iPhone 5 will come to a store near you soon.
After the first round of court cases... Apple pre-sold 2 million iPhone 5 in 24 hours.Now estimates are that Apple will sell 8 million iPhone 5 this first weekend.So no... I don't think this next round of court cases will affect Apple.I really don't think the buying public are that interested in courtroom drama.
And?There's nothing wrong with niche.
Oh I know.The comment I was replying to was going on and on about Samsung's sales numbers... and then finished with "I bet Apple wishes they could sell as many phones"I was being sarcastic with my response.You and I both know there are many ways to measure success. I don't think Apple is "losing" at all.
Yeah... Apple is the plucky underdog.By your metric... Samsung has already "won"So what's with these ads then? Why kick someone when they're down?
I love how Samsung keeps focusing on the "waiting in line" aspect of an iPhone launch.... when that really only happens one day a year. What about the rest of the year... when people buy iPhones by the hundreds of thousands each day?
$207 in parts... and then Apple turns around and sells it for a retail price of $649 That's how most electronics manufacturers do it. Wait a minute... that's how all manufacturing is done in general. I don't know why this story is trotted out after every iPhone launch. They never seem to figure out the labor costs and other costs associated with the iPhone, though.
When? Every single day SOMEBODY is at the end of their contract.If someone signed a contract on September 20, 2010.... they are ready to upgrade on September 20, 2012If someone signed a contract on September 21, 2010.... they are ready to upgrade on September 21, 2012If someone signed a contract on September 22, 2010.... they are ready to upgrade on September 22, 2012And so on... and so on...Basically there is never a day when people do not walk into their carrier store...
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