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So... on Apple forums... Apple is #1 because of cash. And on Android forums... Google is #1 because of the number of Android phones out there. I'm glad I love all tech sites... non-partisan
Apple supposedly has 1,000 engineers working on chips. I wonder how that compares to NVidia or others?http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-20...s-report-says/
It's been like this for a while. There is no standard way of measuring this stuff. There are too many different factors or ways to look at it. But the bottom line is this: Google has their OS on more phones.... and Apple makes more money. Everybody is doing well, though. Google chose to go down the road of giving its OS away for free to any OEM who wants it... and Google collects ad revenue. (Google is an advertising company, after all) Apple is, and has always been, a...
Yes you can... and it looks horrible.
OOPSMy bad... reading fail
I can go along with the idea that Eric Schmidt might have taken a look at the iPhone before its release. But the iPhone, as you say, took years to develop... from mid-2004 to 2007 according to Steve. When did anyone from Apple go to South Korea to the LG headquarters and look around? The first time anyone even saw the LG Prada was late 2006. By that time... the iPhone was complete and in testing. What exactly could Apple have "ripped off" from LG?
I'm not even sure I care about NFC anymore. I've had something for years: - a plastic card - accepted everywhere - easily replaceable if I lose it Debit Card!
In that case... fry the bastards But seriously... whether Schmidt saw a prototype iPhone in late 2006... or the finished iPhone in January 2007... it doesn't really matter. At least Android was finally inspired by the iPhone
Then what did Google get when they purchased Android in 2005? Wasn't there any code written already?Schmidt joined the Apple Board on August 28, 2006. By that time... the iPhone was nearing completion.How much time did Schmidt spend down in the labs at Apple?If he did get his hands on a finished iPhone between August and December 2006.... why wasn't he personally sued for stealing corporate secrets?Is that the "betrayal" Jobs spoke about?Did Al Gore and the other Board...
Involved in lots of decisions for the good of the corporation? Yes. People from outside the company taking a peek at Apple's engineering samples? I still have my doubts. If Schmidt had all this early, inside knowledge of what Apple was doing in 2006 or earlier... why did it take so long for the first Android phone to come out? We didn't even see Android until 11 months after the iPhone announcement... and the first Android phone was released 22 months after the iPhone...
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