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This proposed next-gen USB port is not only for mobile devices... it's actually the updated version of this:Can we really replace this type of functionality with WIFI and Airdrop?Not anytime soon. Some sort of physical connection will always be needed and will be commonplace for a long time.
Exactly!You'd think after all the meetings with the celebrity client and their people, the contracts they signed, and money changing hands... that Samsung would focus on that final step of them actually USING their product.But after all that... the tweet still comes from an iPhone.Embarrassing.
The article says this new plug will be similarly sized to the current Micro-B plug. In other words.... small. Can you imagine a flash drive with a tiny plug like that? Let's hope it's very strong, reliable and durable.
Choosy kids choose JIF.... er... iPads!
We know iPhones are popular... even Samsung pitchmen use them!
Agreed.... but for one day a year? Maybe if they colored the Apple logo many times a year that would make sense...
Exactly. And there's nothing wrong with that.iOS is from one company... and Android is from 100 companies. Apple will never outsell the sheer volume of devices that run Android. But do they have to?Wendy's will never sell as many hamburgers as McDonald's... but we never hear "Wendy's is doomed"
Android has replaced the basic flip-phone.Nowadays... people around the world are buying phones and they happen to be running some version of Android. That means they get counted in Google's activation numbers... even if they are only used for voice and text.That might explain why Android can have 80% market share... but have very little online engagement.I also think you're underestimating the huge number of Android phones sold in parts of the world that might not have...
So the old saying "there are only two companies making money in mobile... Apple and Samsung" is no longer true? I didn't think Samsung was doing that bad.
Win what, exactly?Sure they'll win the contest of shipping the most units... but that's not exactly a great goal. It's more of a false crown.And who are we talking about anyway? A dozen companies selling commodity hardware... while only the biggest few actually making any money. That doesn't sound good either.You're right... this is like the Apple of old. Remember when Apple was doomed because they didn't sell as many Macs compared to all the companies selling Windows...
New Posts  All Forums: