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Thanks!It looks like you can pay $20 a month for a single program.Then again... for $50 a month you get EVERY program Adobe makes. It all depends on how much of Adobe's software you use (and make money with)I use quite a few Adobe programs for my business: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro and Encore, and I will eventually learn After Effects. I use Audition and Acrobat occasionally too. Oh and Illustrator once in a while.So for me it's not a big deal. $50 a month is a...
Judging by Apple's recent history in pro-level apps... do you really expect them to have a response?Apple is still, by far, a hardware-focused vendor.If anyone will challenge Photoshop and other professional Adobe apps... I don't think it will be Apple.
To be clear... that $600 a year is for the entire Adobe software suite... every professional-level program Adobe makes.I think you can still pay for a subscription to an individual program like Dreamweaver... but it's still likely more than you'd want to spend.
Yep.That's the nature of a software subscription.
The software is downloaded and installed on your computer just like it always has. It only checks in once a month to see if your subscription is up-to-date.The Cloud storage and other services are optional.It's a very confusing name... but the software is still installed and runs locally from your computer.
I'm not sure how many "casual" users were spending $700 for Photoshop... or $2600 for the full Master Collection.I understand your point... but Adobe has always made expensive software that was catered to professionals.If you're not making at least $50 a month to pay for your tools... then you need to increase your freelancing business... or find a suitable software alternative.I'm guessing Adobe's Elements line will still be around for the hobbyists.The $50 a month plan...
Agreed.I've said this before and I'll say it again:Android market share makes for a fancy headline... but there is no compelling story after that.
How does that work?If you pull up a website on a 5" phones... doesn't it just fit the width anyway?It's not like on a desktop monitor where the higher resolution makes everything smaller so you get more stuff on the screen.Or is it?Someone post a picture of this website on a 4" and a 5" screen side by side. I wanna see if you can fit more on the screen.I've seen plenty of pictures of the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S4 side by side... but they never have the same things on the...
China and India have Android phones that retail for $80People who can only afford that price will still buy the $80 phone.That said... will Apple sell more phones at a starting price of $300 than they currently do at $450? Absolutely.But Apple also has to appeal to their shareholders... who love profit margins and other metrics.It's a tricky game.
Just a clarification.... that "long and narrow" screen has the same 16:9 aspect ratio that you'll find on just about every smartphone these days.It's small, yes, but not any more "narrow" than the competition
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