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Hey Microsoft... you know the iPad is a very iconic device, right? It's probably one of the most recognized devices in the world. And when you show it on the screen, even for a second, people will instantly say "iPad" in their heads. No matter what the voiceover says... people think "iPad and some other unknown device" Just like your last Windows Phone commercial... the only thing people remember is this guy: Dear Microsoft... thanks for promoting Apple!
Of course!People aren't really using Apple products after all... they are just signing up for iTunes accounts ironically...
It's been a long time since I heard the term "long distance phone calls" or even worried about going over my "minutes" It's funny how things change over time.
That kinda reminds me of the lust for the elusive Pixel Qi screen... which promised long battery life in tablets by turning off the LCD backlight and also offered good readability in sunlight.Geez... remember all the talk about sunlight glare? What ever happened to that?There was a bunch of hoopla when Amazon released that commercial with the two people reading by the pool. But no one talks about that anymore...
Oh come on... the Galaxy S3 is only slightly bigger than the iPhone 5. And the S4 is roughly the same size as the S3.If you can somehow fit an iPhone 5 in your pocket... but not a Galaxy... something is wrong.Since Galaxy phones don't have insane bezels on the top and bottom... Samsung is able to put a much larger screen in a body that is only slightly larger.Apple needs to lose the chin and forehead.
The Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note are just two of the models Samsung makes.Now think about the other 50 models Samsung makes and see what the average size is.
Phablets? Sure... I agree that 5.5" to 6.3" is a little ridiculous.But people have been buying phones larger than 4" for quite some time... there might be something to them...
There's no doubt that Samsung ships/sells a lot of units. They are the volume leader in smartphone sales.But I, too, would like to know which phones they are selling... if nothing else than for my own curiosity. And not just phones from Samsung... I'd like to know them all.Here is something I've noticed from reading these forums. We only really talk about a handful of phones... Galaxy S3/S4, HTC One, Galaxy Note, Nexus 4, etc. It's easy to compare sales of a handful of...
It's still a Holiday weekend in the US. I didn't really expect a lot of hard-hitting news over the past few days.At least they mentioned Apple in this article... yay for 6th place in China!
The image in the article is the new flagship Galaxy S4 But I'm guessing most of the Samsung smartphones sold in China are actually their budget phones. Considering Apple's phones start at $450... are we really shocked that Samsung is the volume leader in smartphone sales? I'd love to see the sales breakdown of models by price... just for my own curiosity.
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