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The JooJoo was 12.1" and that already seems too big to hold comfortably for any length of time.There is a lot of bezel in the JooJoo... so you could probably get a 13" screen in that same size device.But... that's still over 1 foot tall at 12.7 inches. And no matter how thin you make it... with that much screen area it would be a heavy device.Bigger is better, right? I'm not so sure with tablets.
My bad.Earlier you said if the new Google Maps doesn't have turn-by-turn directions... it will be worse. (maybe I didn't understand... worse than what?)I was just channeling all the comments from a lot of people saying how bad the new Apple Maps are when they were released. The new Apple Maps had one thing going for them... they had turn-by-turn navigation. The old map app didn't.You're absolutely correct. Now the built-in Apple Maps have turn-by-turn... and the new...
That depends on when the last time a Google StreetView car has visited your area.If the choice was no StreetView... or 2009 StreetView... I'd pick the latter
And Street View too!It's like the desktop web version of Google Maps... now on my iPhone.I'm liking it!
But zooming in is much more fun!
Yes... I meant spoken turn-by-turn navigation.Thank you for clearing that up.
True.. and that goes back to the comment I was replying to. He said "Apple suspected this was going to happen and priced the mini accordingly"Apple knows what they want to make on each unit... and sets the price.But yeah... how much they make depends on which model someone buys.Apple might make $150 on the iPad 4... but only $100 on the iPad Mini.But ZERO dollars if they buy a competitor's tablet.In that case... it's better to get someone into the iPad Mini instead of no...
Funny how people forgot that the old Apple(Google) maps did NOT have turn-by-turn... so were the old maps really better? It depends on what you're looking for.The old map app didn't have navigation... but it had lots of data.I actually like the new Apple maps though... they've performed well for me so far. The built-in navigation works great... and it's pretty!But I will also download the new Google maps. They will have a lot more POIs... StreetView if you're into...
Exactly.Apple has 2 sizes of Macbook Air... 2 sizes of Macbook Pro... 2 sizes of Retina Macbook Pro... 2 sizes of iMac.Having 2 sizes of iPad seems par for the course.Since Apple makes a profit on ALL of the aforementioned products... it really doesn't matter which one you buy.
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