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Eric Schmidt was on the Board of Directors at Apple. That's an executive position made up of some people who are actually from outside the company. They deal with policies, objectives and budgets. Do those guys really get to go down into the labs and see ANY of the secret stuff Apple is working on? I seriously doubt that. I bet Schmidt saw the iPhone when the rest of us did... at the keynote. You know how secretive Apple is... I don't think anyone knew what was going on...
Yep... exactly!
I'm not too excited for LTE on an iPad. But that opens the door for an LTE iPhone!!!
I never understood it either. It makes more sense to me to use tethering from a phone to give internet access to an iPad, your laptop, a friend's laptop, etc. Why limit it to one device when you can have many?
There is a huge untapped market of non-iPad users. That's who Apple is targeting too... not just current iPad users. If the next iPad is simply a "modest" upgrade to the current iPad... it's still wonderful to a person who doesn't have an iPad already. This happens all the time in the tech industry. HP and Dell keep pumping out new laptops year after year. But you're not expected to buy every single one. Same for point-n-shoot cameras. Canon launches 10 new cameras a...
Apple said "iPhone 4S" and sold a ton of them... Remember all the people who said the iPhone 4S wasn't a big enough upgrade? The market certainly didn't think so. The same will be true with the next iPad. When people want "an iPhone" or "an iPad" they will buy one... whatever it's called.
I was speaking, of course, to the fact that you can buy accessories for your iPhone and iPad today and for the last few years.Who knows what will happen in the future.Now think about Android... which will NEVER have this array of accessories. Or do you think it's better not to have options like this? Is that a cool Android feature?
Another thing to consider is accessories. Docks, alarm clocks, boomboxes, all those musical interfaces that plug into the Apple Dock Connector, etc. There are tons of those things available for the iPhone.
Samsung is by far the largest Android OEM. I'm sure they're making money.Motorola has had a couple rocky years... and LG finally had a profitable quarter after a series of money-losing quarters.But here's the thing... when a manufacturer has 8 new models coming out every year... that's 8 times the R&D, testing, manufacturing and other stuff they have to do. And they sell relatively few units of each. Basically... they spend a lot of money and get little return.Apple, on...
New Posts  All Forums: