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There is a danger in using market share numbers for guidance.What if Apple is only 5% of the market? There will still be a few hundred million iOS devices out there... in the hands of users who tend to spend money. That's all the developers care about.In case you haven't noticed... Android is already the "popular platform" with over 80% of the market.And yet... developers still focus on iOS even though it only has 12% of the market.So again... market share is not a...
Exactly.Apparently there was only one way to design a car back then.I'm glad they started branching out and exploring new designs today!
This must be why developers have never lusted over Android's phenomenal market share number. The number is huge... but clearly not many of those phones that make up that number are worth a damn. And the users of those phones aren't downloading apps as much as that huge number would lead you to believe. If someone buys an ultra cheap Android phone... they bought it because it's cheap... not because it's running Android. That person is not looking for an amazing app...
You made my day!
Forget about "US Smartphone Market Share" I want to know about "US Fast Food Hamburger Market Share" where McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy's battle it out. That sounds like more fun!
Ah yes... another Nexus phone. The phone that gets talked about so much... yet is never a big seller.
In what way?
I'll jump in here.True... the Galaxy S3/S4 are the bestselling single models of Android phones. However... they only make up a small part of the total number of Android phones around the world.There were 177 million Android phones sold last quarter. How many were Galaxy S3/S4?And... how many were "cheap" Android phones?Android is now where Symbian was all those years ago... the default phone. If someone walks into a store to buy "a phone" they are now walking out with...
They have 100 million subscribers paying $100 a month for service.No... those aren't exact figures... but you get my point They make billions of dollars... that's why they are still in business.
Phew... that's a relief
New Posts  All Forums: