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Do we know for sure? All I can find are estimates and predictions.You can't just rely on a product "selling out" in stores as an indicator without knowing how many they had in stock."Nexus 7 Sold Out" is a great headline... but I'd like to know the numbers.
On a separate note... why haven't the makers of this prior art gone after Apple by now?
Here's the funny part... the same average people that Samsung tried to fool into buying their products by making them look like Apple's products... are the same people who will find Samsung guilty.I believe Samsung made their products look like Apple's product on purpose... and that's gonna bite 'em in the ass in this court case.
In all of your comments... you seem to forget that Apple's Dock Connector is for more than just charging... it's a platform.When Apple introduced the Dock Connector in 2003... it ushered in a new generation of accessories for Apple devices. Alarm clocks, boomboxes, digital audio interfaces, video output, etc. Considering the abundance of accessories available and the demand for such accessories... I'd say it worked.MicroUSB didn't even EXIST in 2003. Even if it did... it...
Ah... I see.
True... but what did Google gain from this? Or what would they have gained if it had gone unnoticed?My point is... $22 million may be pocket change to Google. But unless they would have made $22 million from these kinds of stunts... why bother?
Apple had over a year of mindshare before the first credible tablet competitor came out. Shortly after the iPad announcement in January 2010... the commercials started playing. By April 2010, lots of people were talking about the iPad... and you could even go touch one in stores. By them time the Xoom came out the next year... people already had the iPad on their mind. And I think it continues today.
Good points... although I don't think the Apple reps at Best Buy will teach you how to use iMovie :-)I just wish the Mac commercials would actually SHOW someone using a Mac. For years all we've had are 2 guys standing in a white space... and now a Genius who apparently makes housecalls.My idea about showing an Apple Store could include a Genius sitting with a customer who is learning how to use their Mac. I bet most people don't even know Apple makes one-on-one training...
I've seen the same things in my Apple Store. Lots of people... kids to adults... learning things.If only the commercials showed the inside of an Apple Store... I think that would be helpful.I bet only a tiny percentage of people who live within range of an Apple store have actually visited one.Apple is still playing the "switching" game... they gotta get people into the store to show them what's up.
Thanks!I often hear things like "that wasn't innovation... all phones were heading in that direction..."There were plenty of companies who could have announced a radical new phone in January 2007...But they didn't... and these were companies who have been making phones for years.And the fact that these companies didn't have anything close to comparable until over a year later means they were a little behind the curve. The sad thing for them is... Apple was the "new guy" in...
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