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Samsung is by far the largest Android OEM. I'm sure they're making money.Motorola has had a couple rocky years... and LG finally had a profitable quarter after a series of money-losing quarters.But here's the thing... when a manufacturer has 8 new models coming out every year... that's 8 times the R&D, testing, manufacturing and other stuff they have to do. And they sell relatively few units of each. Basically... they spend a lot of money and get little return.Apple, on...
And when you consider "Android" is actually made up of many devices from Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG, ZTE, Sony, Acer and others.... Apple is doing amazingly well for a single company.
No way. Apple is the #1 computer maker of $1000+ machines. And they're doing exactly what they want to do. Meanwhile... HP flirted with a complete overhaul of their consumer PC division... and Dell actually came out today and said "we are no longer a PC company" Hmmm... Apple's tiny marketshare of seemingly-expensive machines may be a blessing after all. Marketshare is in no way a barometer for success.
MotoHTCSamsungLGAsusZTEAcerSony outsells Apple... Shocking...
You're right... because Apple doesn't ship junk. I thought that was pretty clear. The iPod Touch is the best MP3 player out there. And I'd choose the iPhone 3GS over any other cheap phone out there. My point was... and that lots of other people in this thread have pointed out... is that there are lots of people buying cheap unsubsidized phones in some of the poorer countries in the world. Apple doesn't want to... or need to... compete in that segment of the market.
Steve jobs has spoken about this before. This video is talking about computers... but you can easily translate this philosophy to all of their products: "Our goal is the make the best personal computers in the world, and to make products we are proud to recommend to our family and friends. But there is some stuff in our industry that we wouldn't be proud to ship. We can't do it... we just can't ship junk" - Steve Jobs http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...8gnUCWzE#t=32s
Don't forget... $499 is the starting price for the iPad. Apple currently sells many 32GB and 64GB iPads and 3G iPads which are all above $499
---> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Android_devices
So.... 100% of smartphones will be running a Google OS someday? Psssh... that will never happen. Not unless every other platform goes out of business. So again... what does Google get for having the largest platform? It's not money... Google already has the biggest OS marketshare... yet they can't monetize it like other companies who sell hardware. Maybe it will turn around when Googlerola starts selling phones.
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