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I've read all your posts and I still don't understand why Apple needs so much market share.Android is already "dominating" the smartphone space with something like 75%... and Apple at 14%.Why does Apple need a higher number to survive? Why is market share the be-all-end-all path to success?Earlier you suggested that Apple needs to either sell dirt-cheap phones... or license iOS. That's a good way to gain market share... but Apple is a hardware company.Sure... iOS could...
Dayum! There is $450 worth of parts, manufacturing and other stuff in every 16GB iPhone?That's kinda crazy!
So instead of Apple selling a $650 phone and making roughly $300 in pure profit... they should only make $50 in iOS license fees?That doesn't sound like a good idea...
I hope you're right
But... but... Android... 75% market share....iPhone... losing... badly...Apple... cannot... win....AHHHHHHH Underdog!!!Seriously though... Apple will never have the bigger number on the market share chart.But I'm having trouble seeing the inherent problem with that.
Sorry... I disagree.Apple doesn't want to sell a "cheap, new" phone that might be fashionable. They would rather sell you the "best, new" iPhone for $650+And more people buy it... estimates are that 89% of iPhone sales are the current model.I also disagree about the market share thing. Apple has been "losing" the market share race against Android for about 2 years. Has there been a quarter where the iPhone lost Apple money?But hey... that's why Apple cancelled the...
Exactly.Both platforms will exist.So other than providing the headline "Android dominates over the iPhone" what is the result from all of this?Android will have a bigger slice on the market share piechart... and Apple will sell millions of iPhones every week and makes a crap-ton of money doing it.Am I missing something? It's been like that for years.If anything... it proves that the #2 is still an OK place to be.... the scrappy little underdog
The iPhone 4 is "outdated" only because it has a processor from 2 years ago. In other words... a slow processor.So... what kind of processor would a cheaper iPhone built today have?It would be slower, right?So what's wrong with just using the 2 year old processor that you've already got millions of... and the factories to assemble the iPhone 4 ?I think Apple's plan to keep selling a certain model for 3 years to wring out every bit of profit is genius.The other guys are...
I've only seen analysts estimates too.Last year when the iPhone 4S was new... it was estimated that the current 4S was 89% of iPhone sales... with the 4 and 3GS taking up the rest.I can imagine the same situation this year too. The iPhone 5 is hot right now... there's no doubt the iPhone 5 is the overwhelming majority of iPhone sales today.
I'm just confused.It sounds like people are selling their Apple stock because they don't have faith in the company.But Apple just made $1.3 billion in revenue and probably half a billion of profit in 3 days.And that's something to be worried about?
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