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Plus... Apple's not buying these screens in the same volume as say, the iPad's screen.Apple buys iPad screens by the tens of millions.Hopefully, as the price goes down, they will offer a Retina display across the entire Macbook line.
The Apple Spaceship will have a small auditorium for small product reveals and other gatherings.It will not, however, be a full convention center to hold a massive conference like WWDC.
If you use Blackberries at work... with every employee using Blackberries and BBM... I can totally understand what you're saying.But as a consumer platform... Blackberries are finished.I have my Gmail set as "push" on my iPhone. I get emails on my iPhone faster than my desktop.BBM was cool... until none of my friends used a Blackberry anymore. I have attached a photo below to explain.In my small sample below... 0 out of 7 people chose another Blackberry the next time...
Somebody got their hands on those fake schematics from the other day and decided to make a fake prototype.
I prefer the headphone jack on the bottom... just like the iPod Touch and my old iPod Nano.
I understand that companies like this ETrade Supply sells replacement parts for phones. Lots of companies sell parts like that. Assuming this part is legit... HOW do they get parts early for an UNRELEASED phone? Are they secretly getting them from Foxconn? Certainly Apple isn't sending replacement parts out into the repair channel this early... Where do these small companies get all their parts in the first place? .
Android phones have been experimenting with different screen sizes since their beginning. Since many manufacturers have many models... there are tons of different screen sizes.And now... tall 4 inch and larger 16:9 models make up the bulk of Android phones sold today.People don't seem to mind them.
True... but they did show a person wearing earbuds listening to music.After all... that's what an MP3 player does... it plays music.I don't think you really need to explain it any better. :-)Apple's commercials are different depending on the product:- iPod commercials showed people dancing to music (and it must have worked considering the domination the iPod had in the MP3 player market- the Mac vs PC commercials explained the differences between Windows PCs and Macs-...
The iPhone has always been 3:2Nothing more... nothing less...
They show the product in use. I don't know a better way to communicate than that.Sure the "sequences have been shortened" and all that jazz... but at least they show the product.Looking at some competitors' commercials... will my Android tablet really turn into a spaceship? Will I turn into a robot?
New Posts  All Forums: