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According to the chart in this article... the only country where Windows Phone is actually beating the iPhone is Italy.The only other country where Windows Phone is even remotely close to the iPhone is Spain.There were reports a while ago saying that Windows Phone is beating the iPhone in Argentina, India, Poland, Russia, South Africa and the Ukraine.The rest of the world? Complete bloodbath.We should be hearing Windows Phone's 2014 worldwide year-end numbers soon. I...
Apple has 4 of the top-selling individual models... but you're ignoring the sheer volume of other smartphones.You need to look at the entire US smartphone market and observe how market share is calculated.Roughly 4 out of 10 smartphones sold in the US are iPhones made by Apple.The other 6 out of those 10 smartphones are made by someone else.That's how Apple has the market share they have..
Better? Maybe not.But those names might be easier to trademark... which is exactly what Apple is having trouble doing.I sure as hell wouldn't try to trademark a generic term like "app store" if that was my day job I will revise my earlier question:Why didn't Apple simply come up with a different name?
I'm not talking about someone else swooping in and changing their name to "App Store" in places where Apple lost the trademark.I'm saying Apple was stupid to give their app store a name like "App Store" in the first place.Would you build a grocery store and name it "Grocery Store" ?No. You'd name it "ASCII Foods" or something creative.
My question has always been... why didn't Apple simply come up with a better name? Everyone else seemed to: Google Play Store (formerly Android Market) BlackBerry World Windows Phone Store (formerly Windows Phone Marketplace) Palm App Catalog Nokia Ovi Store I'm sure there are others that didn't rely on "app" and "store" for their name. And then there's Amazon... who combined those two words into "Appstore" Clever... .
I read that many shots in this trailer were rendered quickly simply for this trailer."As far as the effects, it’s par for the course to issue a trailer using incomplete renders since these big blockbusters are typically worked on up until the very day they have to be delivered for prints and DCPs to be struck."Principle photography finished just a few months ago... but the actual movie doesn't come out for another 6 months.I would imagine they're still working on the final...
Too soon?
Wow! I had no idea that the "Thinking Machines" mentioned in the movie was an actual brand.I've always heard that sentence as "thinking machines, supercomputers, and gene sequencers break down the strand in minutes...."I learn something new every day!
Exactly.And every time I hear about Android "dominating" my next question is always:"Then what?"We've all seen the headlines on this site and others. Every three months we get the market share reports. And each time Android is "dominating"But there doesn't seem to be a compelling story after that headline.Yes... there are tons of cheap Android tablets that, when added all together, represent a huge percentage of quarterly tablet market share. They estimate all the tablet...
Wait a minute... I just saw the numbers for free. Why would anyone pay for these numbers anyway?Maybe I need a lesson on what these "analysts" actually do. Does anyone use this data to gain something from it?Since we always assume these numbers are fake... wouldn't that eventually reveal itself?.
New Posts  All Forums: