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At last count... I think Samsung only has 35% of the Android market and 30% of the total smartphone market.While they are the largest single Android vendor... there is still the other 65% of Android that is not Samsung.Maybe Samsung could pull away from Google and create their own platform (Tizen or whatever)That might be interesting.But Apple's platform with only 15% of the smartphone market will still get more attention from developers, accessory makers, etc
Same here.The only time my iPhone ever COMPLETELY died was in Vegas. I was using it all day for GPS and photos... and uploading photos to Facebook.My phone finally died in the early evening sitting at the bar in the Riviera. But I didn't panic... I put it away and enjoyed the night!
Apple was SEVERELY behind the PC in market share when those "Get a Mac" ads came out. Apple was the underdog.On the other hand... Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Why do they have to say anything about any other company?It must really bother Samsung that people are willing to "suffer" with poor battery life to get all the other things iOS can offer.Samsung could offer a phone with a week of battery life... but iOS has plenty to offer too.
I think there were reports that Windows Phone has a high penetration in Europe... driven by low-cost unsubsidized Nokia Windows Phones.It varies country to country... depending on a lot of socioeconomic factors.Worldwide though... Windows Phone is still a distant 3rd place. I think worldwide it's 80% Android, 15% iOS, 3% Windows Phone.
Sure.The question was asked why an iPhone costs so more that an iPod Touch.The iPhone uses better parts... and it has additional fees that iPods don't have.You're right... many factors affect the price of the iPhone vs the iPod Touch.But a big one is the fact that the iPhone is a cell phone.
The iPhone is subject to license fees in regards to its cellular voice and data capability.That is built into the price of the iPhone. It's not just the raw cost of the parts.
Gotcha.... thanks for the detailed explanation!I knew some stuff could be made available for older versions of Android... I just never knew exactly what. It sounds like the developer has to do a little extra work to ensure compatibility with older versions of Android.I get a kick out of when people say "ZOMG Android has 80% market share"It's true that 8 out of 10 smartphones sold today are running some version of Android. But for a developer... it's not exactly a seamless...
AT&T does have subsidized smartphone plans.But you can also buy a phone outright and simply pay for service.
What phone?Sorry... I guess I didn't understand what you were talking about.You said something about "$3000 over two years" and "people with poor math skills" which sounds like the age-old argument about subsidies.But... as I have said before... you're still gonna be paying thousands of dollars even if you buy an unlocked phone.BECAUSE YOU PAY EVERY MONTH FOR SERVICE.
They were gonna call it "Android Toxic Hellstew"... but that name was already leaked.
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