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You make it sound like nobody should even bother selling refrigerators and TVs because of how infrequently they're purchased.Look... a person might only buy major appliances once every 7-15 years.... but people buy them every day. That's why big-box stores are full of them.And it's the same for cars. They don't get replaced too often either... but someone walks onto the car lot every day.There are certain products that don't get purchased often. That's OK.But as long as a...
Samsung is still making profit... just not as much as they used to. And added to the list of profitable Android vendors is LG, Huawei and Xiaomi. There is now a grand total of four (4) Android vendors making money.The problem is... there are over 60 Android smartphone vendors.How is this sustainable?Is there any other market where there are 60 players but only 4 are profitable? That ratio seems very unbalanced.
Yeah... it depends on the specific YOY differences AND how long you wait between upgrades.One year might not be much... but two years or longer and it becomes much more dramatic.However... there are some people who are still using the first iPad they ever bought... which could go as far back as an original iPad or iPad 2.Is Apple a victim of making something TOO good that someone will never replace it?
Apple doesn't expect anyone to upgrade after only one year. You're right... the difference between the iPad Air 1 and the iPad Air 2 is minimal.But there will always be someone who is ready to buy... and there will be a new model waiting for them when they do.A person might only buy an iPad once every few years... but people buy iPads every day.New is always nice... but incremental updates are pretty much standard across all manufacturers.
AuthenTec made parts for many companies for years.Then Apple offered to buy AuthenTec for $356,000,000AuthenTec accepted.That should be easy to understand
But but but... Android... market share... winning...
Yeah... the iPhone has 4 screen sizes now.I meant 2 screen sizes for the first 7 generations of the iPhone... while other phones were experimenting with a variety of sizes.Sorry for the confusion... and thanks for the correction.
Yeah... I wasn't talking about you... I was talking about "people" in general
Gotcha.Yeah who knows what sales *would have been* if Apple offered larger sizes back then. I guess we'll never know.I just think it's funny how the conversation can shift when people start discussing iPhones and screen sizes.For years everyone was saying "Apple needs larger phones... everyone else has them... Apple is getting left behind... doomed..."And after they do release larger iPhones they say "Apple was late... they are copying everyone else... they've run out of...
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