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But that's how the music industry was built. The artist is an employee of the label. And so are the writers, producers, musicians, etc.And the labels have always taken the lion's share of the income.Yeah it sucks... but it's been like that for decades.In the time it took to write this comment... someone just signed a record contract. Why did they do that?
I already do many of the things that Low Power Mode provides: Reduced brightness No motion or animated anything No background app refresh No automatic downloads So I wonder how much the reduced network speed will preserve battery life.
I wonder how big the paid streaming music market really is.For as much as people talk about Spotify... they only have 15 million paying customers.And that's out of billions of users who have compatible devices. (iOS, Android, Web)So again... what is the total addressable market for a paid streaming music service?Obviously Apple thinks they can get a piece of it.
Yeah I know why it was mentioned this time.But this isn't the first time the "Prada Argument" has been used. It bugs me every time it's mentioned.An LG executive said "Apple copied us" about 8 years ago.And it was a silly argument then too!
"I am your twin brother.""Oh, obviously! The moment I sat down I thought I was looking into a mirror!"But seriously... I never understood the LG Prada argument. There's no way the LG Prada had any influence on Apple.iPhone development started in 2004 in Cupertino California... while the LG Prada was developed sometime after that in South Korea.Did Apple have spies in South Korea?And by the time the LG Prada was shown to the public in late 2006... the iPhone's design was...
And if they believe that... they'd be wrong I guess people forgot about the Dell Streak... which had a 5" screen way back in 2010.In fact... the 5" Dell streak was released on the same day as the original Galaxy S that only had a 4" screen.But alas... screen size isn't very special anyway. You can basically pick any number and make an LCD panel that size.T-shirts came in small, medium and large... so was it really a surprise that the next size was extra large?It doesn't...
It sounds like Samsung will be adding an additional model to the Galaxy S series.Right now... the Galaxy S6 has a 5.1" screen. But this rumor says there might also be a 5.5" Galaxy S6 Plus.That doesn't sound like much of a jump to even bother... especially considering they already make the Galaxy Note 4 with a 5.7" screen.So Samsung might be planning to make a new 6" Galaxy Note soon... to separate the two product line further. Who knows.But I don't think they will...
I wasn't correcting you... I was just piling on
"Hello... I am from Windows... we have noticed that your computer has infections..."
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