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Foggy said it best... readers are interested in Apple. They are more likely to read an article about Apple than any other company.There could be an article about Samsung killing kittens... or Microsoft curing cancer.But a tiny article about Apple (or one that barely talks about Apple) will get more clicks.
The ASP for the iPhone should be higher or at worst case the same. But I'm guessing higher.
Yeah... I don't see Apple ditching their home button anytime soon either. It works well as it is.But didn't Apple have some patents for under-the-glass sensors? Lord knows they've patented everything else
It doesn't say you can't touch the sensor... it just says you don't have to touch the sensor.Qualcomm's sensor uses ultrasonic waves to read your fingerprint... instead of direct contact.The article speculates that the sensor could even be under under the surface of the phone. Imagine if your entire screen could read your fingerprint.It's a pretty neat idea. Let's hope it's as accurate as capacitive sensors.
This will be the 2nd announcement for the Apple Watch... and the 2nd time they've invited press from all over the country (and across the world)I'll be shocked if they don't give us EVERYTHING at this event to wrap this up.There won't be a 3rd event since the Apple Watch comes out next month... and the price is something that is too important to just casually mention in a press release.My vote is that March 9th will complete the Apple Watch story. If they don't... they're...
When I hear these "analysts" attempt to predict Apple prices... I envision this:
Only 6 more days until we know the actual retail price... This is the most torturous version of The Price Is Right
So you'll still be "wall hugging" with a Samsung phone... just for less time. Galaxy S6 owners will now have to carry a wall charger and cable just like the iPhone owners they previously mocked.Samsung also touted the ability to swap a fresh 100% charged battery into their phone in a matter of seconds.Then they took that away?#movingforward
Gotcha. That clears it up Apple provides a recipe... and the car makers flavor it to their taste.I was simplifying the "special sauce" part. I just knew Apple had to give the car makers something... it didn't have to be code.How did you learn this? I'd like to read up on it.
New Posts  All Forums: