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I'm not sure how many "casual" users were spending $700 for Photoshop... or $2600 for the full Master Collection.I understand your point... but Adobe has always made expensive software that was catered to professionals.If you're not making at least $50 a month to pay for your tools... then you need to increase your freelancing business... or find a suitable software alternative.I'm guessing Adobe's Elements line will still be around for the hobbyists.The $50 a month plan...
Agreed.I've said this before and I'll say it again:Android market share makes for a fancy headline... but there is no compelling story after that.
How does that work?If you pull up a website on a 5" phones... doesn't it just fit the width anyway?It's not like on a desktop monitor where the higher resolution makes everything smaller so you get more stuff on the screen.Or is it?Someone post a picture of this website on a 4" and a 5" screen side by side. I wanna see if you can fit more on the screen.I've seen plenty of pictures of the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S4 side by side... but they never have the same things on the...
China and India have Android phones that retail for $80People who can only afford that price will still buy the $80 phone.That said... will Apple sell more phones at a starting price of $300 than they currently do at $450? Absolutely.But Apple also has to appeal to their shareholders... who love profit margins and other metrics.It's a tricky game.
Just a clarification.... that "long and narrow" screen has the same 16:9 aspect ratio that you'll find on just about every smartphone these days.It's small, yes, but not any more "narrow" than the competition
Don't forget... there are a lot of 3.2" Android phones sold in emerging markets... with 480x320 screens... today.How else could they possibly sell a smartphone for $150 retail?I wouldn't say people "prefer" small phones... it's just that there are some very populous parts of the world where people simply cannot afford large expensive phones.So they're buying those smaller cheaper phones by default... and those numbers are being averaged in here.
So it's like the retailer is renting shelf space.That's very interesting
IF there is ever some new way to brick an iPhone that is stolen... your phone is still gone and you will never see it again. That phone might never be allowed to be activated on another carrier... but that won't completely deter iPhone theft. A thief could still salvage the screen and other parts... and resell those. Face it... that little $600 pocket-sized device will always be a valuable target. That's just something we'll have to be aware of. The only thing you can...
But what's the result of Android tablets outnumbering Apple tablets?In phones... Android smartphones passed the iPhone years ago. Yet developers still prefer developing for the iPhone... and accessory makers enjoy making products for the iPhone too.Will the iPad still be the preferred platform for tablets... even though it will eventually be outnumbered?I'm getting the impression that Android's market share numbers make a great headline... but there's no compelling story...
Exactly. They list the top 5 companies... which is probably easy to find.But... how deep did they go to get the "Others" category?This is worldwide... with probably dozens of little manufacturers all across the globe. How are they formulating these estimates? Where did they get 15.5 million "other" tablets?If I wanted to know how many "Micromax Funbook Infinity P275" were sold in India... IDC would have that information, right?Or are they just guessing?
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