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Good point. Has Samsung or HTC given any sales number lately? Or do we still have to rely on analysts' estimates?There was a lot of hoopla when when the HTC One came out... but clearly it didn't move the needle too much in the US.And it gets even worse around the world. Last quarter, for instance, there were 180 million Android smartphones sold. How many of them were these well-known flagships?Tech blogs only talk about a few certain models... Galaxy S4, HTC One, Moto...
Thank you, Sonny Dickson. Who needs WikiLeaks when there's iPhoneLeaks
Just curious... what kinds of phones do people buy on China Mobile?The iPhone 5C will be the cheapest new iPhone ever offered... but it will still be a rather expensive phone compared to other phones.What I'm asking is... how many of those 700 million China Mobile subscribers buy phones at $400+ ?
I never said HTC has lost money... I just said they've lost a lot.Yes... HTC has fallen from their peak. And now 6 months since I posted that comment... times are getting even worse for HTC.There are warnings that HTC might actually have an operating loss in Q3 2013. And their profit is already down 89% from the previous year.But I never meant to single-out HTC... I said companies like HTC. There's that saying "there are only two companies making money in mobile......
Apparently if you're not first... you're last.It's kinda weird though... it seems like you can be a successful profitable company in a billion dollar industry even at #2
I will admit... the champagne color looks pretty good. But that's not what I thought of when I heard the word "gold"
128GB... cool Gold body... dumb BTW... after none if these predictions come true... will anyone interview KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo to ask "what were you thinkin' bro?"
Correct.My point was... an iPad Mini is so much bigger than the phones people already think are too big.In other words... if someone thinks a 4.7" smartphone is too big... a 7.9" tablet will definitely be too big.
Duh.... Apple has to differentiate it somehow. If the iPhone 5C has a 4" screen like the flagship iPhone... and a decent enough camera to use with Instagram... and a decent enough GPU and processor to play Candy Crush... why would anyone pay the big bucks for the flagship iPhone 5S ?
What about all the companies who never had a Steve Jobs? Have they been doomed this whole time?
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