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Guess what... there are TONS of users who can't do much on their computer outside of Facebook and email... regardless of platform.Right this moment there is someone who wants to make a photo slideshow or movie on their Windows machine... but they can't. They have to download Windows Live Essentials first.Yep... Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Movie Maker are optional downloads.From Microsoft.com: "Looking for Windows Photo Gallery? It's not included in Windows...
True... but it shows the process Apple took to get the iPhone/iPad design where it is today.What about the other guys? What path did they take?
Android tablets have been on the market for a long time. Where are they all going? Every 3 months we get new marketshare numbers. What happened to the Android tablets from the previous quarter? Are they still the same ones in the channel this quarter?My question is... do Android tablet manufacturers keep shipping tablets to stores if no one bought the previous supply? Or do stores stop placing orders if their previous stock hasn't sold?Wouldn't we hear about massive...
The customer pays $200 for a brand new iPhone... while the carrier covers the other $450. That might seem high... but hold on...The carrier then collects $2000 over 2 years for every iPhone customer they have.And they're still not happy?Guess what, carriers... you sell a service. Your monthly plans are ridiculously high... you make billions of dollars every quarter... so shut up!
Just curious.... are any other industries involved in this many patent lawsuits? I know we're all tuned into the tech and mobile industry on these websites... does this happen anywhere else too?
Apple makes a $50 iPod Shuffle.It's one of four different iPod models on the market... ranging from $50 to $400Who says one size fits all?
Why is it inconceivable that Samsung sells a lot of phones?Don't forget... Android has 50% of the worldwide smartphone market... and Samsung makes up the majority of that. Sorry... Samsung is a big deal... and I say this as an iPhone user...As for unsold phones... any huge amount of returns would show up on their quarterly results. They'd have to give that money back... ya know.It would be front page news if retailers were returning millions of unsold Samsung phones......
That's just it... there are no Samsung numbers... all we have are 3rd party analysts.Are all the analysts pumping up their numbers from their surveys and channel checks?
Haha, true. The tablet market is a hard nut to crack.Smartphones, however, are pretty safe bet.
My point was.... every quarter Samsung produces new phones. If there were millions of unsold phones sitting around in carrier stores... the stores wouldn't order any more from Samsung. It's like that in every retail business. Samsung keeps "shipping" the phones to stores... so I tend to believe they are also "selling" those phones to consumers. Have you ever seen a Samsung phone out on the street? I've seen plenty.That's why I have a hard time believing this notion of...
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