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That's good... because Apple had been working on the iPhone for 2.5 years. It's crazy to think that Apple needed some last-minute influence from LG Although there are some people who think Apple copied the LG Prada... I think the president of LG said it too!
I think he was saying that the current iPhone 4/4S looks like the Prada.
How many app developers make their apps for Android first... and then for iOS? Or... how many make Android-exclusive apps? That would be an interesting barometer for this whole topic.
If Apple says "we need more iPhones" why doesn't Foxconn say "we can't possibly work our employees any harder" If Foxconn's working conditions suck... it seems like that's Foxconn's problem. I don't understand how Apple is the only company at fault here.
Just so we're clear... people are upset at how Foxconn's employees are treated, right? I only ask because Foxconn makes products for a ton of different companies... and not all of Foxconn's 1 million employees build Apple products...
Forget the back... it's what's INSIDE that counts... Anyone leak a 2048x1536 screen yet?
No quad-core iPad will cause quad-core Android tablets to catch up... /s
You mean... he who shall not be named...
Many? At least 51% ?I thought Avid was bigger than FCP.
I thought it was common knowledge.Avid has had the professional market for years. Hollywood movies and TV shows typically use Avid. Remember when it was a big when the first Hollywood movie was cut on FCP? That only proves that Hollywood uses Avid.FCP made inroads into the pro-market... but Avid has had it locked up for quite some time.
New Posts  All Forums: