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I will be very shocked if Apple sells an iPhone for $300
Read my previous reply to you....You misinterpreted what Tallest Skil said.He said nothing about Apple at all.
You need to follow the conversation back to see what Tallest Skil was talking about.He wasn't talking about Apple at all. I actually started a thread about $100 smartphones in emerging markets... and he jumped in the thread.
http://www.pricedealsindia.com/popularsearch/android-mobile-phones-under-rs-5000-in-india.phpHell... some of those phones are $80EDITSome interesting things from that site... Android phones start under Rs.5000 ($84)Galaxy S4 is Rs.33749 ($567)iPhone 5 is Rs.42361 ($712).
Emerging markets are already buying Android phones for $100The lowest cost iPhone is currently $450How inexpensive do you think the plastic iPhone will be?
NO ONE knows about the 2014 iPhones. I was just curious... which is why I asked.And now I've been called dense... and told that I ask dumb questions.Is it really a dumb question if you don't know the answer?
Geez... what crawled up your ass? I had a serious question.The whole reason Apple is making this "new" entry-level phone is so they won't be selling a 2 year old phone at that price point anymore. Apparently selling old phones for such high prices is frowned upon.So I was wondering if they are gonna stop recycling parts completely... which is why I asked what they would do next year.BTW... we're ALL speculating here and asking questions... no need to be a jerk about it!
I was just kidding around with ya
So wait... you were able to make a guess in your first comment.... but now you're all out of ideas?
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