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What about all the companies who never had a Steve Jobs? Have they been doomed this whole time?
Exactly. Apple needs to do something similar.That way... the "I need a bigger screen" folks and the "I don't want a huge thing in my pocket" folks can get along
Oh come on... People are already saying 4.7" would be too big compared to 4.0"An iPad Mini would be ridiculous! Imagine the pants you'd need for that!
Gripping news!
There's no doubt it happens from time to time... anyone can show you their phone. But Apple doesn't really want to show the general public a "work in progress" OSThe purpose of the beta is to get iOS into the hands of developers so they can implement new features... and to fix bugs.Joe and Jane Public don't need to see it though.
What would be a good amount of market share for Apple to have? Is it just a comfort thing? Or does a certain market share number actually have some merit?The way I see it... Apple made billions of dollars when they only had 30% of the market. They made billions when they only had 20% of the market. And they will make billions when they reach 10% of the market.The reason is... they sell enough products that have extremely good margins.Who cares if the other guys sell...
In India you can buy an Android phone for $81http://www.knowyourmobile.in/android/7311/top-10-cheapest-android-phone-india-below-rs-5000-july-2013In India the iPhone starts at $433 for the iPhone 4... then goes to $745 for the iPhone 5http://shop.airtel.com/pages/iphoneAre you really surprised Android is dominating in India?I could go on for China and Russia... but you know the outcome.BTW... aren't China, India and Russia considered to be developing nations? Do you...
I agree with both of you.But some people love to shout "Apple is doomed" because Android is "beating" them.
Of course they spent some time in the beginning advertising a new feature.But after it become common, they don't have to anymore.Whichever car company had the first keyless push-button ignition probably promoted the hell out of it when it was new. But now that many cars have that feature... it's not really a bragworthy feature anymore.There's nothing wrong with that... and it's certainly not a slam against whoever introduces some new feature.
Apple is just presenting facts.Lots of people bought iPhones over the past few years. They took so many pictures that the iPhone ended up being the #1 camera in the world. It was organic. It just happened.Now Apple is simply stating that in a commercial "Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera."If I was Apple... I'd be pretty proud if that.
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