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Just so we're clear... people are upset at how Foxconn's employees are treated, right? I only ask because Foxconn makes products for a ton of different companies... and not all of Foxconn's 1 million employees build Apple products...
Forget the back... it's what's INSIDE that counts... Anyone leak a 2048x1536 screen yet?
No quad-core iPad will cause quad-core Android tablets to catch up... /s
You mean... he who shall not be named...
Many? At least 51% ?I thought Avid was bigger than FCP.
I thought it was common knowledge.Avid has had the professional market for years. Hollywood movies and TV shows typically use Avid. Remember when it was a big when the first Hollywood movie was cut on FCP? That only proves that Hollywood uses Avid.FCP made inroads into the pro-market... but Avid has had it locked up for quite some time.
Exactly. Huge professional post-houses have always used Avid. Avid's install-base was always bigger than FCP, too.
Oh I wanna get my hands on it for sure. I can't comprehend a phone that big! I could have gone Android after my last Blackberry... but I went iPhone 4S instead. My first iPhone. I like it. Yes... Samsung is trying to build a brand... but they can't force it. Apple began its journey to become one of the biggest consumer electronics brands over 10 years ago with the iPod... and again 5 year ago with the iPhone. Samsung seems impatient. Instead of earning it... they just...
Samsung spent $10,000,000 on this Super Bowl commercial for the Galaxy Note... and the iPhone 3GS will outsell it.
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