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You seems to be forgetting about the iPhone 4 which is still on sale at this very moment.Here are today's prices:$449 - iPhone 4$549 - iPhone 4S$649 - iPhone 5And it's been like that for years: the newest iPhone at $649... the previous model at $549... and the model before that at $449.In other words... the iPhone has had a starting price of $449 for quite some time. That's where I'm getting that price from.So no... an iPhone at $449 would not be cheaper at all.
I'm still confused by you calling a $449 iPhone "cheaper" when that's the price the iPhone starts at already.I understand the storage part... and it's actually a better value if you can get 16GB at the old 8GB price.But "cheaper" or "low-cost" as mentioned in this article refers to price.How can Apple be making a "low-cost" iPhone with a price that's exactly the same as today? That doesn't make any sense.In other words... if it's not below $449... it's not cheaper.I...
Yeah... there's no harm in wishing for some features to come to the iPad... but be prepared if they don't come true
Apple has always been a 90/90 company.What do 90% of the people need to do 90% of the time?Sure... there are plenty of things you cannot do on an iPad... and lucky for you there are other tablets out there.But over 100 million iPads have been sold that do not have an SD card slot or Adobe Flash. For those people... it's fine.
I like the bump to 32GB for the base model flagship iPhone But on the low end... it's not any cheaper than what is currently available.The $449 price is the reason the iPhone is having trouble expanding to new markets right now.Storage isn't the issue with the entry-level iPhone... price is.If anything... I'd envision a $349 8GB model to be the entry-level point. That would truly be a "cheaper" iPhone.
Good point.But I don't think Apple would have a problem making a rigid phone. They're pretty good at unibody construction!
Exactly.Samsung was able to put a 4.8" screen in a body that's not too much bigger than the 4" iPhone. I've felt both in my pocket and there's hardly a difference.Apple needs to rethink the top and bottom bezels too... there's a lot of wasted space on the front.I know it's part of their "iconic design" but still...BTW... a larger 2272x1280 iPhone screen sounds amazing. Make it so!
If Apple waits long enough... you will have to sit in the center of the Spaceship Campus
It's fast... no doubt.But I think people are sad that they can't plug in the four SATA drives from their current Mac Pro...
Exactly.Windows Phone is still a relatively "new guy" in the smartphone game.But 2.5 years later... Microsoft's ads still can't explain why someone should choose a Windows Phone instead of an iPhone or an Android phone.The wedding commercial spent more time showing features of the competing platforms... Siri, S-Beam, and they even made reference to the well-known slogan "There's an App for That" which debuted in 2008Either Microsoft is bad at marketing... or their products...
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