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No quad-core iPad will cause quad-core Android tablets to catch up... /s
You mean... he who shall not be named...
Many? At least 51% ?I thought Avid was bigger than FCP.
I thought it was common knowledge.Avid has had the professional market for years. Hollywood movies and TV shows typically use Avid. Remember when it was a big when the first Hollywood movie was cut on FCP? That only proves that Hollywood uses Avid.FCP made inroads into the pro-market... but Avid has had it locked up for quite some time.
Exactly. Huge professional post-houses have always used Avid. Avid's install-base was always bigger than FCP, too.
Oh I wanna get my hands on it for sure. I can't comprehend a phone that big! I could have gone Android after my last Blackberry... but I went iPhone 4S instead. My first iPhone. I like it. Yes... Samsung is trying to build a brand... but they can't force it. Apple began its journey to become one of the biggest consumer electronics brands over 10 years ago with the iPod... and again 5 year ago with the iPhone. Samsung seems impatient. Instead of earning it... they just...
Samsung spent $10,000,000 on this Super Bowl commercial for the Galaxy Note... and the iPhone 3GS will outsell it.
Everyone says they want competition... this is it. Not only is Motorola competing with Apple... they are also competing with every other Android manufacturer. War is hell...
Tell those other companies to make products that people actually want. Don't blame Apple... Geez... Motorola spent more money than they made last quarter... whose fault is that? Motorola's been in the cell phone game for 20 years... Apple for only 5 years.
New Posts  All Forums: