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I do the same thing.
My point was this... Apple patents all sorts of stuff... yet other companies think they can get away with using them. Why can't they get patents for themselves?Recently Apple sued Samsung, and one of the patents was for a specific method of indicating the end of a scrolling list. AKA the bounceback or rubberband patent. It held up in court and Samsung was found guilty of it.Samsung is a legitimate company... yet they were found guilty of using Apple's patents. Clearly...
Do other companies patent stuff like this all the time? Apple was just granted a patent for a carbon fiber molding process... streamlining the method of molding carbon fiber. Were other companies on the brink of this new method too... but Apple just beat them to the patent office? Or is this one of those crazy ideas that only Apple would ever think of... yet it will be deemed "obvious" when everyone else want to use it? Who wants to bet some other company will end up...
That's precisely the quote I just showed you. Facebook already factored in all the fake accounts and whatnot.So what's the real number of users then? 800 million? 700 million? Who knows. But Facebook is still the most popular social network on the internet. People ARE using it... more than any other membership site.There are about 2 billion people on the Internet... so it's not hard to believe that 800 million people are on Facebook.
If Facebook falls off the Earth.... the OS will be updated... and the bloat will be removed.It's probably 30 lines of code out of millions. Nothing to lose sleep over anyway.
In a 10-Q filing, Facebook acknowledged that a total of 8.7% — or 83 million — accounts on the network are bogus. Of that 8.7%, 4.8% are duplicate accounts, 2.4% are user-misclassified accounts and 1.5% are “undesirable” accounts, a.k.a. spam.So that only leaves 872 million accounts.And I reckon that translates to a lot of users too.It's still the largest online community... any way you slice it.
80% ???More like 8.7%
And when Google finally gets the patent for the dropdown notification thingy... then they can sue Apple for "stealing" it.That's how it works.Just like how Apple had a bunch of patents, trade dress and other things... and they sued Samsung. Remember the court case that ended just a few days ago?Apple will end up licensing the notification bar from Google... if that's what they have to do.Just like how Samsung will pay Apple a billion dollars for the stuff they stole as...
Oh I agree!My point was... Apple Stores are doing incredibly well financially.They already have great customer service AND great revenue.So why do they need to make cutbacks to focus on revenue? It doesn't make sense.
Don't Apple Stores already have some of the highest revenues per square foot among ALL retailers?
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