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Apple will make a decent profit on the iPad Mini... or else they won't offer it at all. So it won't hurt them if the iPad Mini becomes the hot seller at Christmas instead of the iPad 3.And let's be honest... the iPad 3 at $500 is a very expensive gift.If price is the biggest factor... why isn't the cheaper iPad 2 outselling the iPad 3? I haven't heard anything about that if it is. People must be drawn in by the new low price of the iPad 2... and then they end up getting...
I don't know why people are moaning at all. This next iPhone is a new design... with a new screen too!However... the iPhone 4S was exactly like the previous model... they should have moaned about that (oh wait... they did!)You can't please everyone!
To be fair... this article is talking about the Galaxy Tab 10.1 which was announced in February 2011.So from October 2009 to February 2011 seems like more believable timeframe for this particular model.But let's be honest... EVERYBODY was working on a tablet back then. Did we all forget that CES 2010 was basically the "tablet show" ?January 6, 2010There were quite a few tablets at CES 2010... weeks before the famous iPad announcement. Here's a fun trip back in time: The...
Do we know for sure? All I can find are estimates and predictions.You can't just rely on a product "selling out" in stores as an indicator without knowing how many they had in stock."Nexus 7 Sold Out" is a great headline... but I'd like to know the numbers.
On a separate note... why haven't the makers of this prior art gone after Apple by now?
Here's the funny part... the same average people that Samsung tried to fool into buying their products by making them look like Apple's products... are the same people who will find Samsung guilty.I believe Samsung made their products look like Apple's product on purpose... and that's gonna bite 'em in the ass in this court case.
In all of your comments... you seem to forget that Apple's Dock Connector is for more than just charging... it's a platform.When Apple introduced the Dock Connector in 2003... it ushered in a new generation of accessories for Apple devices. Alarm clocks, boomboxes, digital audio interfaces, video output, etc. Considering the abundance of accessories available and the demand for such accessories... I'd say it worked.MicroUSB didn't even EXIST in 2003. Even if it did... it...
Ah... I see.
True... but what did Google gain from this? Or what would they have gained if it had gone unnoticed?My point is... $22 million may be pocket change to Google. But unless they would have made $22 million from these kinds of stunts... why bother?
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