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They're not sitting in stores.If a store didn't sell any tablets in Q1... they wouldn't order any more for Q2So they must be selling... unless there's a black hole somewhere.But what company would spend time and money to make products... just to throw them in a hole?
OMG too much talk about a Mac video card.We've got tablet market share to argue about!!!
Maybe they're not browsing the web.They must be using them strictly for all those wonderful Android tablet apps!I kid, I kid (but only slightly)
Haha! True!There are some people who are so fixated on market share that they would say it doesn't matter what those "other" tablets are. The only thing they're celebrating is Apple "losing" market share. You might see some of those people appear in this thread later.However... I'm not one of those people... and I'm confident that Apple will weather the storm of junk! I'm just amazed that there are so many cheap tablets out in the world... and I sorta feel sorry for...
Exactly... Apple pretty much sells every unit they produce. I've never heard of a store having to ship truckloads of Apple products back to Cupertino because no one would buy them.I don't think Apple products sit on the shelf for more than a few days... maybe a week at most.
To a landfill in New Mexico, of course. Next to the E.T. cartridges.
It would appear so.Then again... Samsung never said how many they've shipped/sold... so where do analysts get this information? Surveys?
I have no idea.I think all that these analysts do is provide a general feel for what's going on in the industry.None of these companies report actual shipments/sales/whatever... except Apple, right?So you should take anything these analysts say with a grain of salt.Hell... look how neatly each number ends with three zeros. They're just making guesses... albeit with some knowledge. But unless Amazon tells how many Kindle Fires they shipped... it's all a guessing game.
Different analysts.This one is from Canalys... yesterday was Strategy Analytics.
"Others" is doing pretty well! But all those cheap $100 tablets probably aren't hurting Apple too much.
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