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But in the US... thanks to subsidies... iPhones and Android phones are the same price.Flagship iPhones and Android phones are $200 with contract... mid-range iPhones and Android phones are $100 with contract... low-end iPhones and Android phones are $0 with contract.I wish I could get a Mercedes for the same price as a Toyota!
Ah... very true.And people wonder why "Android is winning the market share race"
I don't know how Indian people do it... but I've seen people in the US who have gone from Blackberries to iPhones and from Android phones to iPhones.Switching platforms isn't as difficult as you think it is... especially if you don't have a ton of paid Android apps holding you back.iPhones are easy to use too... that should alleviate some fears.
What are you suggesting... once you use Android, you'll always use Android?I dunno... people don't seem to get too invested in the Android ecosystem. So apps won't hold them to Android.So what else will? I'm not seeing any reason that would make a person stick to Android.In other words... it would be rather easy to switch from a cheap Samsung Galaxy Y to a more expensive Apple iPhone if they could afford to.I understand what you're saying... but I don't think Android is...
The "competition" is selling Android phones for $150 in India where an iPhone costs 4 times as much.Apple doesn't sell cheap pieces of garbage just because the other guys sell more.See the computer market... where Apple's laptops start at $1000 (for an 11" laptop!).
That's why there are a zillion iPhone cases out there.Perhaps we'll go back to something like this to dress up your iWatch...You know... an accessory for your accessory
And every age in between.You realize Apple sold an average of 500,000 iPhones every day last quarter, right?Half-a-million a day.That's a lot of grandmas and grandkids...
The Galaxy line is Samsung's best-selling product line. However... it's not flagship phones like the Galaxy SIII that make up most of their sales.Last quarter Samsung sold 63 million smartphones... but only 15 million were the Galaxy SIII. That's less than 1/4Even if you added up all the Galaxy SII, SII and Galaxy Notes... that still might only be 1/3 of Samsung's smartphone sales.So what's left?Here's a Galaxy phone in India: Samsung Galaxy Y S5360It retails for around...
Wow... I never thought about cases before... that's a very good observation!I work in dance studios... so I'm around teens all the time. Almost every single smartphone in kid's and parent's hands is an iPhone. It's crazy. And yes... the variety of cases is astounding.Also... the little brothers are playing games on the iPod Touch while waiting for their sister to get out of dance class.I know the US is only a small part of the worldwide picture... but Apple is definitely...
So what's the catch?A Straight Talk customer could be using Verizon's towers for about $40 a month... but a Verizon customer will also be using Verizon's towers but have to pay at least $80 a month.How can that be? I never understood how an MVNO works.One thing I've heard is that Verizon's customers get priority over any other MVNO traffic... but is that all?
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