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No doubt there are costs... I never said there weren't.But I don't think every single penny of people's monthly wireless fees get poured back into employees wages and infrastructure.If they do... how is that sustainable? Do we really think wireless carriers are running at break-even?Verizon Wireless has 40% profit margin... that doesn't sound like break-even at all.
There is one Verizon corporation... but there are different divisions inside it:WirelessLand line phoneDSLFIOSetc...Wireless can make money... while the land line division loses money. That happens quite often in huge corporations.
I think that's the big Verizon... not specifically Verizon Wireless.But it's still shocking news. Verizon had $30 BILLION in revenue last quarter... but they made ZERO dollars in profit?How the hell does that even happen?
Yeah... I meant both parties are happy. You're right... some of that money gets rolled back into the network... but carriers are usually left with plenty of profit.
I know exactly what Verizon's income is used for.My point was... Verizon might get $1500 over 2 years from an iPhone activation... or maybe $1700 from a non-iPhone activation...But is that extra couple hundred dollars worth it if the person really wanted an iPhone but instead they got talked into a phone they didn't want?BTW... I'm 35 years old and I know how the world works and I know customer satisfaction is very important to Verizon as well.You could say Verizon is...
File this under "DUH" Even if Verizon has to write a $450 check to Apple to subsidize the iPhone 4... Verizon still ends up with around $1500 over the life of that contract. The customer gets the "free" iPhone 4 they want... and Verizon gets tons of money. I don't know why this is such a shock.
And yet... every major manufacturer makes workstations. Somebody's buying them.The difference is... if HP suddenly stopped making Windows workstations... you could still get one from Dell.But if Apple stops making Mac Pro workstations... you're SOLSure... Apple doesn't sell as many Mac Pros as iPhones... but there's still a market for the Mac Pro. There's money to be made from the Mac Pro.
Well... people buy what they want. The bigger iPad with the higher ASP is still available... if they choose.Look at it this way: a person buying an iPad Mini at $330 is better than a person NOT buying a regular iPad at $500.At least both iPads are profitable... they're not selling the iPad Mini at cost just to make their numbers go up.Ford would love you to buy a Mustang for $27,000.... but they're fine if you only buy a Fiesta for $17,000Again... both models make money.
Analysts always have horrible expectations for Apple... then BAM... $13 billion in profit. There are still plenty of fortunes for Apple.I wonder what it's like to be an analyst for a company like HTC... a company that has lost a lot lately.
Ah... thanks for the clarification.
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