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So it's like the retailer is renting shelf space.That's very interesting
IF there is ever some new way to brick an iPhone that is stolen... your phone is still gone and you will never see it again. That phone might never be allowed to be activated on another carrier... but that won't completely deter iPhone theft. A thief could still salvage the screen and other parts... and resell those. Face it... that little $600 pocket-sized device will always be a valuable target. That's just something we'll have to be aware of. The only thing you can...
But what's the result of Android tablets outnumbering Apple tablets?In phones... Android smartphones passed the iPhone years ago. Yet developers still prefer developing for the iPhone... and accessory makers enjoy making products for the iPhone too.Will the iPad still be the preferred platform for tablets... even though it will eventually be outnumbered?I'm getting the impression that Android's market share numbers make a great headline... but there's no compelling story...
Exactly. They list the top 5 companies... which is probably easy to find.But... how deep did they go to get the "Others" category?This is worldwide... with probably dozens of little manufacturers all across the globe. How are they formulating these estimates? Where did they get 15.5 million "other" tablets?If I wanted to know how many "Micromax Funbook Infinity P275" were sold in India... IDC would have that information, right?Or are they just guessing?
I would be interested in seeing a specific breakdown of tablets by price. For instance... tablets that cost $329 and above. People buying a $99 Chinese tablets are being counted in Android's numbers... but I really doubt those people were even considering a much more expensive iPad. Apple's share of the total tablet market fell... but I'm pretty sure they still control the lucrative mid to high-end tablet market.
And you'd think Samsung would show him how to configure his Twitter account on Android too.Gave what away? His old iPhone? Or the Galaxy S4?That tweet came from an iPhone... which is the whole point of this story.He typed that specific tweet... but he did it on the wrong phone.
Good points.I wonder how deep it goes. Do they just ask celebrities... "hey can you tweet about this?"Or do companies have a formal sit-down and say "we're gonna give you a lot of money... but you cannot use your iPhone anymore..."That's a hard sell. I wonder how many celebrities would agree to it. Apparently it's not very formal... considering how many examples there are of celebrities using the wrong device when they're supposed to be promoting another.Also... I'm...
Celebrities are pretty busy... and even with their assistant doing most of the menial tasks... changing phones can be a royal pain in the ass (especially for celebrities with sensitive data on their phones)I'm guessing a celebrity gets $15,000 for just tweeting about a new product... but they aren't required to actually USE the product.Oh they may have a Galaxy S4 in their possession (or their assistant) ... but the likelihood of the Galaxy S4 actually replacing their...
Blackberry's first tablet attempt was a dud... even though the tablet market flourished around it and is still growing. Notice all the other tablets that are still on the market today.But now the tablet market has no future?
All they need are millions more people like you
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