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I didn't even know the old maps had Street View until I read about it a few months ago. I guess "drop a pin to use Street View" wasn't very intuitive.So obviously I didn't cry when they took it away.But I am enjoying the new turn-by-turn navigation that the old app lacked.
Exactly.The handful of street addresses I've tried with Apple Maps have worked. Then again... most street addresses have been around for a while... unless it's a brand new subdivision or shopping center.Where Apple will have to improve is points-of-interests and other data.
Good point.However... buying a game system almost always guarantees you will buy games for it... as a game system doesn't really do much unless you feed it software (or paid video content or other services)I'm sure Microsoft makes plenty of money selling games... and that's pretty much how the gaming industry has worked for decades.On the other hand... someone could buy a tablet and never spend another dime on it. You can browse the web, check your email, use free apps,...
Simple:They are playing with widgets...
But is that based on the phenomenal (yet unknown) sales of the Kindle Fire? Or from something else? We'll never know.You could say that Amazon's stock price has increased since the Kindle Fire was introduced. That's certainly an example of correlation.For me... I'm just curious. As a logical thinker... I like to know the meaning of "best-selling"If they are gonna make that kind of statement... why don't they back it up with facts?
Why don't they tell us how well they are selling?All Amazon ever says is "it's the best selling product on Amazon" and all we hear about the Nexus 7 is "it's sold out everywhere"So what does that mean?Amazon just launched their 2nd round of tablets... without ever proving that the 1st round was a success.I'm sure it was a success... to them... but why aren't they required to disclose sales figures? Or returns?Amazon is a hardware vendor now... they aren't just a services...
That's true.I liked Google Maps.... but I had to buy Motion X to provide turn-by-turn navigation.Some people forget that Google Maps on the iPhone were not all things to all people...
If Google holds a design patent, or trademark, or whatever, for the notification bar... then yes... they should take Apple to court. Same for all those other features.If they don't have patents for those things... then there's not much they can do.Apple DID have patents on a bunch of things... and they recently took Samsung to court... and won.Let's hope Google has similar luck in court.
Don't forget... Apple will be selling the iPhone 5 for the next year (and beyond actually)It's not like this weekend is the ONLY time to buy an iPhone 5And has others have stated... Apple has to make these things by hand. There is only so much manufacturing capability in the world (and Apple already has much of it!)Just relax and the iPhone 5 will come to a store near you soon.
After the first round of court cases... Apple pre-sold 2 million iPhone 5 in 24 hours.Now estimates are that Apple will sell 8 million iPhone 5 this first weekend.So no... I don't think this next round of court cases will affect Apple.I really don't think the buying public are that interested in courtroom drama.
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