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Here's a paradox... I use Dreamweaver to create Wordpress sites! Whoa!Dreamweaver at its core is a text editor. But it has other great features beyond vanilla text editing.But to your point... I don't know which is worse: cookie-cutter Wordpress sites... or poorly-designed sites slapped together in Dreamweaver "Design View"Like "techno" was hinting at above... there's more to a website than which tools were used to create it.
If you have a couple employees... and you're using Adobe's software... you're probably making some money, right?Like someone said earlier... these are tools of the trade.The nice thing is... Creative Cloud comes out to $600 a year.I made $500 in one night videoing a dance recital... then spent another night cutting it together and authoring a DVD using Adobe's tools.So for me... two evenings plus a couple more hours duplicating and printing those DVDs... and I could have...
Are they talking about the actual definition of "market share" which is the percentage of units shipped by a company in a single quarter compared to the rest of the industry? Or are they talking about "installed base" which is the number of units actually sold and in use by consumers? I keep hearing reports like "Android tablets have 30% market share... Apple slips to 60%..." and I wonder where these Android tablets actually are. Apple is selling the iPad as fast as they...
  I remember hearing many people say that the iPhone will be destroyed by Android.  After a quick look at the United States... it's 50% vs 30% and they are both doing incredibly well and are very well received.   I don't think anyone thinks either of those platform will cease to exist anytime soon...     Movable goalposts?  Sure.   Finish line?  Absolutely not.   The truth is... Apple will be making smartphones for the rest of our lives... and so will Android OEMs.   Of...
  I knew you'd get a kick out of that.
  Apple can still be "awesome" even if they don't sell the most things.   And I don't care what side of the Windows/Mac fence people are on... is anyone suggesting HP makes the best computers in the world... because they sell the most? Surely not.   I really don't think Apple is worried that HP sold more "cheap" PCs this quarter.
    They must be out there. Look at the chart.   You can trust analysts!
    Those weren't that bad.   From your link... "​The two then act out a brief vignette, in which the capabilities and attributes of Mac and PC are compared"   Were they snarky?  Absolutely.  But the message was comparison... not outright criticism.  At least Apple tried to teach you something about their product.   Apple's "Get a Mac" ads were in better taste than these mock protests from RIM or the Samsunged commercials.  And who can forget Microsoft's iPhone funeral?...
    Ah... I see.  You mean more Apple phones means more money for Apple.   Because the other guys already sell tons more phones... but don't make nearly as much money at it.
    Not exactly.   Did you miss the part where Apple sells a fraction of the amount of phones... but make more money than everyone else combined?   First Google hit:   http://www.itworld.com/networking/247476/apple-iphone-cell-market-share-small-profit-share-huge   And that was from February... it's now 9.5%
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