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True... I was speaking more about contacts.Like I said... people used to "lose" their phone numbers all the time.That doesn't seem to happen much anymore.As for photos... if the only copy of those photos exist on the phone... that's their problem
Well... the article does say this:"... HTC Sync Manager... will have an added feature: the ability to extract information from iPhone backup files."
Thanks... I thought so.I remember countless times hearing "I lost my phone... send me your phone numbers" long ago.Android kinda prevents that now.
Doesn't Google automatically back up your contacts in GMail?
And Apple provides adapters for those who want to use their existing accessories with their brand new iPhone 5.I understand your complaint. But seriously... Apple changing their connector after 10 years... that really isn't as bad as you think it is.At least Apple has an accessory ecosystem. It's very difficult to find accessories for MicroUSB devices.Again... I understand this period of adjustment will be tricky. But if the new Lightning Connector lasts another 10...
Of course they're not "happy" about it... but what are they gonna do? It's the nature of competition.Geez... Apple can never do right. Apparently it's bad that they don't sell 100% of all smartphones...Again... why are you so focused on the phones Apple doesn't sell?Why not be happy about the 125 million iPhones Apple did sell this past year?I'd love to hear your thoughts on a company like HTC... who represented only 6% of smartphones in 2012. That means 94% of...
True... I didn't mean it to sound so binary.But my comment was in reply to the "200 million phones going to the competition"There are certainly a lot of phones that are below what Apple sells... both in price and quality. Markets Apple simply won't bother with. And that's their choice.
Samsung reported that they are selling 190,000 Galaxy SIII every day. That's almost 18 million in a quarter. And then throw in some Galaxy Notes and the Galaxy SII as well.BUT... Samsung sold 63 million smartphones total last quarter.So that's 1/3 of Samsung's smartphones sold last quarter being flagship phones.Or... 2/3 of their smartphones being total crap smartphones sold around the world.In other words... most Android smartphones are NOT flagships... instead they are...
Exactly!Plus... Apple would only release a cheaper iPhone in China if it was financially reasonable to do so. Otherwise... there isn't contest where the winner gets a prize if they sell the "most" things or represent a certain "share" of the market.Yeah it's a nice trophy to say "we sold this many units" but when was it the goal to actually shoot for that?Applebee's could sell a lot of meals if their steak dinners were $4.99... but what would be the point?No restaurant...
Yep... it's unfortunate that they had a 10-year headstart with tablets... but they were going in the wrong direction.
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