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Those are pretty important things... right? We'll see what Blackberry does with their next round of tablets... but I'm not expecting any miracles.
Ah thanks... I didn't know that. 23% is pretty good. But with more and more people accessing Facebook from a mobile device (I think it's over 60%) I'm sure they want to make more money from mobile.Perhaps that's why they are making a mobile OS ?
It helps that Netflix collects at least $8 a month from millions of customers.It sounds like Facebook developing its own mobile OS to finally make some money from its mobile users.
That's what I was thinking. After your phone is paid off... it would be smart to keep that phone for a while and enjoy a lower monthly bill.But most people want a newer phone... so they're back to paying more each month.T-Mobile's new plans make a lot of sense on paper... but most people will upgrade their phones whenever they can.
Nope... the yearly contract is billed monthly.When you sign up for the yearly contract... they draft the money out of your account every month... for 12 months.Yes... it works out to $600 a year... but you do not have to fork over $600 upfront.The other plan is month-to-month for $75 a month. You only pay for the month... no contract... cancel after that month if you want to.
Who is using the whole Adobe CS6 suite of professional products... but can't somehow make $50 a month?If you're just fooling around on your computer... maybe CS6 isn't the right product for you. Adobe Elements might be more your speed. But if you're doing any kind of serious work... you should be able to afford that.I'm exactly the type of person you describe... a freelancer with a sometimes inconsistent money flow. BUT... I still make way more than enough to cover my...
In the United States... Apple is #1 and Samsung #2 in sales. And in the entire world... Samsung is #1 and Apple #2 in sales. It's clear both those companies are doing something right... making billions of dollars... and will be around for a long time. So... what about the rest of the industry? Aren't those other companies the ones we should be worried about?
There are plenty of places on Earth where you can buy an Android phone, unlocked, for $160. That's where Android gets most of its colossal market share. You might not see them... but they're out there.Take India and China for example. Two countries with over a billion people each... and the iPhone there costs 3 to 4 times more than an Android phone.And people wonder why Android has 70% worldwide smartphone market share... and Apple only has 20%I'm from the United...
That's kinda my point.Android phones collectively outselling Apple phones don't really hurt anyone at all.
So would you say the current breed of Android phones are as good as the iPhone?And I mean ALL Android phones... not just flagship phones like the Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note II.That includes all those cheap little Android phones sold today around the world... with 480x320 screens and VGA cameras. There are a TON of them that are sold for $150 unlocked.Those make up the majority of the Android phones that are "outselling" the iPhone... FYISo is it really the number of...
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