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I'm assuming you mean the Canon 5D Mark III... since that is the only Canon 5D with an SD card slot.And I'm also assuming you use a MicroSD to SD card adapter... since tablets don't usually have a full-size SD card slot.I wish more tablets had a regular SD card slot... that would be the easiest. Or you could use WIFI to get images onto the tablet.Side note... my ultimate dream is to have a tablet with a video-IN port... I'd love to use a tablet as an external monitor for...
Last quarter... HTC represented just 3% of all smartphone sales.But now people are breaking down the door wanting the HTC One?People haven't been too focused on what HTC is producing lately... so I seriously doubt there will be that much much demand for the HTC One.HTC's profits dropped 98% YOY last quarter too. I've even heard that HTC will be in serious trouble if the One doesn't deliver.Hope for the best... but prepare for the worst.
Jelly Bean is great. Unfortunately... there are millions of Android phones that don't run Jelly Bean.You can get Android phones around the world for under $100 that run Gingerbread.Is the experience any good? Probably not.Do they sell a lot of them? Hell yeah... because they're cheap.When measuring the "Android" experience... you need to include ALL Android phones... and ALL Android OSes... not just the few flagship phones running Jelly Bean.If all those cheap phones...
But in the US... thanks to subsidies... iPhones and Android phones are the same price.Flagship iPhones and Android phones are $200 with contract... mid-range iPhones and Android phones are $100 with contract... low-end iPhones and Android phones are $0 with contract.I wish I could get a Mercedes for the same price as a Toyota!
Ah... very true.And people wonder why "Android is winning the market share race"
I don't know how Indian people do it... but I've seen people in the US who have gone from Blackberries to iPhones and from Android phones to iPhones.Switching platforms isn't as difficult as you think it is... especially if you don't have a ton of paid Android apps holding you back.iPhones are easy to use too... that should alleviate some fears.
What are you suggesting... once you use Android, you'll always use Android?I dunno... people don't seem to get too invested in the Android ecosystem. So apps won't hold them to Android.So what else will? I'm not seeing any reason that would make a person stick to Android.In other words... it would be rather easy to switch from a cheap Samsung Galaxy Y to a more expensive Apple iPhone if they could afford to.I understand what you're saying... but I don't think Android is...
The "competition" is selling Android phones for $150 in India where an iPhone costs 4 times as much.Apple doesn't sell cheap pieces of garbage just because the other guys sell more.See the computer market... where Apple's laptops start at $1000 (for an 11" laptop!).
That's why there are a zillion iPhone cases out there.Perhaps we'll go back to something like this to dress up your iWatch...You know... an accessory for your accessory
And every age in between.You realize Apple sold an average of 500,000 iPhones every day last quarter, right?Half-a-million a day.That's a lot of grandmas and grandkids...
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