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I think the concept of "channels" is becoming obsolete anyway. Let's say someday you are able to subscribe a la carte and choose the 10 or 15 channels you actually want. 1. Your cable bill may not become cheaper... since the cable company will likely be charging more per channel. 2. You are still paying for those channels even when you're asleep or at work. Even if you only have 15 channels... those channels are still pumping out 360 hours of programming every single...
My point was I'll be paying for cell phone service over the next 18 years... it was never about the cost of the device.And that's what Adobe is doing now... Creative Cloud is kinda like software as a service.If you pay to use it... you can keep using it. But once your payments stop... so does your access to the software.Just like if I stop paying for my cell phone service.
Very good analysis... and it's exactly the same discussion that popped up a year ago when Creative Cloud was announced.Back then we had the choice of perpetual licenses or Creative Cloud subscriptions.Sadly... the only way to get Adobe software today is with Creative Cloud subscriptions.So where do we go from here? Is it time to switch to Pixelmator, Inkscape, Avid and Blender? Is Adobe software no longer useful since you can only get it with expensive subscription...
If you like Adobe products... and a subscription is now the only way to get those products... then it would appear so.Otherwise... check out some of the fine alternatives out there.Pixelmator is only $15... did people really pay $700 for Photoshop?
I think part of the problem was this:- Surface Pro is a $900 laptop/tablet hybrid with an 11" screen.Would people buy it to replace their current 14" or 15" laptop? (too small to be your only machine)Or would they carry both a 11" Surface Pro and their traditional laptop? (unnecessary redundancy)For me the sweet spot is a 13" or 14" laptop or ultrabook... and a small mobile tablet.But combining the characteristics of both doesn't sound appealing.
It appears that you can get Dreamweaver for $20 a month.https://creative.adobe.com/plans?plan=singleAs for Squarespace... it's kinda silly to compare that to anything Adobe offers.Squarespace is a wonderful web hosting and web design solution... while Adobe makes professional-grade software.You're right... you cannot call Adobe for questions about your website... if that's what you're looking for...
Thanks!It looks like you can pay $20 a month for a single program.Then again... for $50 a month you get EVERY program Adobe makes. It all depends on how much of Adobe's software you use (and make money with)I use quite a few Adobe programs for my business: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro and Encore, and I will eventually learn After Effects. I use Audition and Acrobat occasionally too. Oh and Illustrator once in a while.So for me it's not a big deal. $50 a month is a...
Judging by Apple's recent history in pro-level apps... do you really expect them to have a response?Apple is still, by far, a hardware-focused vendor.If anyone will challenge Photoshop and other professional Adobe apps... I don't think it will be Apple.
To be clear... that $600 a year is for the entire Adobe software suite... every professional-level program Adobe makes.I think you can still pay for a subscription to an individual program like Dreamweaver... but it's still likely more than you'd want to spend.
Yep.That's the nature of a software subscription.
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