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Not really.Apple wants to sell a $600 phone in China. (and everywhere really)Rather than making a cheaper, lower quality phone... Apple's payment plan is the next best thing.This also applies to Macbooks... how is that different than what Dell does?
And....Android tablets now have 50% of the market... but none of the manufacturers have ever given any hard sales numbers.We get fuzzy numbers from Google saying "1.3 million Android devices were activated daily, and of those, 70,000 were tablets."That's over 6 million new Android tablets hooking into Google every quarter. We'll have to take their work for it... since there's no way to verify that.So why don't the manufacturers step up and claim their share of the market?
Good point. Apple even said that at the original iPad announcement... a device that fits between your smartphone and laptop.Microsoft, on the other hand, is trying to combine the tablet and laptop into one device with the Surface Pro. It sounds good in theory... but your old desktop programs don't quite work the same using touch as the primary interface... and 11.6" is a little small to be your primary display.Sure... you can use the tiny trackpad on the keyboard cover......
I was about to reply with "Apple can't be all things to all people" to your first comment... but you said it yourself with the second comment Apple... for the most part... doesn't do inexpensive. Their phones start at $450... and their laptops start at $1000.And all this while other companies sell phones for $100 and laptops for $500.Apple tends to have laser-like focus on the mid and high-end markets... raking in tons of money in the process. They've never really spent...
Good point.But the iPod Shuffle was just one model. Apple continued to sell the higher-margin Nano and Touch.And... the Shuffle was great for the gym... but I don't think it can be a replacement for one of the bigger iPods. Plus... it's not unusual to think of someone owning an iPod Shuffle and another iPod, iPhone or iPad.
Exactly.So they've blown by that goal... and picked up tens of billions of dollars in the process.That's why the "Apple is doomed" comments are absurd.
I think the comment was referring to the iPhone only holding 15% of smartphone market.So... tiny market share and rather expensive hardware could be considered luxury.
Or you can say Apple is in 2nd place in market share to Android. Does that sound better?Sure it's a distant 2nd place... but so what? Apple makes more than enough money to survive. And not just survive... they make an obscene amount of money for "only" being 2nd place. Apple is probably further from bankruptcy than any other company on the planet.Market share is a ranking of all products in an entire industry. Unfortunately... you cannot pay your bills with market...
No doubt... and I meant no harm against people or Android as a platform.But these are reports of Apple building a cheaper phone for developing markets... areas that are primarily served by $100 unlocked phones. Let's be honest... those aren't spectacular devices.
Oh really? Android already has 5 TIMES the market share of the iPhone. That's a huge disparity.But like I said... Android's numbers look great on paper... but they aren't the clear winner by any means.
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