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I haven't had a problem with Apple Maps finding an address... even a log cabin up a dirt road way up in the mountains of North Carolina. Most addresses have been around for years and years... unless it's a brand new subdivision or shopping center parkway. Map/address data has been around for years. If Apple is using that data... there shouldn't be a problem finding an address directly. However... Apple Maps falls short for me sometimes with POI data. For instance......
By "specially coded apps" you mean creating artwork that fits exactly within the iPad's screen parameters? That's really not as oddball as you think.But don't take my word for it.... look at all the apps made for the "difficult to design for" iPad.And compare that to the apps made for the "just throw whatever you can onto the screen" Android tablets.Look... I know what you're saying. But Apple creating a spec and developers following that spec down to the pixel isn't as...
LOL... that was just until developers got on-board with making beautiful iPad tablet apps that ran natively.How did they do in that department?
Not really...All iPads have the same aspect ratio... which solves one problem. And the Retina/non-Retina issue is handled by making graphical assets @2XAny app designed for a Retina iPad will work on the iPad 2 or iPad Mini. iPads are actually the least worrisome.The iPhone and iPod Touch did undergo a change in aspect ratio (one change in 6 years... the horror) so developers had some extra work to do. But I think it's safe to say that the iPhone and the iPod Touch will...
What I'm hearing is:Android: large screen... poor OSiPhone: small screen... great OSI'm sick of that division. Call me crazy... I want a bigger screened iPhone.
Agreed. Market share should be considered... but it's not the be-all-end-all.Some would say Android is dominating with their market share position of 70%. But that could also broken down by countries, carriers and phone capabilities.No one doubts that Android phones sell like hotcakes all around the globe. But what should also be considered is how many of them are cheap underpowered phones running Gingerbread today... or the fact that some countries don't have access to...
No doubt there are costs... I never said there weren't.But I don't think every single penny of people's monthly wireless fees get poured back into employees wages and infrastructure.If they do... how is that sustainable? Do we really think wireless carriers are running at break-even?Verizon Wireless has 40% profit margin... that doesn't sound like break-even at all.
There is one Verizon corporation... but there are different divisions inside it:WirelessLand line phoneDSLFIOSetc...Wireless can make money... while the land line division loses money. That happens quite often in huge corporations.
I think that's the big Verizon... not specifically Verizon Wireless.But it's still shocking news. Verizon had $30 BILLION in revenue last quarter... but they made ZERO dollars in profit?How the hell does that even happen?
Yeah... I meant both parties are happy. You're right... some of that money gets rolled back into the network... but carriers are usually left with plenty of profit.
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