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Good point about critical mass... although it can be argued that Apple has a knack for developing huge interest despite not being the "leader" in a certain area.Even if the smartphone market ended up being 90% Android and 10% Apple.... there would still be a few hundred million iPhones out there at that point. And most of those users would have their credit cards in iTunes... and developers would still be selling tons of apps... etc.My point all along was that Apple...
OK... with the exception of Spain... Apple is in 2nd place with 20%+ in the other countries.The 3rd place is single digits.If you're saying Apple is in trouble... what can you say about those other guys?I'm just having a hard time believing Apple is in trouble for not selling enough phones compared to the other guys... but they're still making billions upon billions of dollars.The difference between Apple in the 1990s and Apple today is roughly 120 billion dollars. Apple...
With numbers like that... Apple will never recover.When do we call the time of death? Oh wait... you CAN exist at #2
Complete this statement:Apple needs more market share because of __________I think we've already shown that Apple is a hugely successful company in no danger of going out of business. Their developers are happy. Their customers are happy.And all this while not being the #1 in market share. (worldwide)So what is it about market share that you think is so important?OK.... you say Apple should make cheaper devices to gain more market share. Like I asked earlier... what...
Market share is one metric... but I think Acer's profit is down Q2Q.It's a tough time for PC makers.
Oops... gotcha
"It is important" only to whoever is conducting the survey.When Apple designs a phone... and sells a phone... and makes money from a phone... they are working for themselves. They want to make great products.It doesn't really matter how they "rank" among everybody else.
And fast forward to today... Apple's laptops start at $1000.Apple finally realized that selling a few expensive things is a better business plan than selling many cheap crappy things.Seriously... what does "moar market share!" get you other than being on top of a market share chart?
Good point.
It sucks because the old 30-pin connector was easily licensed. The new Lightning connector... not so much.It's kinda like what happened to all the developers who built 3rd-party Twitter clients. Twitter can pull the plug at any time.Sometimes it's a gamble to build your business on someone else's back.
New Posts  All Forums: