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I'm calling it... iPad Mini The regular iPad already has bigger icons and screen elements than the iPhone... so those won't be any harder to press. The slight reduction in size won't matter too much. Think of the iPad Mini like a paperback... to the iPad's hardcover.
All they have to do is make cheaper ad-buys for clients... to undercut Google.Once again... the "race to the bottom"
How will this work exactly? If you use an app on a Samsung phone... you'll get ads served by Samsung. But if you use that same app on any other Android phone... you get ads served by Google?
Exactly! I want 1997-2011
Now wait a minute... the PC manufacturers have to answer to shareholders too. They are all in business to make money. But that's starting to become an issue. Remember when both HP and Dell were toying around with the idea about getting out of the PC business? That's because "cheap and plentiful" doesn't pay the bills. Well... it does... but just barely. The PC manufactuers all make basically the same product... Windows PCs. And they are all in competition with each...
One or two Android models are top sellers.... but don't forget all those other cheaper phones that make up the rest of the Android lineup. Do you think every one of those 850,000 Android activations a day worldwide are premium phones? No.
Agreed. I never understood the "we sell more" argument from Android fans... especially when it's comprised of so many mid to low-end phones. Shouldn't all those crappy phones weight against Android as a platform?
I get email on my iPhone through GMail/Exchange faster than I do on my desktop with GMail notifications. As for QWERTY keyboards... more phones are sold without keyboards these days. And judging by RIM's recent earnings call... it looks like the Blackberry's spectacular keyboards are no longer in great demand.
Yep! By comparison... Android's ecosystem and revenue stream looks like a mess. I wonder why people think market share is king? It doesn't look like it's gonna pay off...
Nokia was a hot hardware seller until their products were no longer desirable... But Google gets a fraction of a penny every time someone looks at their Android phone... isn't that a good plan?
New Posts  All Forums: