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And yet... every major manufacturer makes workstations. Somebody's buying them.The difference is... if HP suddenly stopped making Windows workstations... you could still get one from Dell.But if Apple stops making Mac Pro workstations... you're SOLSure... Apple doesn't sell as many Mac Pros as iPhones... but there's still a market for the Mac Pro. There's money to be made from the Mac Pro.
Well... people buy what they want. The bigger iPad with the higher ASP is still available... if they choose.Look at it this way: a person buying an iPad Mini at $330 is better than a person NOT buying a regular iPad at $500.At least both iPads are profitable... they're not selling the iPad Mini at cost just to make their numbers go up.Ford would love you to buy a Mustang for $27,000.... but they're fine if you only buy a Fiesta for $17,000Again... both models make money.
Analysts always have horrible expectations for Apple... then BAM... $13 billion in profit. There are still plenty of fortunes for Apple.I wonder what it's like to be an analyst for a company like HTC... a company that has lost a lot lately.
Ah... thanks for the clarification.
This story is about devices activated by enterprise entities... not the population as a whole.We have plenty of reports about how Android and iOS battle in the general population.... but THIS report is talking specifically about enterprise adoption.I wouldn't call it fictional... they must have gotten their data from somewhere.Unless you're suggesting that they totally lied about all of it... and more enterprise customers are actually choosing Android tablets over the iPad
True... I was speaking more about contacts.Like I said... people used to "lose" their phone numbers all the time.That doesn't seem to happen much anymore.As for photos... if the only copy of those photos exist on the phone... that's their problem
Well... the article does say this:"... HTC Sync Manager... will have an added feature: the ability to extract information from iPhone backup files."
Thanks... I thought so.I remember countless times hearing "I lost my phone... send me your phone numbers" long ago.Android kinda prevents that now.
Doesn't Google automatically back up your contacts in GMail?
And Apple provides adapters for those who want to use their existing accessories with their brand new iPhone 5.I understand your complaint. But seriously... Apple changing their connector after 10 years... that really isn't as bad as you think it is.At least Apple has an accessory ecosystem. It's very difficult to find accessories for MicroUSB devices.Again... I understand this period of adjustment will be tricky. But if the new Lightning Connector lasts another 10...
New Posts  All Forums: