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You're right... good call.It is possible for a customer to have anything ranging from a single card at one bank... all the way up to multiple cards at multiple banks.As for BoA specifically... the question still remains if BoA's 1.1 million cards is high or low.Have we seen numbers from any other large banks for comparison?
We'd need to know how many customers BoA has... which would be easy to find.And we'd need to know the number of iPhone 6 and 6+ have been sold in America... which would be more difficult.If we knew both of those figures... it might be easier to see if BoA's Apple Pay numbers are high or low.But don't forget... there are now 39 banks and credit unions using Apple Pay.So take the number of iPhone 6 and 6+ users... in America... and split it among those 39 banks.Even though...
Wow... sheer number of added buttons = 5Steve must have absolutely hated the interior of his Mercedes SL55 AMG then... that thing was FULL of buttons and controls!Ford tried to get rid of buttons and controls on one generation of its MyFord Touch system.The next generation... the buttons came back. People prefer hard-buttons for most things..
That would be roughly 766,666 iPhone produced every day.Assuming the factories run 24 hours a day... that would be 31,944 iPhones produced every hour.Or 532 iPhones produced every minute.Or almost 9 iPhones produced every second.So... in the time it took you to read this comment... 90 iPhones were just built.
I can understand Lee's unhappiness with Dre and Iovine misappropriating the sale of Beats to HTC. Maybe they did undervalue the deal. But then he did this: "Lee sold his stake in the company from 5 percent to 1.5 percent, then down to nothing." Why did he sell his share in the company? Isn't that his fault? Then... "Eight months later, Apple acquired Beats for $3 billion" Hmmmm... doesn't this sound like a bitter man who made a costly mistake?
HomeKit is "open" enough for Elgato, iDevices and other companies to use... so it's far from being a "closed" standard.But maybe the proper term in Apple's case is "licenced" standard. I'm sure Apple will maintain some sort of certification like they do with MFI.
Exactly.Whatever tasks an Apple Watch will do on day-one... I expect it will continue to do those tasks for many years.It's got sensors and a display. Those things should last a while, right?Perhaps the battery will eventually have to be replaced... but I can't imagine the entire watch being obsoleted so soon. It's basically an external display for the iPhone with the majority of the software calculations being done on the iPhone.I see no problem imagining a single Apple...
Do what for publicity?Leaking their own personal emails and employee social security numbers? Putting relationships between actors and directors in jeopardy?Here's the deal... all studios make movies that sometimes don't reach expectations. The Interview might have been destined for that category.But Sony released 20 other films in 2014 that totaled over a billion dollars domestically. So I seriously doubt Sony would wreck their own reputation and risk lawsuits from...
This commercial has been playing on TV for a while. It's been on Bank of America's Youtube channel since December 15th.I think AI was just hunting for something to post on the weekend.
Actual capacity... or user-accessible capacity?Apple says "16GB" because the iPhone has 16GB of flash storage in it. There are flash memory chips that total 16GB. I don't see the deception.It's the same for computers. A laptop says "500GB" because it has a 500GB hard drive in it. Again... I don't see the deception.You're right though... a person cannot get the full 500GB from that hard drive. They never could. Because of formatting, the operating system, recovery...
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