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At that point... it's time to examine what good ol' cable TV would cost.If your basic-expanded cable package with 60+ channels costs $50 a month and lets you watch on multiple TVs and lets you have DVR and On-Demand... suddenly the $20 a month for 15 "live only" channels on SlingTV doesn't look so hot.I get what SlingTV is trying to do... but it seems to come with a lot of caveats.
Exactly.Also... in the old days everyone used the same type of machine to do any sort of internet or computing tasks. Whether you're a grandma checking email... or a guy doing 3D modelling... you used a "personal computer"The computer was the only device available that could do any of those tasks. So everybody had one. Granted the 3D guy was using a much faster machine... but the type of machine is the same.Fast forward a couple decades... and we've got smartphones and...
Let's be honest... the 7" tablets that Steve was talking about weren't a joy to use.7" with a 16:9 aspect ratio made a tablet that was too narrow in portrait... and too short in landscape.Luckily... Apple did not build one of those. Enter iPad mini... with a more-usable aspect ratio and the entire iPad app ecosystem.
Oh sure... but then you'd be paying for a cable TV subscription and some other service that could give you all the on-demand back-catalog stuff.People are doing that already... cable and a supplemental Netflix/Hulu subscription. But some people want to get rid of cable altogether for the reasons I outlined earlier (paying for channels they don't watch... etc)I'm guessing this new Apple service will have a monthly fee... so add that to the list of extra pay services.
Here's something I'm trying to wrap my head around... If I turn on the History Channel on my TV right now... I'm seeing American Pickers which started at 9pm At 10PM it's Mississippi Men... and at 11pm it's Appalachian Outlaws... and so on. I think we're all familiar with the way that works. But when you click on the History Channel icon on AppleTV... you get a list of dozens of shows that you can choose from on-demand. So when people say they want a la carte...
Again... I don't know.You might want to ask a cord-cutter. Somehow they find new stuff to watch!I was simply addressing the common complaint of people paying for stuff they don't want.Your question is also valid. Search is more important in an on-demand world than when we used to just turn on the TV to "see what's on"
I have no idea... I was merely addressing this common complaint:"I'm paying for 200 channels that I don't want"It sounds like a value for money situation. So naturally... people think a la carte channels are the solution.But even if you could choose certain channels a la carte... you'd still be paying for those channels even when you're asleep and at work. That might be a little better... but you're still paying for stuff you cannot possibly watch... which goes back to...
Why not just pay for the shows you want?In an on-demand world... the concept of "channels" doesn't really make sense anymore.If you only want to pay for what you watch... then pay for shows.
Crown? Titan? Words I would not use in relation to HTC...
Yeah... I don't want them to rush.I was just noting the speed at which they are adding new banks.
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