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I think Apple has rules against BOGO deals.If the carriers want to offer the iPhone (and they do!) they must play by Apple's rules.A carrier will still be able to get two contracts from the iPhone though. The customers will simply have to pay the on-contract price: $200x2How many times have you seen a husband a wife both with iPhones? It happens quite often. So obviously the iPhone isn't being hurt by not being offered on a BOGO discount. If they want iPhones bad...
The Galaxy S6 may be part of a BOGO. But that's a carrier thing... not a Samsung thing.BOGO deals are offered by the carriers who make most of their money from collecting monthly service fees. Carriers don't make much money (if any) on the hardware itself. They just want a contract for 24 months... and two contracts are better than one.It doesn't matter which phone it is.... it could be a Samsung Galaxy, or an HTC One, or pretty much any other phone. The carriers just...
I never understood this case. Apple says an iPhone has 16GB of storage in it. I take that to mean it has 16GB worth of flash memory chips. What else could they have said? Yes... you cannot save 16GB of your own files to the phone... but Apple didn't say you could either.
The scary thing for Samsung is they seem to be following the decline in the PC market exactly.Cutthroat pricing in the PC market drove PC prices down to unsustainable levels... so they actually RELIED on bloatware to make any sort of profit. The entire PC market basically collapsed on itself... no longer able to make money solely selling their own products.The reason I say this is scary for Samsung is that we're talking about Samsung's flagship smartphone... not some cheap...
For sure.It's tough being a high-end speaker manufacturer when other companies sell "good enough" for cheaper.Hell... it's tough to be a speaker manufacturer period. The market is very crowded and mature.So like I said... B&O is probably making bank from the licensing on millions of HP laptops. It's good to have alternate revenue streams.
There's a lot of money to be made in licensing... and HP moves a lot of volume.Perhaps B&O's $2,000 speakers aren't selling as much as they'd like.
The good thing is... your phone might end up lasting longer because you aren't checking it 1,000 times a day.And it's not just missed calls and notifications from your pocket... imagine answering a phone call while your phone is in another room. That's one neat feature that is rarely talked about.So many times I call people and they don't answer their phone because they don't have their phone on their person.I know they are around... they're just not close enough to their...
Yep... the scale is immense. The center ring is over 1,100 feet across. That's almost 4 football fields across (American football)And if you were to walk around the outer perimeter of the building... it would be 9/10 of a mile She's a big'n
There are so many patents Apple applies for and is granted... who can keep up with them?Whether we knew about it in advance or not... it's in a shipping product now and it works great.
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