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Don't worry... Apple has plenty of money leftover to get into serious sound quality... if they wanted to.They could keep "Beats by Dre" for the kiddies... and create a "Beats Pro" brand for all sorts of new products like pro headphones, studio monitors, DACs, etc.But I don't think that's what this deal is about.
What if someone is interested in other types of "specs" including customer service, the App Store, accessory support, etc?You keep saying that iPhones are more expensive than Android phones. That's one area.But you fail to realize some of the things Apple offers that other companies simply cannot match.You're right... there are some Android phones with amazing hardware specs at incredible prices. But they're lacking in other areas.
Now go see how much an iPhone costs in China and India. iPhones are still rather expensive phones in those countries... even the older models.The iPhone 4, for instance, costs over $300 in India.In contrast... there are Android phones that retail for $50 dollars in China and India. And those two countries alone represent 2.5 billion people... many who don't have a lot of money.Here some phones available in India for roughly...
There were 230 million Android phones sold around the world last quarter. And many, MANY of them were, in fact, terrible phones.There are some great Android phones with incredible performance and specs... no one can deny that.But the majority of Android sales are NOT those phones.How many times do "good value for money" phones like the Moto G or Nexus 5 get mentioned on tech forums? A lot. But how many of those make up the entirety of Android sales? Not many... they're...
But others sure did!
Agreed.I saw a message saying "cannot connect to Adobe servers" last night when I opened Illustrator.I said to myself "oh that's weird" and then kept working.There were probably some people who were affected by this outage more than others... but it clearly wasn't the end of the world.Has something this big ever happened before in the last 2 years of Creative Cloud? I can't recall it if it has.It seems like GMail has gone down a few times since then.
Don't forget... "market share" is just the percentage of sales over the last 3 months."Installed base" would include all smartphones in use.Web usage would be affected by the installed base more than just the phones sold over the last quarter.
Not really... the mobile web version of Facebook still has the same limitations.Even with webweasel's suggestion... you still have to manually select a different list in order to get something that resembles "Most Recent"More taps... more frustration. Ugh.
Ah gotcha.
Ok.... but how do you get the iOS Facebook app to default to this new friends list instead of "Top Stories" ?That's the big issue here.I don't want to have to manually select a list each time I open the Facebook app.I just want "Most Recent" to be what I see all the time.
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