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You're gonna have a monthly payment regardless.If you buy a phone outright... you pay per month just for the service.If you get a phone subsidized... you pay per month for the leasing of the phone and for the service.A simple question to you... Where does the $480 go after 5 years of paying for Netflix?
Yeah I watched it too. It was OK.I chuckled when they announced that there are 5,000 new APIs in the next version of Android.I'm sure there's some good stuff in there.... but it will take years before a meaningful percentage of Android devices will even have that version.Kit Kat came out a year ago with a bunch of new APIs... yet only 15% of Android devices have it. So what incentive is there for an Android developer to take advantage of all these new APIs?"Here are some...
Wow... Wall Street NOT pooping all over Apple. Welcome to Bizarro World.
Fly looks cool... but the multi-cam feature costs $10 And I wonder if it's $10 for each iPhone? I'd love to play with the multi-cam feature... but I don't think I can convince 3 other friends to go along with it.
Apple doesn't keep much stock on hand.The next iPod Touch probably won't come out for another 3 months... so I doubt they have warehouses full of iPods they are trying to get rid of.And considering that the iPod Touch has waned in popularity over the past few years... they probably weren't making that many of them anyway.
Aereo was profiting from selling a service. That service allowed you to record and stream someone else's IP.Doesn't SlingBox do the same thing? They profit from selling hardware that allows you to record and stream someone else's IP.
There was a fine line between "reselling content" and "charging for the Aereo service"Unfortunately... the courts ruled in favor of the former rather than the latter.Aereo argued that they were simply renting you an antenna for your personal use.... but the courts didn't see it that way.
Yep... Apple has always been good at getting you in the door with a low price and moving you towards the next product.I remember long ago when the 8GB iPod Touch was $229.... but for $299 you could get a 32GB iPod Touch.Who in their right mind would actually buy the 8GB model at that price?The old 64GB Macbook Air was a similar situation.... for only $100 more you could double the storage space to 128GB.And here we are again... the $1,099 iMac gets you in the door... but...
And who's gonna pay for that infrastructure?The reason coffee shops and restaurants offer free WIFI is so you'll stay there and spend money on coffee and food.The carriers have spent BILLIONS on making sure you can get a signal everywhere... in exchange for a monthly fee.If WIFI is everywhere... and you can use that instead of the cell phone carriers... you're gonna have to pay someone for it. And who knows if that will be better than what the cell carriers offer?I'm just...
Thank you!I wish people would remember that when the quarterly smartphone reports come out.People love to combine ALL smartphones sales together and then calculate Apple's particular share. I never understood that.The automobile market has clearly defined categories. They don't compare sales of luxury cars to economy cars. While all those cars have four wheels and get you from place to place... they attract different customers.So I don't understand why a $600 phone is on...
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