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Yes… iPad sales have declined year-over-year… but Apple still managed to sell over 12 million iPads last quarter.A person might only buy an iPad once every 3 or 4 years… but people are buying iPads every day.There were roughly 136,000 iPads sold every day last quarter.So who are those people? Are any of them first-time iPad buyers? If so… that’s good. It means people are still interested in the iPad.I agree with Tim... it's too early to tell. It's only been 2 quarters of...
Historically... Apple has had no problem selling Mac laptops with a starting price of $1,000 when you could get a Windows laptop for $500 or less. And of course Windows PC outsold Mac laptops.And we're seeing that with iPads too. The $250 Android tablets are selling more than Apple's $500 tablets... thus making Apple's tablet share shrink.But market share was never Apple's goal.The Mac has NEVER had a significant amount of market share in 30 years. But it's always been...
Right.But my question was... who else is creating this sort of disruption?We know Apple can shake up multiple markets. We've seen it many times before. But who else does?For instance... what is HTC's great disruption? Or what is Lenovo working on that will blow our socks off?The comment I replied to earlier said that Apple introduces disruptive technologies... but then they just sit on them and simply iterates year after year. The tone of that comment was that Apple...
Let's take Apple out of the picture... so who else is shaking up the market?You say Apple is capable of causing a disruption (which is a feat in and of itself)... but then they sit on it.So what are other companies doing?I'm genuinely curious as a fan of tech (not just Apple... my only Apple device is an iPhone 5S)
Samsung is only interested in Check Box features. They can say they have this "thing" and that's all they care about.They certainly aren't concerned with whether the "thing" is useful or not.And details? Who needs 'em.(I can't wait to see Samsung's TV commercials attempting to explain how great these features are...)
I have a question... People say Apple is becoming a one-product company... their growth will hit the ceiling someday... they are doomed.... etc. So... who should you invest in? Is there any other mobile tech company who would be a better bet? For years the only two companies making ANY money in mobile were Apple and Samsung. LG finally started making money recently. (hooray?) But the other 60 smartphone manufacturers do NOT make money. Even the mighty Samsung is...
Yes... this chart shows the percentage of iOS versions actively visiting the App Store. It's for developers.It does not represent general usage. You'd have to find some other chart for that.It sounds like a chicken-n-egg situation.Old devices cannot run the newer apps and don't visit the App Store often... and thus newer apps don't support older devices.
LOL... iPhones are so easy to use! What's wrong with him? Honestly though... the iPhone only came out in 2007 while he was deep in his first election campaign. He probably doesn't have a whole bunch of time to "mess around" with technology.He uses an iPod though... so I'm guessing it's not an iPod Touch?
Ohhhhh... gotcha!Thanks!
The Galaxy S3, S4 and Galaxy Note 3 are on this list as the most popular Android devices for their particular years.This list is the most popular Android devices to access Facebook.If a lot of people use the Galaxy S4 to access Facebook as indicated by this list... it would be a fair assumption to say Samsung has sold a lot of Galaxy S4Conversely... if Samsung didn't sell ANY Galaxy S4... it wouldn't appear on this list, right?
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