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Gotcha.... thanks for the detailed explanation!I knew some stuff could be made available for older versions of Android... I just never knew exactly what. It sounds like the developer has to do a little extra work to ensure compatibility with older versions of Android.I get a kick out of when people say "ZOMG Android has 80% market share"It's true that 8 out of 10 smartphones sold today are running some version of Android. But for a developer... it's not exactly a seamless...
AT&T does have subsidized smartphone plans.But you can also buy a phone outright and simply pay for service.
What phone?Sorry... I guess I didn't understand what you were talking about.You said something about "$3000 over two years" and "people with poor math skills" which sounds like the age-old argument about subsidies.But... as I have said before... you're still gonna be paying thousands of dollars even if you buy an unlocked phone.BECAUSE YOU PAY EVERY MONTH FOR SERVICE.
They were gonna call it "Android Toxic Hellstew"... but that name was already leaked.
Sounds like a great hire for Apple! With all the talk about the wearables from LG, Samsung and Motorola these past couple days... do they have this kind of talent?
True... I didn't phrase it correctly.I was trying to say you're paying for the service and a portion of the phone each month.My issue was with your "look at all the money you spend over X amount of years" comment.My point was... you can say that about ANYTHING you pay monthly for.
You're gonna have a monthly payment regardless.If you buy a phone outright... you pay per month just for the service.If you get a phone subsidized... you pay per month for the leasing of the phone and for the service.A simple question to you... Where does the $480 go after 5 years of paying for Netflix?
Yeah I watched it too. It was OK.I chuckled when they announced that there are 5,000 new APIs in the next version of Android.I'm sure there's some good stuff in there.... but it will take years before a meaningful percentage of Android devices will even have that version.Kit Kat came out a year ago with a bunch of new APIs... yet only 15% of Android devices have it. So what incentive is there for an Android developer to take advantage of all these new APIs?"Here are some...
Wow... Wall Street NOT pooping all over Apple. Welcome to Bizarro World.
Fly looks cool... but the multi-cam feature costs $10 And I wonder if it's $10 for each iPhone? I'd love to play with the multi-cam feature... but I don't think I can convince 3 other friends to go along with it.
New Posts  All Forums: