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---> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Android_devices
So.... 100% of smartphones will be running a Google OS someday? Psssh... that will never happen. Not unless every other platform goes out of business. So again... what does Google get for having the largest platform? It's not money... Google already has the biggest OS marketshare... yet they can't monetize it like other companies who sell hardware. Maybe it will turn around when Googlerola starts selling phones.
Clearly... Google and a dozen manufacturers are beating Apple. So what's the grand prize?
But, but... marketshare!!! That trumps all... right?
It's not fraud. ProView is just pissed off at their missed opportunity.
LOL... he will be missed Here's my example of Android "winning" It's like you're running a marathon... and you cross the finish line first... but there is no one there to celebrate because it wasn't a real race to begin with. In other words... what exactly does Android get for "winning" ?
True... but resellers wouldn't keep ordering them if they aren't selling them. 20 million over an entire year... somebody must be buying them
Good question. Since Foxconn make products for many different companies... are the workers who assemble Apple products treated differently than workers who assemble produces for Nintendo, Dell, HP, Vizio, Toshiba, etc? And what are the average salaries for other types of work in China?
It might be a little early to say that Amazon has had a success with the Kindle Fire.Sure... Amazon has sold millions of them... but they are essentially making ZERO dollars on each one.This is a long-tail game where Amazon will have to make up profit with app sales, music and movies.There are reports that Amazon will eventually make $186 from every Kindle Fire user. I hope they do.
In other words... MotoHTCSamsungLG is higher than Apple... Got it!
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