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When did this newest ad campaign from Samsung begin? You know last quarter was from October to December, right? And I never really understood what makes Samsung so great... they are yet another Android OEM."Oh man... I just got this new Samsung phone. But it's pretty much the same as my buddy's Motorola."
That's the essence of the "market share" game. It's a comparison of a bunch of different companies' products... calculated by a 3rd party. A ranking... if you will. They sit back and rank everything... who comes in first, second, and so on... but do you think Apple really cares about stuff like that? Apple just sold 37 million iPhones... yet the multi-manufacturer "Android Consortium" sold more. Gee, I wonder why? But hey... at least Apple didn't post a LOSS this quarter
Ok... Motorola only sold 200,000 tablets this quarter... Who sold the other 10 million Android tablets this quarter?
Balanced information? That article you linked has exactly the same data as this article... from some firm called Strategy Analytics.I mean, seriously... you posted an article from the LA Times that is using the very same information as this Apple Insider post.Why?
In phones... who is profiting handsomely? Samsung is by far the biggest and most successful seller of Android phones. No doubt about that. But HTC cut their earnings forecast... and Motorola and LG have had LOSSES for many consecutive quarters. Is that the runaway train to profit you're referring to?
I'm not in the oil industry... so forgive me. Maybe it costs more money to drill and refine oil... so there's less profit? Why don't we stick to similar tech companies... Maybe they're all supposed to make decent profit... but Apple is so good at it while everyone else is so bad at it? Apple's phones are priced roughly the same as competing models... why does Apple make so much money? Or... why does a company like Motorola LOSE money? Here's why: Apple sells $600 phones...
Excellent. There are 200 other carriers around the globe who sell Android phones. I need those numbers by the end of the week
I'm not sure how this works exactly... but Samsung has many subsidiaries. I'm pretty sure the Samsung consumer electronics division has to place an order with Samsung components division. Or something along those lines.
Same here. I know a ton of people who have had a horrible time with Android phones such as the Droid X. Things like constant reboots or having to get it replaced 2 or 3 times. Yikes. After 18-24 months of that... I wonder if that will sour their experience with Android as a whole... or if they will realize if was a problem with that particular model or the manufacturer. Seems like if you've been burned by "an Android phone" that might lead you to explore alternatives...
Does Apple.com have ratings in their store? I bet the iPad would get the highest rating there.
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