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The old Dock Connector was supposed to be licensed too... I think it was $4 per device.Any reasonable company would pay it... but I'm sure there were a lot of non-licensees.
I wouldn't say Microsoft is "scared" per se.But... they do stand to make a lot more money selling hardware and software... instead of just software. It's a business decision.Let's be honest though... I doubt Microsoft will overtake HP and Dell and Lenovo and Samsung and Asus, etc.The regular ol' OEM PC still has a lot of life in it... and Microsoft will continue to sell Windows licenses for quite a while.
Yep... that was my point.Ads can be good or bad... and we can laud them or complain about them... and Microsoft's product will sell.
And despite all those clueless ads.... Microsoft still has 90% of the market.353 million PCs were sold last year... all toting a Microsoft OS.Yes... PC sales are declining... it's being reported that only 348 million PCs will be sold this year.Microsoft is doomed because of bad advertising... right?
Paper textbooks suck because they weigh a ton and you have to carry the entire thing from August to June... even if your class doesn't use the entire book.Digital textbooks solves the weight issue... and downloading only the chapters you need would solve the capacity issue.I'm not sure how elementary school textbooks are now... but when I was a kid... we used the same English book all year. If they just split the book in half by semester... that would reduce file sizes by...
It's possible that there are some people who never use maps on their phone... and who don't own any 30-pin speaker docks.
Parents probably just add a line to their family plan. At most they'd have to pay for data for their child's phone.Every kid does not have a $100 monthly phone bill.
The previous iPod Touch had messaging and almost all of that other stuff. And it's always been a great way to get kids into the iOS ecosystem.Yet the iPod Touch only sold about 4 million last quarter... while the iPhone sold 26 million.I think it's clear that a "real" smartphone is a lot more popular than a connected multimedia device.I agree that the new iPod Touch is an amazing little machine... but iPods in general are sliding down to niche status.Plus... the iPod Touch...
Wasn't his prior history known during jury selection?
I don't think the buying public keeps up with HP's carousel of CEOs. That's more of a Wall Street thing.HP is still the largest PC manufacturer in the world. People know the brand... because many people use an HP computer every day. I'm not surprised HP is so high on the list.Tough news for Dell at #49
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