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Oh I know... I didn't mean you specifically
You're assuming Apple is trying to meet some mythical quota. I don't think they are. Your last sentence sums it up nicely though... companies are in business to make money.... not trying to sell the most things.
Yeah... this ought to shut those people up... unless they insist on comparing Apple's iPhone to all the different devices made by many manufacturers that run Google's OS...
This was soooo big a few years ago. I remember all my podcasts talking about it. I almost forgot about it!
Exactly.... they won't be getting an "it's just as good as the iPad but it only costs $199" tablet.
True... but anything bigger than a pocket requires a conscious choice to carry it. that includes laptops, old Kindles, etc. Women have it easy... they have a purse with them all the time. Men? Not so much. I bet the Kindle Fire would fit in my back pocket.... but that's silly. That's why I have a smartphone.
Yes... it's tiny... but with a tiny price too
I dunno. The jump from $99 to $199 isn't that bad when you're paying $90 a month for service for 2 years... The initial cost of the phone is a fraction of the total cost of ownership. But yes... I totally know it's a big deal to some people I'm sure she will enjoy her iPhone 4
Oh yeah... they have Bada.... I totally forgot about that....
Apple is in a unique position... as they make the software and the hardware. 5 years ago, Samsung was selling smartphones running Microsoft's Windows Mobile... and today they sell smartphones with Google's Android OS. There's not much innovation Samsung can do... other than a button placement here or there. The software innovation comes from someone else. As for hardware innovation... Samsung was still making Windows Mobile phones that used a stylus as Apple was...
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