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Exactly!Plus... Apple would only release a cheaper iPhone in China if it was financially reasonable to do so. Otherwise... there isn't contest where the winner gets a prize if they sell the "most" things or represent a certain "share" of the market.Yeah it's a nice trophy to say "we sold this many units" but when was it the goal to actually shoot for that?Applebee's could sell a lot of meals if their steak dinners were $4.99... but what would be the point?No restaurant...
Yep... it's unfortunate that they had a 10-year headstart with tablets... but they were going in the wrong direction.
That's why I said "they were also ill-equipped"
No one was expecting a radical shift in smartphones fueled by Apple and then Google.As a result... Microsoft was not only late to the party... they were also ill-equipped to deal with change.It took them 3 years to come up with their next OS... when they should have begun scrapping Windows Mobile years before.Who knows... we'd probably still see Windows Mobile today if it wasn't for the iPhone and Android.
True... but since analysts estimate how many units are sent out... can't they also estimate how many come back?Just have someone at Samsung's loading dock seeing pallets of phones coming in
But don't all those units eventually reach the hands of the consumer? Just give them time.Otherwise we'd hear if millions of unsold phones get sent back to the OEM.Who knows... there might be a ton of misfit Android phones buried in the New Mexico desert next to the remains of all those E.T Atari cartridges...http://www.snopes.com/business/market/atari.asp
Oh lord... the LG Prada debate... Yes... LG showed off the Prada before Steve Jobs revealed the iPhone. Good for them. But I'm a little confused about the timeline when this supposed "copying" took place. How did Apple (in Cupertino) find out about the LG Prada (in South Korea) ??? Apple claims to have been working on the iPhone since 2004... where exactly would Apple have seen what LG was working on?
Apple made 3.5" screens the limit for 5 years too.... will 4" be the limit for the next 5 years?Let's hope not!
Simple... Samsung had to wait for Google to make them an OS on both those occasions. Samsung had nothing to offer at the time.Samsung didn't release their first Android phone until 2009... 2 years after the iPhone.They were a little quicker on the tablet front, though. But instead of waiting for Honeycomb (the "real" tablet OS... lol...) they went ahead and put Froyo on their first Android tablet in late 2010.Oh Samsung may make great products now... but in those early...
I never said anything about choice...I said for just a "little" more money... you can get "double" and "faster" and all sorts of other adjectives over the entry-level model.In some instances... the entry-level model is not the best deal.If you're already paying $1000 for the 11" Macbook Air... why wouldn't you spend another $100 for DOUBLE the storage space?That was my point.Apple does that to almost guarantee you'll go beyond the entry-level model.
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