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I understand growth is important to corporations and shareholders... but so is selling a ton of products and making a ton of cash from those products. Sony is having trouble selling TVs... LG and Motorola aren't making any money selling phones... aren't they in a little more danger than a company like Apple? I guess what I'm asking is.... if Apple can't sit still and expect a couple of products to keep growing in terms of sales... what hope is there for everyone...
Why not? I expect Apple to make cell phones and tablets for the rest of my life... and remain profitable. If Apple never came out with another "new" category... they'd still be in business. In contrast... ask RIM how their tablet effort turned out. They tried to go into a new product category... and failed miserably. Same for Palm/HP. Plus... is Apple really "riding on the back" of categories that they defined? As a consumer electronics company... Apple is already in...
If the Mac users never call IT... that's a good thing!
I'm a desktop guy... good ol' tower n' monitor. No touch screen for me. First thing I will do is bypass Metro and bring up the desktop on Windows 8. The Metro interface may be great, and Microsoft may want to radically change Windows... but the software developers have to radically change their programs in order for this great shift to happen. Otherwise... people will stick to the Windows 7 "classic" interface to run their existing programs.
This is Windows Mobile 6 Professional... running on a Palm Treo 750... announced around the same time as the original iPhone. Quick question: If the iPhone had never existed... or some other disruptive product... how long would Microsoft have continued down this road?
2 years to develop Windows Phone 7 from scratch isn't all that bad. It took 5 years for Microsoft to have an answer to the iPod.
All of this talk about "market share" as if there is some contest... where if one platform doesn't reach a certain number by a certain date... they are forced to quit. Madness! Apple is the only company selling iOS devices... while there are a dozen manufacturers of Android devices (and hundreds of those) Clearly... Android will have the "sheer number" advantage... and yet certain Android manufacturers are struggling. I wouldn't exactly call that "strength in...
This is true. I went to my Verizon store to buy an iPhone 4S. All I could do is order it. I ordered it on December 19. It didn't ship until the 23rd... and I got it on the December 27th.
I seem to recall something on the matter. AT&T basically sends a $400 check to Apple for every iPhone they sell. I also remember something about AT&T not making a profit on an iPhone customer until the 17th month of a 24 month contract... citing high data use and whatnot.http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-10371785-37.html Not sure if it was ever verified, though.
The Mac Pro is not a high-volume seller. It never was. And neither are the high-end workstations from HP and other manufacturers. But if the Mac Pro isn't losing money... why kill it? Besides... aren't there some engineers at Apple who use Mac Pros? Aren't they gonna hate to downgrade to an iMac?
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