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Eh.  No thanks.  I'll go ahead with one of the new 15" models with the anti-glare display.  I like my 2011 model, but the 2012 with the better GPU / USB 3 is worth it.  Gaining retina display isn't really worth the loss of being able to upgrade my laptop as I see fit.
It's great for those who want it.  It would also be great for Apple to remove the "send to Facebook" and "send to Twitter" shortcuts for those who don't wish to enable the feature.  Then everyone would have the best of both worlds.  I don't feel like sharing my entire life. Others do.  Enable the features ONLY when the user wants them there.
Great.  I'm very excited about the other features of the OS.  I don't have as much hate for Twitter as I do for Facebook, so this really chaps me.  I don't want their logo anywhere on my phone or iPad.  This is decidedly irritating.  I wonder if the jailbreak community may find a way to remove the icons.
    Million dollar question.  Do the Facebook and Twitter icons appear in the "send to" if you don't have their app installed and you're not signed in?  Or are we forced to look at them no matter what.
Really digging it so far. The LTE screams in my area, the Verizon LTE with free hot spot feature is awesome. I picked up the new Apple TV this afternoon as well. The picture quality is definitely worth the upgrade. Not sure if it's just me but the audio seems a bit better over Airplay, I wonder if they tweaked something there.
Got my 32/ Verizon/ Black model in this afternoon. I love the screen, it's absolutely amazing. Text is phenomenal. However, the weight increase is definitely noticeable to me. Very pleased with it so far but the weight is a bit irritating.
Mine's now showing picked up by FedEx, shipping from Nashville - to Nashville Delayed delivery until the 16th. Can't wait!
I wouldn't worry. Mine says the same thing, but it's probably just going to ship from a local area and hasn't been dropped and scanned at FedEx yet.
I don't really care for the new interface. Irritating. I'll probably buy the new ATV just for the 1080p though.
32GB Verizon 4G Black on the way. Says delivers by Friday the 16th
New Posts  All Forums: