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Sorry - was just letting off some steam. Yeah, this is the first time I snapped on MacRumors in 4 years, so I don't think it warranted a ban.
Yeah, it was jessica - guess it was obvious. She's the only female with 20k posts that tends to demean people in her posts. Ever since I started on that forum, I've seen her totally rip people appart, and that was ok with management, but if someone refers to her as a bitch, it's INSTA ban - ridiculous! I sent a message to the webmaster (whoever that may be), and expressed my concerns quite verbally. I'm done with that forum though - not going to be loyal to a community...
I'm sure you've seen this topic here before, but I just wanted to express my frustration somewhere! I've been using MacRumors for about 4 years now, constantly posting and reading it just about everyday. Today however, I decided to post about Verizon and all the hype their getting for re-releasing the iPhone 4. Needless to say, my post was a bit argumentative, but at least it got an interesting conversation going. So, one of the users basically started to demean me...
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