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Just curious as to why you want to retain the backup from before you did the re-install. You have a fresh install that has no problems I assume, so if it was me, I would delete the old and do a fresh back up. It sounds to me like your external HD is trying to install a new backup after the old one and there isn't enough room for 2 copies of your system. I haven't done this myself, so this is just an opinion.
Thanks for the response.I understand Intego AV is a keeper. With respect to your renewal, is a renewal cheaper than the initial price? Have you ever had any infections?
Find your own thread.
I have been getting ready to buy my first iMac figuring out what to include. With a rumor of a hardware update and the Lion OS promised for mid-Summer, I might as well sit tight until they're done updating.
Duh! Thanks.
Sorry I don't see it. I see that the HD was replaced 7 weeks ago, but not the age of the machine. I asked if it was his first, remembering the abuse my first computer took, and which might explain why his HD is failing. I see he joined the forum in 2006, so if that's when he bought the computer, that would make it 5 years old. If that's the case, I was going to suggest moving up to a new Mac instead of investing more time in the present one.
Just wondering how old your MBP is meaning in years old, and if this is your first computer?
Thanks for the heads up. That's a good point. I'm mainly thinking about 8GB as insurance for the future, say 4 years from now. When I bought my Dell in 2004 with WinXP they were typically putting 500Mb of RAM in their over the counter pc's. I ordered one with 1GB to insure that I'd have enough for a while. So now it's 2011 and it's starting to bog down because software and updates typically need more RAM.
Hi Tallest Skil, Thanks for the response. Why do you say never buy RAM from Apple? Is it just because of the price and it would be cheaper from macsales, or is there a more sinister reason? I am aware of the update coming. Thanks for the tip. What about your opinion on whether to get 8GB or is 4GB enough?
I'm considering buying the 21.5" iMac and am wondering whether to order it with 4 or 8GB of RAM. Someone once told me to get more than you'll ever think you will need that you can afford, when buying a computer. Right now 4 GB will be more than enough, but what about 4 years from now? I'm not a gamer, but who knows what will strike my fancy in a few years as time goes by. What's been your experience as iMac users? Did you get 4GB and are happy with it, or did you get 8GB...
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