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@koop I think you are missing a lot in your analysis. For one thing, there are no TV's with 'apps' as comparable to the App Store, or even the Google Apps catalog. That's the point Apple is making. Remember how there were products with apps before the iPhone? Because there were, but it was a disjointed mess. That's also what TV apps are like now, and what Apple is looking to exploit.
Completely disagree with Apple here. I 100% support removing the flag from any government building, but in a historically accurate war game? That's just dumb. @Thewhitefalcon Grow up dude. I mean, seriously.
Longtime Apple fan here. This move by Apple is incredibly short sighted and embarrassing. Yes, the flag is a treasonous and racist symbol. Yes, it is also a part of our history. If the flag is used in a historical context then I see no problem with it. I do, however, have a problem with it flying over ANY state capital in this country. Really poor move Apple.
Woz was the wis kid in VERY beginning. Like Jobs or not, after the very beginning it was Steve Jobs who determined the fate of Apple. No other person comes close to deserving as much recognition, including Woz.
Most of you haters on here are simply uneducated about what you hate. Learn the facts about the ACA before spouting off against 30 million people receiving affordable healthcare. Folks like you are what is wrong with this country. Just watch Kimmel's video where he asks people if they are for the ACA or Obamacare and everyone responds "Oh I am definitely against Obamacare, but I support the ACA." They are the same thing!! SMH
@cash907 So continue to live in a state which doesn't even try things like this to better their students education. Yeah, that is MUCH better eh?
The folks at Palm, Blackberry, Motorola, and others had similar thoughts when the iPhone released.
I'm quite sure you can manage.
Shouldn't that read two Thunderbolt ports?
You don't think this will sell well huh.  LOL  Sorry for the laugh but, all due respect, that is a ridiculous take.   I think it looks great but then again I don't care about having the biggest screen or most megapixels or whatever.  Software is what really counts and Apple has been a leader in this regard and continues to be.  The 16x9 is fine with me, I'll be upgrading from my old iPhone 4 as soon as I'm able to.  
New Posts  All Forums: