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I hold the stock, and wish Munster was 'good news.' But it's really no news, since there is no way to know if the increased stock is due to better supply with the same demand, or less demand with same supply, etc, etc. If they really wanted to know sales, they should have counted iphones going out the door. Otherwise, it's an almost meaningless statistic.
What is the software that you recommend? I could really use help in becoming better. I have a Yamaha piano.
I used Casio Privia and Kawai CA63 digital pianos with my 2 kids (they are now 11 and 9 y.o.). With the help of some Mac and iOS software they have learned piano to grade 4 Royal Conservatory level. What is the software that you used? I have a Yamaha and would love help in learning to be a better player. Steve
She's one hundred percent right. I am also a shareholder, but Apple's going to have to change this policy, and fast.
I, for one, am tired of the Apple rumor sites continually referring to the 'years and millions of dollars' necessary to make Liquid Metal useful, as some kind of immovable object. First of all, those 'years' have already passed, and as for investing millions of dollars, uhhh, well, we're talking about Apple here. They would not hesitate to invest a BILLION dollars to make a product special. It's time to retire this boring and irrelevant quote. If Apple wants to use liquid...
I think this analyst knows what he is talking about, and it is refreshing to have a balanced and logical perspective. I personally want a larger screen. As for doubling the resolution of Retina, the whole point of 'Retina' is that you couldn't see a higher resolution even if it was there. It would just drain the battery and cost more.
We are always getting these figures from you, and it would really help if the article specified if the market share and money share and so on was UNITED STATES or GLOBAL. Half the time it's one or other, but the articles you print rarely specify which one. It should be in the first paragraph. Thanks!
50% yield is pretty good anyway.
three years came from ipad after iphone, you've omitted mentioning the ipad.
The older models are the iphone 4 and 4S, which are half the phones that Apple is currently selling in the U.S. Losing the ability to sell these phones either here or internationallly is a catastrophe. They need a substitute by Aug 5.
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