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The older models that infringe include the iPhone 4 and 4S, which even in the U.S. may represent half of Apple's sales. They need a replacement by Aug 5, or risk catastrophic loss of sales.
These articles on what is upcoming continually ignore a huge 'elephant in the room.' Apple is possibly going to be prohibited from selling those 'cheap older models' on August 5th by the trade commission. If I were a smart company, I would make damn sure I had something else to sell by then. Thus, this continual mention of 'Apple only releases one model' is totally out of date. Apple needs a cheap model that does not infringe Samsung's patents, and if they are smart (they...
If you are a student who wants to do some video and/or photos, this is a compelling offer. You need the 500 gig hard drive (compared to small storage on a Macbook Air), you will use the DVD player/recorder, and the upcoming Haswell only offers better battery life, not a significant increase in speed. As for the Retina display, I am a professional photographer and I love my 15' Retina, but for my son we have looked at both photos and video and the 13' normal display is...
My guess is that this phone is a custom phone for China Mobile.
$329 is too much, and I don't even like the aspect ratio. I think the 16x9 tablets are more useful
Good points, thanks!
$249 is the sweet spot
This article is mis-titled at best. So this screen is supposed to be so superior that rivals are at a 3-5 year disadvantage? Come on, all the screens on all the competing tablets are okay for a $250 device, and the Kindle can be read in the sunlight, which is an advantage for Amazon. I have too much invested in Apple, so believe me I want the stock to go up, but if this article is the only reason to believe, then I'm even more afraid. MCRS has some good points. Hopefully...
Because the ipad is frequently 'stood up' on a table, the headphone jack cannot be at the bottom. This is different than an iphone, which is held in the hand.
It can be any of those. But a Canon 'L' lens or Nikon pro lens will likely incorporate very expensive glass with nano coatings that will greatly reduce flare. A single lens of the type I use costs way more than the entire iPhone. And even such a lens can exhibit some flare in such extreme circumstances as pointing at the sun.  The details don't matter, suffice it to say that the results are noticeable. Good luck.
New Posts  All Forums: