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You don't need a hasselblad. A nikon or Canon with a good lens will be fine.
That's a pretty strong effect, not too easy. there likely wouldn't be a high quality image 'behind' the flare.
I'm a professional photographer. What you are seeing is an artifact initiated by lens flare. This iphone is a teeny camera with a teeny lens. There is nothing wrong with it. But that's why serious photographers are lugging around heavy cameras with heavy lenses. They perform better.
If I want to upgrade from AT&T's website, the shipping time is still Sept 21
The headphone on the bottom never made any sense. The ipad sits upright on your desk, a headphone connection on the bottom would make that impossible. The iPhone is more often held in the hand or sideways, so doesn't present that problem.
Dear Slurpy, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear in my tone. I am not bashing Apple, I am a stockholder and I want them to make a lot of money, as well as change the world for the better. It is very likely that Apple computes a margin on the total cost of components, and then looks at the market to determine the best price to sell something at. In the case of the iPad, it is likely that the cost of several components other than the screen were costing less (as well as R&D) a...
it's unknown whether the cost of these high-resolution screens would be passed on to the consumer.'   Of course it will, like every other component, and labor to make the thing. Why wouldn't it be? I agree with other posters above, I will be buying this thing with all the RAM, speed and features I can get, and I am sure Apple will charge me enough to keep up their 50% profit margin. That's fine with me.   '
    Are you sure? How would you personally know... It seemed like Gen X was speaking from personal experience.
  Hi Gen X, It sounds like you are a former apple design guy, and you are saying there is some kind of exodus. Is this true? Are people running from Apple now that there's no Steve, or is the new management--Cook and Browett--going off on a course you consider wrong? I would love to hear any thoughts you have! Thanks!   Steve  
  I admire Tim Cook in many ways. He also has never demonstrated an 'aesthetic.' I love the company Apple, and no, I'm not complaining about its achievements. At the same time, I don't put my head in the sand when things may not be going right. It is likely that Ron Johnson left when Jobs passed him over for Cook.  It is also true that what Johnson did for Target was remarkable, and shouldn't be underestimated. His unique abilities must be a large part of why it took so...
New Posts  All Forums: