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Still down, disappointing also that Apple Insider posted this article based on speculation, not actual fact.
I think you are right that the 'event' will be smaller, but not because of the technology. My guess is that it confirms that Steve will not be presenting. Too bad. Another Steve
This is the most salient and correct evaluation. Size has very little to do with cost. A person with a low income doesn't need a retina display or stainless steel case. The electronics inside and the operating system follow Moore's law and will not be the impediment to making a cheap phone. A plastic case with a decent display, minimal memory connected to the iCloud, and the fully Apple ecosystem and functionality is what they will do.
This is a very smart observation. Yes, we all believe that below Steve are highly qualified people. But if their inspiration and allegiance is to Steve, and Steve does not return, then Apple's quality can dissipate as the top people leave for other opportunities. that is the real danger.
Bravo. This whole issue, which appears on numerous 'rumor' sites, is embarassing. As if Jonathon Ive needs this guy to help him design a logo. Come on.
Why would you say this? I am a professional photographer, run Photoshop and FCP, and need to download, and show my photos, and want a computer with me at all times. I don't want the weight of the macbook pro (three years old) that I have now. It seems to me that the new air will be MUCH faster than my current machine, and with a portable LaCie Rugged, hopefully with a thunderbolt version coming soon, I should be in great shape. Why not get this?
I'm ashamed to be a union member of the AFL-CIO. They are idiots. They would be the first to argue that a sick union member not be fired from his job, but they hypocritically attack a man who is a genius for small flaws. They are carping, small-minded, vinditive, jealous, pathetic. A shame. Steve
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I'm sorry, but if this company is doing so much research about who makes what, where, then why do they not specify WHERE IN JAPAN these plants are? A generalized fear of earthquakes, transportation, electricity may not apply if the manufacturing is nowhere near where the quakes are occurring. Japan is not 20 miles wide. All the problems cited in this article would be region specific, and there is NO information whatsoever about this. If there is an earthquake in Los...
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