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Another point is that selling the ipad in Walmart creates a bigger platform not just for the ipad, but increases Apple's presence in Walmart and strengthens the relationship, thereby resulting in higher sales of all Apple products at this retailer. Curiosity about the ipad alone will put customers right in the Apple section.
Your review mentions that the picture looks great but then complains about the 720p instead of 1080p. These figures are vast simplifications of what is going on the screen. Each pixel must be supplied with both color and density information, and huge compression of data can take place here. Bit depth and bit rate are important ways of measuring this, and should be taken into consideration in evaluating quality. Cable services are notorious for vastly compressing density...
Hi, I travel and work on distant locations in the film business. So at least half the year I am away from home, needing a laptop. Your suggestion would work well for me: have the biggest possible screen on my (hotel room) desk, and yet have the ipad to carry around daily, watch the movies on the airplane, etc. The lack of express card on the 15" macbook pro is really galling. It's supposed to be a 'pro' machine. Most 'pro's' are using things like esata, compact flash...
First of all, most advisors, if they hold a stock, want others to share in the glorious news of its value in order to induce them to buy and so drive the price up. Second, That page is a swamp of confusing references. Too much for me to navigate. Third, I wasn't asking for the method of evaluating stocks. I was asking for YOUR EVALUATION of Apple. In other words, your conclusions about Apple using whatever method of evaluation you choose. thanks! Steve
Anantksundaram, So how would you, personally, evaluate Apple's stock? What are your thoughts? steve
Thanks to all of you for your thoughts. It seems to me that it is likely there will be a memory upgrade, and sooner than later. I have never believed that Apple or anyone else would hold back on making the phone more desirable for 'marketing' reasons. After all, companies like Nokia and Verizon are more of a threat than some arcane idea about why holding back a product would somehow create more demand. And, by the way, I WOULD consider paying around $600 for a 16 gig (or...
Thank you so much for your candor, and probable harsh reality. I was hoping that someone would know something technical about size of new 16 gig vs 8 gig, how it would fit and why there isn't one even though there is a 16 gig iTouch.thanks!steve
Any thoughts? I want one ASAP, but would rather have 16 Gig. If it's gonna be next year before it arrives, I'll get one tomorrow, but I was hoping for such an upgrade by November. They are making the 16Gig Itouch now, why can't they do the same for the iphone? Any knowledge would be GREATLY appreciated! steve
Thank you, THT. I am waiting for 16Gig before purchasing. It does seem to me, that if Toshiba and Samsung are starting production in October, that it is entirely possible that Apple will offer new Iphone with 16gig before Christmas. It has been widely reported that Apple has first dibs on flash memory for several years, is this not true? This question is important to me, as I would like an iphone ASAP, and if it will be next year before 16Gig, I would prefer to buy one...
I agree with your general idea, although I have no actual information. Think Secret's idea that Apple will wait until November to release the SAME PHONE they are making now is absurd. If they don't have 3g, then release it NOW. The store's extended hours clearly must be for something like that. 16 gig (what I 'm waiting for) or 3G would be fantastic, a hit out of the park. Now that the itouch is 16gig, it's hard to imagine the iphone is far behind. steve
New Posts  All Forums: