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Well, Apple web page can be compared to Microsoft. But, when is gonna Dell copy them? APPLE DELL MICROSOFT
www.skype.com Just appeared Anyone has tried it?
Yes. That's an iMac G5 with dock and I'm Napoleon. Think: what would do people that hasn't got an iPod with an iPod dock? Put Coke there? Silly
Well. The say will introduce the new iMac in S Edit: Wrong. It was Motion. $299 and buyeable now
Well, I've been looking at the specs of the Cornice Hard Drive and have seen a thing that makes me remember of old time roumors. "2500 3 MegaPixels Photos" Well, what a bout an iCam? All things point to a new smaller iPod, but an "cheap" cam would be perfect. A year ago people say apple won't enter in the camera world just because there is a lot of people in that market and lot's that would do it better that apple. Then they intro the iSight and I have to say that...
lol mockup Jobs praying T-shirts
I know it's a bit off topic but I'm thje only one who see a pair of mistakes in the image? -iTunes 3 icon in the Dock -In one window appears 2003 copyright and in the other is 2002 when both are suposed to be system windows. Wouldn't it be logic both have the same year?
Can someone tell me if this version of Div-x doesn't need pree processing?
I know this is a little weird but what about an Apple Hi-Fi. It could have an -HD for storing music -Airport for wireless connection to the mac and for Internet radio -Cd player of course -iPod dock? Not sure of it's use -Harman Speakers. Of course Apple won't make the speakers. We are a hardware company :P -And of course it will be a white Hi-Fi stereo equipement I'd buy one. It would be sure "Music for my ears"
As you see I meant pages that still can be found at apple.com T-shirts no longer exists Here is another one. The ad is no longer but the page is old ibook page old iMac page Pro mouse
New Posts  All Forums: