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I can see it now.... Coming early 2014 the Galaxy Note Extreme, 14 inch screen 2560x1440, 8 core 2ghz cpu, 2 smart pen thingys, triple band 802.11ac, passive glasses free 3D, dual sim card..... Seriously.., things are getting a little crazy with samsung..
so their own platform hurt the potential revenue...ironic
thats almost insider trading... but not quite there...
looks nice it would also be great if the allowed Airplay Mirroring from a Mac so we can get big Full HD monitor. there was too much to read there... so if you touched upon this already, sorry
this might bring us closer to the apple branded TV
what does this have to do with anything...?
I know but I find it very disturbing how wide spread it is in China compared to other places and I've been to over 15 countries.
Scalpers make me sick.. I'm Chinese so I happen to know a whole lot about these folks.. Their culture puts "money worship" above all else; public safety, health, dignity, respect, rule of law..., nobody really cares about any of that, making money is all that seems to matter. In my time in China, most the people i came across have absolutely no pride in the jobs they work, they just do it for the sake of the money.
this would make a good movie, needs a sex scene though
those "leaks" from PSU I believe you are referring to have been discredited. I actually went to PSU to study economics and I trust the integrity of their staff. Anyway.., this thread is full of ideologues, can we actually get back to the thread's topic? Now that the meeting is over and the photos are out. I looks like some in the media tried to make it look as if Steve really bad health, but it doesn't really look that bad.
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