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he does look a little thinner, but not as bad as some would suggest in that 'other' photo
holy crap, this is the best quote I've heard in years! Do you mind if I put this quotation with your name on my facebook!?
wow, so much partisanship in here.. is anybody out there an independent realist anymore?
even if Nokia + MS works, i dont see their market share getting pass single digits vs iOS and android
LG, HTC and Samsung are already making WP7 hardware, its too late to have an exclusive deal with Nokia
i really dont like Windows 7 tablets, they need to make a version of WP7 for tablets similar to what android is doing with honeycomb. Maybe Nokia wants that?
dam, and I just sold all my Microsoft stock
really?, i was told that people use Google Voice and Skype to turn their iPods into phones with data calls
making a call and using data at the same time can already be done on verizon.. just get Google Voice app and make calls over data
New Posts  All Forums: