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Wow, this has me really excited.
Google can use IP traffic analysis of you to know when you're home and adjust temperature. They tract you anyway why not use that tracking to adjust your thermostat? Better than nest just learning your behavior to playing with the knob and knowing what time it is.
They should have either gave it the 64 bit SoC or made it another $100 bucks cheaper. I would have gone the 64bit route.
Don't think for a moment it was an "accident".
It will never really be big unless it can use the cable/satellite pipes.  If it can replace the comcast/direct tv/dish/time warner box with something really incredible I will come running.  The current apple TV does IP based services, airplay for apps, and gives me access to my iTunes library.   It has to be more than that and not totally rely on IP or bandwidth limits will get in the way. 
The computer in your pocket will have a profound affect on the whole industry. Imagine in 10 years when that pocket computer only needs a display (desk, wall mount, @ work, or @ home) and human input device to be everything we need? The cloud, fast connectivity, and a personal hub (biometrically secured since it holds our precious stuff).
I hope the phone doesn't get bigger, I can barely operate my phone with one hand now (5s).  I do want the iPad to get bigger.  My observation is the iPad has become the travel partner, the couch companion, and the mobile portal.  The mini's for people who shove them in purses, the maxi's for the rest of us.  The two are too close in size now, they need to separate.   My personal belief is the big phone android people don't buy phones+tablets.  They try to compromise...
That's what I'm waiting for to upgrade. I don't need it to run OS X I have a MBA and Mac Pro for that. I need an iPad with better readability.
Past history would say 9:45 a.m. +/- a few minutes.
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