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I like MOOGGOT better
The game was fantastic. The halftime show awesome...and I'm not a big madonna fan but she put on a great show. The adds...meh :roll eyes: The samsung add was silly, whip out a huge ass phone and then a stylus. everyone in my house laughed hard when one person on the add said "it has a stylus?"....we were all waiting for the belt holster hanging off one of the actors.
1990 called and want's its stylus back
What could you possible do with an apple TV 1) gaming and apps for the living room 2) record live TV to any of your macs or NAS equiped airports 3) a menu system that could be controlled via an apple remote, iphone, ipad, mac 4) Siri for people who want to talk to their tv 5) playback to your macs, iphones, ipads 6) bluetooth speaker support 7) video decode for any formats to support your cameras, downloads, ... 8) simple interface for blue-ray/dvds the...
I would hate to see my web browsing habits be used to tailor my TV commercials. I would hate to see my TV watching habits tailor my spam email. And yes.....your email content is scanned by google to tailor your spam mail. Not something I would ever buy.
What I want to see under Cook....leverage the brand and go for their throats. 1) Launch a $500 notebook & desktop, pocket around $100 per sku. Stop ignoring this market. 2) Add phone models to the lineup or license I0S to select makers, pocket about $50 per sku. Allow the partner to use the A5 or whatever to help drive down costs. Position the phones under your flagship, using old models for you "no-cost" option isn't a great strategy. Make the industry work for...
The difference is huge. a timer when combined with a wiper blade is an invention. a timer when combined with a clock is another. a timer when combined with an artificial heart valve yet another. bring things together to make something new is an invention.
damn, apple versus all of Taiwan?
With a 2GB cap, LTE can use up all your BW in 6-20 mins depending on speed. The ATT scheme currently in the 4S can be out in 11-30 mins. Capacity not speed is holding the networks back.
to me it will always be "iPhone 4 Steve"
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