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Apple is buying the San Jose Sharks?
That awkward moment when nobody actually mentions *NET NEUTRALITY* and *NET NEUTRALITY VIS A VIS TITLE II* are not the same thing...
Uh... 9% don't know?
Does Apple run Phillips QC department?  Huh... who knew?
1 for Promises In these crazy times... in this crazy asynchronous world we live in... it's good having someone on our side to think about our sanity! (that being said... "q" has been keeping me sane for a few years now, still nice seeing the ECMAScript 6 native implementations starting to show up)
 Well... maybe he shouldn't say that people are science hating flat earthers who need to be shunned like racists in the 60's... for no other reason than the fact that they disagree with him on the climate.  Ya think maybe it could have something to do with that?  He contributes to a major problem in this society where anybody with a differing opinion is evil... instead of just someone with a different opinion.  Have you SEEN the internet?  It's full of this.  Our "leaders"...
This is a good thing... and Apple is a well positioned company to take this principled stance when working with their partners. But... This has anything to do with the government, because why?
 Especially when it comes to enterprise.Why is there any discussion of OVERALL tablet market share when discussing Office?  Microsoft didn't use that in their analysis beyond the basic knowledge of those numbers.  Microsoft looked at their target market for this... and that's enterprise... and that's dominated by the iPad.There you go... article complete.  Ireland and I saved you about 6,000 words.
 I'm a conservative libertarian... I'd like to see the government not get involved in forcing any private citizen from engaging in commerce with any other private citizen.I'm all for gay marriage... I'm not for government defining words, so I don't support government sanctioned gay marriage.That being said... your reasoned response is probably something I'd disagree with some points on, but I'd much rather debate this with someone as direct and measured as you... than...
 Yes, How dare they inform me as to when I might be able to pick up one for myself.And as an investor... how dare they let me know the status of a hot new product.
New Posts  All Forums: