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 Inexpensive is not spelled with a "c"
Goodbye Nintendo... it was a good century. Once Apple flips the switch on an App Store for my TV... and these controllers are released... it's game over for Nintendo.
  They didn't "juggle" money around.   They sold bonds.  If they sold them a week later, it would have cost them $724 million.  Had the market gone the other direction, the story could have read "Apple's untimely bond sale cost the company $724 million"   They had no control over the movement of the bond market.   The headline should probably make it a little more clear that this entire story is about timing and nothing more.
  ^ Clearly has no idea what I'm talking about.  Thanks for playing.
Nice... now she can create a fake MobileMe account instead of a fake GMail account in order to troll people and hide her identity... you know, like all executives are taught in business school.
I work about 5 blocks from there. When I tell you it was raining yesterday... my god. You don't see that every week...
  How many countries tax income when repatriating after tax has already been collected locally?   You might want to know the answer to this question before you call American capitalists self-destructive and greedy.
  I sure hope Jony Ive hasn't been placed in charge of Hardware Design... Software Interface... and Quality Assurance checks on both data and functionality.   That would be one strange job description.   I also think "hardware and software design are two separate things" is the exact opposite of what Jobs believes.  He's said as much many times when quoting Alan Key with "People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware."  In practice, you might...
So... "Ive is also methodically reviewing new designs, seeking to avoid a repeat of last year's release of map tools that were widely panned, and he's encouraging collaboration between the software and hardware divisions, which operated in silos under co-founder Steve Jobs, people said," author Adam Satariano wrote. I probably buy a good amount of what is said in this article... and then when you come across a quote like this it makes me think said author has no clue...
Captain obvious says... We keep hearing about how iPhone growth is slowing... and we keep hearing that Apple is *GAINING* market share. Meanwhile... it's commonly thoughts that Samsung is destroying Apple. 1 1 = 4. Back in the real world... 1 1 = 2. 2 = the headline of this article.
New Posts  All Forums: