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  Um... analysts reported about the Microsoft deal.   Now analysts are reporting about the Apple deal.   This isn't an Apple press release... this is Shaw Wu talking to "industry sources."  The exact same as they did with Microsoft.
"and other software features" Um... as opposed to hardware features?
  Of course...   My desire to see photos from my grandmother... family on the other side of the country... mom's vacation photos...   Obviously I only care about those things to have net fame.
I have a feeling the first sentence should have read that Microsoft has a "massive to make."  That makes much more sense.  Although a "massive" from Balmer is a scary thought.
I have a "major."  In my pants.
1) Apple doesn't need to prepare developers for the release of a TV.  They need to open the API and that is all.  We already have a device that can run iOS apps on our TVs.   2) Developers are going to be all over this once they can write iOS apps for the TV.  Regardless of whether they are for the current AppleTV or some new hardware.  Unleash the power of the developer just like they have on the iPhone and iPad (and iPod)   3) The apps are going to be AMAZING....
  Since 1980, inflation adjusted federal education spending is up approximately 400%.   Results are flat.   You think the problem is that we just aren't spending enough on education?   Sigh...
Two words...   Paper   Master
Well... I certainly agree with that. I feel like I'm dealing with a bunch of children and you're definitely right that they do suck you into the trap.
I just have standards that make me think people should be able to have rational discussions without the level of discourse we see on this thread.
New Posts  All Forums: