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Yeah... I mean... just look at how the Mac market share has been destroyed because of this. Sigh... The Mac Pro is gone. Eliminated by the pure power available in iMacs now (I know... I've got a Quad i7 iMac with 16GB.) Eliminated by the simplicity of the iMac. Eliminated by the infinite expandability of Thunderbolt. The market disagrees with you... so do I.
Yeah... screw pro users. All the developers I work with that have 17" MBP's that switched to mac over the last 5 years... who needs 'em!
That's how I'm trading it... Yesterday morning I bought weekly calls on the assumption that invites would be in the next day or two. Plan on holding them through to Friday... take a LITTLE and buy way out of the money weekly's for next week ($560 maybe?) on the off chance that something groundbreaking moves the stock. But will be mostly in cash at that point waiting for the pullback which you speak of.
What I love about this... the *ONLY* thing of value left at RIM is the BES server. And they don't even bother making the Playbook part of that world. The amount of fail here is beyond belief.
Yeah, the hundreds and hundreds of millions (potentially BILLIONS) of dollars the Apple board just gave Tim Cook to stick around for TEN YEARS was just for show. This is idiotic...
Sigh... LED's *ARE* LCD's. The difference is whether or not the LCD is fluorescent backlit or LED backlit. There is no way Apple will release a non LED backlit TV. The iMac I'm staring at right now is an LCD. And it is LED backlit.
Yeah... you guys in California do a bang up job picking your governors. Well done...
WebOS is loaded up with lots of good patented stuff. I'd imagine Apple could buy WebOS and the related patents for in the neighborhood of $1 Billion. That's a few days worth of profit... and adds significantly to their arsenal to go after Google with.
And this is why God invented Tim
This story is 100% incorrect. The ORIGINAL headline said "stand" (I think it was AP). They corrected it to say something like, "I stayed on the board as long as I could until I couldn't stay anymore." He went on to praise his time on the Apple board and it was clear that he "left" for competitive reasons and not because he "couldn't stand" being on Apple's board.
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