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WebOS is loaded up with lots of good patented stuff. I'd imagine Apple could buy WebOS and the related patents for in the neighborhood of $1 Billion. That's a few days worth of profit... and adds significantly to their arsenal to go after Google with.
And this is why God invented Tim
This story is 100% incorrect. The ORIGINAL headline said "stand" (I think it was AP). They corrected it to say something like, "I stayed on the board as long as I could until I couldn't stay anymore." He went on to praise his time on the Apple board and it was clear that he "left" for competitive reasons and not because he "couldn't stand" being on Apple's board.
Agree on all points. re: #3. You're absolutely right and I missed that because I hadn't seen his first statement. I was trying to read about the white iPhone 4 and the conversation devolved quickly to the point where I skimmed too much of it and missed the critical post. Also... I don't think Godwin's Law is necessary anyway because the posters that set me over the top have moved on anyway.
Well... I will say that I wasn't the one that said this. Reading back through the thread, I'm sure I did overgeneralize... but I don't think anyone can say there wasn't over the top political correctness going on (again, not from everybody).The real problem is that the conversation started WITHOUT anything remotely sexist. I mean, not even close... mstone made an observation that would have been obvious to Stevie Wonder. Post #18, Prof. Peabody started with the...
Well done mstone... I tend to agree. iPhone 3, my wife got the white one and I got the black for many of the reasons discussed when this thread was on track. Straight up fashion difference. re: white iPhone 4: I'd think it wouldn't really drive new sales (much) but the disposable income women that DO care about fashion could switch up the black iPhone 4 to a white one. Should provide SOME help to what's going to be a very solid quarter anyway.
Actual question for the PC crowd (that I pretty harshly went after in my last post ;-) ) I am actually curious to know the honest answer to this. Is it sexist to even ASK if differences between men and women and their take on fashion have any place in the conversation about how and who the white iPhone will sell to?
Most people came here to talk about the release of the white iPhone. Seems there were a whole lot of people wearing the "PC God" badge on their sleeve. It's like they were checking in to foursquare to make sure they got enough in to get their "PC Badge" of the day. So... glad to see you finally started to crack down on this now.
The political correctness in this thread is beyond incredible. I've not commented either way on this, but people are LOOSING THEIR F'ING MINDS over THIS statement: "Genetic issues might only account for a very small percentage, but there are slight differences between the male brain VS female brain and there are also hormonal issues involved." My god, really? You people are lunatics to lose your mind over this and calling it sexist. It's like the world exists in one...
Apple sold 18+ million iPhones last quarter. Corporate activations for iOS are double that of Android. Explain to me again how this is a "fu**ing disaster?"
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