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So, the people that invested in Enron weren't idiots... they just needed to be protected by the government. HOWEVER, the people that lost all their money in Fanny/Freddy stocks were idiots? We're talking stocks here now if you want to continue comparing apples to apples. Punishing everybody for the acts of a few does nobody any good. There were already laws on the books to make what Enron did illegal. You want to make everybody else guilty until proven innocent.
Public companies just "have to do what they are told." By who? By a 2% shareholder? Apple must bow down everytime a 2% shareholder says "do what you are told."? Or, is it the GOVERNMENT that should just always tell companies how they should be run? You can go to Cuba or Venezuela if you want that.
Hey, they have a say. And the other 98% of shareholders that have made VAST amounts of wealth off of Apple can laugh at CalPERS all the way to the bank. Treating all corporations like they are guilty until proven innocent is not a way to run a country.
Some dude on my block committed tax fraud. Therefore... there is a good chance Hellacool is ALSO COMMITTING TAX FRAUD. I'm calling for an immediate audit of Hellacool's taxes. Of course Hellacool will be responsible for the entire cost of the audit. He will also not be compensated for all of the lost time because of the audit. Also, he will need to adjust his lifestyle to conform to the will of his auditors. Because Hellacool had decided to remain an American citizen,...
Hellacool, so you're saying there's evidence that Apple is cooking the books? Are ALL companies guilty until proven innocent? Your thinking is EXACTLY why we have the ridiculously massive TAX called Sarbanes Oxley. Ever wonder why Facebook is still private? Ever wonder why the IPO market is dry as a bone over the past several years? See Hellacool's statement for why. The initial assumption is that all corporations are big greedy evil liars until someone proves otherwise.
This is not a "hands on glimpse." It's some Canadian dude's hands. If this were a video of RIMM handing some playbooks to a roomful of journalists, THAT would be a hands on glimpse. For all we know... the playbook they are showing is just showing a video that the dude rehearsed his taps to. We know that in the real world... there is zero chance this will have the multitouch elegance of the iPad.
Really? Over the past ten years Tim Cook has proven he's one of the best operations guys this planet has ever seen. You still really need him to "inspire [sic] confidence?" Sheesh...
I keep reading from people posting here that "HTC made phones long before Apple" and using that as evidence that Apple can't sue for patent infringement. This is pretty tortured logic here. By the same logic, RCA should be suing like crazy. I mean... they made radios long before Sirius. RCA should sue Teh Internets too. All those wacky patent infringing internet radio stations SURELY must be in violation of some RCA patent. I popped a pimple once. It may or may...
Where do you get those drugs, because they must be a lot better than mine. "the computer division will look horrible on paper" Have you paid attention to ANYTHING going on at Apple over the past 5 years? They have 91% of the retail market for computers over $1,000. In what world does Apple's 30+% margins and huge annual market share gains "look horrible on paper." This is by far the most profitable COMPUTER company in the world and they only expand that lead quarter after...
You people are a bunch of ass holes, aren't you now...?
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