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Hi everyone. We have a user whose iPhone 4 locks up frequently when he's moving around in his Contacts. Also, sometimes when he goes into a contact and starts to type out notes in the notes field the characters will be totally gibberish, and it's not because he's pressing the wrong keys. Any thoughts on how to resolve this issue?
Hi Mr. Me. Thanks for the reply. She can't use dist. lists that she created in her own Contacts folder in her mailbox. The problem isn't with dist. lists in the Global Address List but with dist. lists in her own Contacts folder. I can't believe they would be inaccessible to Mac Outlook users.
Hi everyone. Is this the right place to post something about this program? Someone in the office has a Mac laptop with the newest version fo the OS and the latest version of Office for the Mac. The Mac is connected to our Windows domain network and Outlook setup with our Exchange server was simple and flawless. However, this user has found that she doesn't have access to her distribution lists inside her Contacts folder. She can and has access to all of her...
Hi everyone. We have a Windows domain with 99% Windows machines on the network. We have a handful of Mac's, including a MacBook Pro with the Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.6 operating system. We have this Mac successfully accessing file shares and Outlook for Mac, but printing it proving to be a problem. The printers are on two print servers. This Mac needs to print to one printer on one of the print servers and two printers on the other print server. Interestingly...
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